Little Debbie Ice Cream (We Tried all The Flavors!)

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Did you know that you can now buy Little Debbie Ice Cream? We all know and love our favorite Little Debbie childhood snacks.

Now we can enjoy these classic snacks as ice cream!

Little Debbie has recently teamed with Hudsonville Ice Cream to create pint-sized ice cream that is made to taste just like our favorite Little Debbie Snacks.

The new ice creams were just released in stores on February 1st, 2022.

So of course, I had to try out all the flavors!

Here is my complete review and everything that you need to know.

little debbie ice cream

Little Debbie Ice Cream

Here is more information about the ice cream:

  • Exclusively sold at Walmart.
  • $2.50 for a pint sized container.
  • Found in the freezer section near other small ice creams.
little Debbie ice cream at Walmart

Little Debbie Ice Cream Flavors

Little Debbie currently has seven flavors of ice cream available for purchase; Comic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, Oatmeal Cream Pies, Swiss Rolls, Nutty Bars, Honey Buns, and Strawberry Shortcake Rolls.

Last year during the holiday season they released the Christmas Tree Cakes ice cream which was a limited-time seasonal flavor. I am not sure if they will sell this again this year.

Also, I have heard that two more flavors (Unicorn Cakes & Star Crunch) will be released in late May 2022.

It is not clear how long these Little Debbie Ice Creams will be sold in stores, but I have heard that they should be available at least until next year.

little Debbie ice cream flavors


I had no idea how I would like these because I don’t like super sweet stuff.

However, I did know that I love Little Debbie Snacks, so I was hoping that I would love these too!

Overall, there were some flavors that I did like, and others that were just too sweet for me.

My favorite flavor was the Nutty Bar. I thought that this was funny because that is also my favorite Little Debbie Snack!

Here is more information about each flavor and how I liked each one.

Nutty Bars 9/10

The Nutty Bars was my favorite of all the ice creams. It has peanut butter ice cream that is swirled with chocolate waffle cone pieces and fudge.

I loved the taste of the peanut butter ice cream. It also had fudge swirled into the ice cream. The crunchy chocolate wafers really reminded me of biting into a Nutty Bar.

nutty bars ice cream

Strawberry Shortcake Rolls 7/10

This one surprised me! I thought for sure that I wouldn’t like this because I don’t care for this Little Debbie Snack, but the ice cream was actually good.

It is made with white cake ice cream with strawberry swirls. I also really liked the chunks of yellow cake that were mixed into it.

strawberry shortcake rolls

Cosmic Brownies 6/10

The cosmic brownies flavor was very rich, but it really did taste like the snacks. I liked the flavor, it was just too rich for me.

It is made from a brownie batter ice cream and has mini rainbow chips and chunks of brownie mixed into the ice cream.

cosmic brownies ice cream

Zebra Cakes 5/10

The zebra cake flavor was ok. It is made with white cake ice cream and has yellow cake pieces and chocolate fudge mixed into the ice cream.

zebra cakes flavor

Swiss Rolls 3/10

I thought that I would love this one, because I love the Swiss Roll snacks, but it had a bit of a bad aftertaste.

It is made with chocolate ice cream and has small pieces of chocolate cake and whip cream swirled into it.

It actually tastes really good, but it was just the aftertaste that I didn’t love.

Swiss rolls ice cream

Oatmeal Cream Pies 3/10

I honestly didn’t really like this one. It is made of a vanilla cream ice cream with soft cookie pieces mixed in, and a hint of molasses.

The cookie pieces were ok, it just had too much of a molasses flavor for me.

oatmeal cream pies ice cream

Honey Buns 2/10

This was my least favorite of all the ice creams. It is made from a honey flavored ice cream with cinnamon mixed in, and has chunks of glazed honey buns in it.

The honey ice cream was just too sweet. The honey and cinnamon flavors were also just way too strong.

honey buns flavor

Nutritional Information

Each of the ice cream pints have 3 servings per container. One serving size is ⅔ cup and each flavor has about 210-280 calories per serving.

Final Thoughts

While I love Little Debbie Snacks, I can’t say that I love these ice creams. They were all just too sweet and rich for my taste.

To be fair, I don’t really eat things that are super sweet and rich.

While I didn’t love these and probably won’t buy most of these flavors again, I had fun trying them!

They are also a great deal for just $2.50 each. Each serving size is ⅔ cups, but really I only took a couple bites of each flavor because they were just too sweet.

We had fun trying these and it reminded me of eating my favorite Little Debbie Snacks when I was a kid.

If you are wanting to try these I would recommended the Nutty Butter and Strawberry Short Cake Rolls flavors.

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