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Mango Ice Cream is a yummy, creamy dessert made by freezing a whisked blend of cream, mango puree and condensed milk. Mango Ice Cream is a surprise treat in summer after weekend / holiday lunch that the family will crave for more. Mango Ice Cream Recipe with step by step pictures and video is presented here.

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

This Mango Ice Cream uses just 3 ingredients cream, mangoes and condensed milk. It is so easy to make too as it is a No Churn Mango Ice Cream Recipe.

About Mango Ice cream

Mango Ice Cream is such a treat to enjoy especially during summer when mangoes are in season. We make this Mango Ice Cream with fresh mangoes, condensed milk and cream. Yes no icecream maker needed just run to a supermarket grab these 3 ingredients, take a bowl and blender and in few minutes your Mango Ice Cream blend is ready to freeze.

No churn ice creams are always my favorite as it is easy to make, no churning every now and then so there is only less cleaning. As it is made with fresh juicy mangoes the taste is just so refreshing and delightful.

This Mango Ice Cream Recipe is one of the best icecream recipes that I made this summer, yes all of us loved it so much and relished it. Yes Mango Ice Cream is easy to make at home, very rich and creamy full of mango flavour. I am planning to make this again before the mango season comes to an end as this ice cream is on demand by all at home.

Recipe Index

Mango Ice Cream 2 ways

  • Method 1 : This is the easiest no churn mango icec cream recipe which uses just 3 ingredients mangoes, cream and condensed milk.
  • Method 2 : This uses milk, milk powder and cornflour along with mangoes and sugar.

Mango Ice Cream Ingredients

  • Mangoes – Use any fresh juicy mangoes that gives more pulp. I used alphonso mangoes which are best for icereams, milkshakes and recipes of that kind.
  • Cream – Whipping Cream is the best option to use for this icecream but if you cannot find it you can use fresh cream too. But with fresh cream achieving stiff peak is a task so just whip until soft peaks and blend it.
  • Condensed milk – Use good quality sweetened condensed milk.

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Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Mango Ice Cream Step by Step

1.To a mixer jar add mango flesh from 3-4 small alphonso mangoes.

2.Blend it to a puree without adding water.

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3.Measure 2 cups of this mango pulp and transfer to a container.

4.Add 1 cup sweetened condensed milk to it.

5.Use a whisk and whisk well, should be well blended.

6.The mixture will be slightly thick and creamy.

7.To another mixing bowl add 1 cup frozen whipping cream.

8.Start whipping using a hand blender. You can use handwhisk too but it will take some time to whip. Else use a mixer jar with whipper blade.

9.Keep whipping in medium speed until you start to see the cream turning foamy like this.

10.Mildy stiff peaks is enough just as it is shown here in the below picture.

11.Now add mango condensed milk mixture.

12.Fold in gently.

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13.Mix until well combined.

14.Pour into freezer safe containers. I used a regular plastic box with lid and my bread loaf tin.

15.Place a butter paper over it, close with lid and freeze it for minimum 8 hrs.

16.Now after 8 hrs remove the containers from fridge, rest for 5 mins atleast then remove the butter paper.

17.Dip the icecream scooper in warm water.

18.Then start scooping. If it is too hard wait for 2 more mins then scoop.

19.First it may feel hard later after starting to scoop you will feel the creaminess.

20.Yummy Mango Ice Cream is ready.

Scoop, Serve and Enjoy!

Expert Tips

  • Choose mangoes that are juicy and gives more pulp. Alphonso is hands down the best.
  • Do not add water while blending mangoes.
  • I was a bit skeptical to use glass container as my new fridge had a warning not to use glass containers in freezer.
  • Whipping the cream is really important to get a creamy icecream.
  • You can even add condensed milk with mango pulp and puree it together and then add to whipped cream and mix.
  • Always let the icecream rest in room temperature for atleast 5mins before scooping for best results.
  • If you like chunky mangoes in your icecream finally add additional 1/2 cup chopped mangoes to the icecream blend, give a quick mix then pour to freeze.
  • If you like safforon flavour add around 10 strands saffron while blending.

Serving & Storage

You can thaw the icecream then start scooping and serving. Serve scoops of mango icecream as such or with some chopped mangoes.

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I usually store in 2 containers for easy usage. This Mango Ice Cream keeps well fr about a week in freezer.

You can even add crushed nuts while serving.


1.What kind of mangoes should I use?

Use any variety of juciy pulpy mangoes – Alphonso mangoes are the best.

2.Why is my icecream not creamy and has icecrystals?

If there is more water content in the icecream blend then crystals may form. Also make sure to wrap with butter paper so that no water droplets enters the icream. Sealing the icecream well avoids icecrystals.

3.Can I use readymade mango pulp / puree?

Yes you can use it but the taste of fresh mangoes in the icecream will be missing other than that the texture will still be great. When mangoes are not in season but still you want ot make Mango Ice Cream then readymade mango puree is a blessing.

4.I do not have a hand mixer. Any other alternates?

You can use a hand whisk but takes a lot of time. Instead use a mixer, use the whipping blade and whip it until stiff peaks form.

5.I cannot source whipping cream? Any other replacements?

You can use fresh cream that is available in supermarkets. Whip it but you may not end up seeing stiff peaks easily – If so it is ok just whip until you see soft peaks then blend it along with mango puree and condensed milk.

Mango Icecream without Cream

This Mango Ice Cream Recipe does not use cream , condensed milk etc. Instead we use milk, milkpowder and cornflour to thicken the icecream. I know it is a bit time consuming to blend repeatedly to get that creamy texture but trust me,its worth it and you will feel the same after tasting the icecream.


  • 2 cups full fat milk
  • 1 cup mango puree
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp cornflour
  • 2 tbsp milk powder
  1. Peel the skin from mangoes,then chop it roughly.Transfer chopped mangoes to a mixer jar and blend it to smooth puree.How to make Mango icecream recipe - Step1Pin
  2. In a small mixing bowl take milk powder, then add cornflour.Mix well with a spoon.Pin
  3. Add 1/4 cup raw milk.Whisk it well so that there are no lumps,set aside. In a sauce pan, bring remaining milk to a rolling boil.How to make Mango icecream recipe - Step2Pin
  4. Now add sugar and mix well until sugar completely dissolves.Pin
  5. Now add the cornflour mixture and keep cooking until it becomes slightly thick and coats the laddle.Switch off and set aside to cool.Once completely cool, add mango puree to it and mix well.How to make Mango icecream recipe - Step4Pin
  6. Transfer to a freezer proof box, freeze for atleast 4 hrs then pulse it again.Repeat this atleast for 2 more times so 3 times in total.Pin
  7. Every 2-3 hrs blend it, when its half frozen whip it again.I did it 3 times in total.How to make Mango Icecream Recipe - Step6Pin
  8. Pour it back to the box and freeze it.Wipe off the water droplets(if any) in the lid.Pin
  9. See it has got the creamy texture now.Pour it back to the container,close with a lid and freeze for atleast 6-8 hrs.I kept it overnight.Scoop and Serve.How to make Mango Icecream Recipe - Step8Pin

Serve chilled!


  • As there is no fresh cream in this recipe, you should beat it mote to bring the creamy texture.
  • 3-4 times blending will yield nice creamy icecream.
  • You can even use a hand mixer to blend.
  • Just pulse it few times that enough, we just need to break the icecrystals forming so no need to grind for long time,pulsing will do.
  • I used senthooram mango variety so it gave nice bright orangeish yellow color.

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