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I am yet to meet an Indian who does not like mangoes. We Indians love mangoes and for us, summers are literally incomplete without mangoes. Today let us make this easy and yummy mango ice cream recipe with ice cream maker. This homemade mango ice cream is just a 3- ingredient recipe.

Try this delicious mango Ice cream recipe with ice cream maker because it is:

  • 3-ingredient mango ice cream recipe
  • A mango ice cream recipe without condensed milk
  • Super yummy and delicious from the Kesar mango pulp
  • It’s the creamiest mango ice cream ever.
  • Quick 15-minute recipe, no prep needed.
  • Eggless recipe
  • No-fuss of making a custard
mango ice cream with ice cream maker

Ingredients for the Mango ice cream

Let us talk a little about the 3 ingredients that we will be using in this recipe.

Mango Pulp:

I am using canned mango pulp for this recipe. If you are living in any of the western countries like me, you don’t have many options. The mangoes that we get here are neither sweet nor flavorful like the ones from the motherland! Canned mango pulp is easily available at any Indian grocery store. It is so much easier to use and is highly flavorful. My 2 favorite varieties are Kesar and Alphonso.

You can certainly use fresh mangoes. If using fresh mangoes, remove the skin and extract the pulp. Then, blend it to form a smooth puree. I recommend to sieve it to ensure that there are no fibers in the puree.

Heavy whipping cream:

The normal practice is to use an equal quantity of whole milk or half and half with the heavy cream. But since this is no normal ice cream. We are aiming to make the smoothest and creamiest mango ice cream, I am using only heavy whipping cream.

If heavy whipping cream is not available to you, replace it with full-fat fresh cream. And yes, one can always use low-fat options if aiming for a healthier version.


soft mango ice cream

If you want you can use sweetener of your choice, but I would recommend sticking to sugar. Other sweeteners tend to alter the taste of ice cream. A mango ice cream should feel as if the sweetness is coming right from the mangoes. And using a neutral sweetener like white sugar is the best bet in this case.

If you wish to make it more decadent and luxurious, substitute sugar with condensed milk, that will not alter the flavor.

Optional Flavorings

A pinch of freshly ground cardamom powder can go a long way. Some people also choose to add saffron. But for a mango purist like me, none of them seem important.

Toppings or Add-Ins

Toasted almonds or pistachios are my favorite add-ins to a mango ice cream. Ashok likes Tutti Fruitti on his. My girl likes no toppings or add-ins in her ice cream. So, I hope now you can understand why I haven’t added anything to my mango ice cream.

But you must add some toasted Pistachios or any other nut of your choice. It gives a good textural impact.

Adding some fresh mango pieces is also a good choice.

The right time to add is after churning. Just sprinkle the chopped nuts on the churned ice cream and give them a quick mix.

If making mango ice cream without an ice cream maker

  • Once you have the ice cream mixture ready, transfer it to a freezer-safe container and place in the freezer.
  • Remove from the refrigerator after an hour and using a strong fork try to whisk it. By whisking, I mean, rotate the fork in the ice cream as if you are using a whisk. The purpose is to break the ice crystals that are forming and incorporate air into the ice cream.
  • Repeat this step every hour for 3 hours. This will prevent the formation of any hard ice crystals and give a smoother texture to the ice cream.

General tips for making ice cream with an ice cream maker

  • Freeze the bowl, way ahead of time. I like to freeze my bowl for a good 24 hours. Though the manufacturer instructs freezing for at least 12 hours, I like to freeze it longer to ensure the best results. To make sure that your bowl is ready, give it a shake. There should be no movement whatsoever. The liquid should be fully frozen.
  • Chill all your ingredients before adding to the ice cream machine. Remove the whipping cream from the fridge right when you are ready to whisk it. Also, chill the measured quantity of mango puree or self-prepared pulp for 5-6 hours before using.
  • If your ingredients are not chilled, make sure to refrigerate the prepared mixture until fully chilled, before adding to the ice cream maker’s bowl.
  • Remove the bowl from the freezer only when you are ready to churn. They start to become warm and loose their freezing power as soon as they are removed from the fridge.
  • If it is a hot summer day and your kitchen temperature gets high, choose to churn in early mornings. Because in such a scenario, there are good chances that the liquid inside the bowl will start to melt before fully churning the ice cream.
soft and creamy mango ice cream

Ice cream Storage and serving related instructions

  • Transfer the ice cream to a freezer-safe container. Airtight Tupperware containers, glass containers, aluminum pans with lids, or any other freezer-safe container can be used. Avoid using any hard plastic container as it may get brittle and crack on freezing.
  • Always seal the ice cream container with one or two layers of foil to prevent any ice crystals from forming inside, on the sides of the container.
  • It keeps well for months. I have tested for 2 months.
  • For creamy best-served scoops, thaw the ice cream for 5-15 minutes before serving, depending on the ambient temperatures. For a hot summer day in India, I would just thaw for 3-4 minutes or maybe less.If you liked this recipe, do not forget to share your views with us in the comment section below.You might wanna try this Rooh Afza ice cream recipe as well.
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