How to Make Delicious Blueberry Ice Cream with Kitchen Aid

An oblong white container of blueberry ice cream, formed into four scoops.

The Perfect Recipe for Blueberry Ice Cream

Whole milk in a sauce pan.
A bowl with the eggs and sugar.
Overhead shot of a saucepan of the tempered egg mix.

If you’re craving a refreshing treat, nothing beats a homemade blueberry ice cream. With this delightful recipe, you can create a creamy and fruity dessert that will leave everyone wanting more. Let’s dive into the steps and get started!

How to Make Blueberry Ice Cream:

Step 1: Prepare in Advance

Before you begin, make sure to plan ahead. If you’re using a KitchenAid attachment, place the bowl in the freezer a day in advance (or at least 15 hours) before churning. This will ensure the best results and a smooth consistency.

Step 2: Temper the Eggs

To start, follow the instructions above to temper the eggs. This important step will give your ice cream a velvety texture and help it set perfectly.

Step 3: Cook the Blueberries

In a medium saucepan, combine the blueberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and 1/2 cup of sugar. Cook over medium heat, using a potato masher to gently crush the blueberries as they cook. This process will take around 20 minutes and release the delicious flavors of the blueberries.

A bowl of blueberries.
Side shot of a pan of blueberries with sugar and lemon juice.

Step 4: Strain the Blueberries and Juice

Once the blueberries have cooked down, pour the mixture into a fine mesh strainer set over a bowl. Use a spoon to push the berries and extract all the juices. Allow the mixture to cool.

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A pan of cooked blueberries.
Side shot of the straining of the cooked blueberries.

Step 5: Combine the Ice Cream Ingredients

In a large measuring bowl, combine the cooled tempered egg mixture (made with whole milk, eggs, and sugar), the blueberry juice (strained from the cooked berries), the heavy cream, and the vanilla. Mix well and refrigerate the mixture until you’re ready to use it.

A large measuring cup of the blueberry ice cream mixture.

Step 6: Churn to Perfection

If you’re using a KitchenAid attachment, start the mixer with the attachment running before pouring in the liquid mixture. Let it churn for approximately 25-30 minutes, or until it reaches a smooth and creamy consistency. You’ll know it’s ready when the mixer starts to slow down, and the ice cream rises to the top of the bowl.

Step 7: Remove and Store

Use a rubber scraper to transfer the freshly churned ice cream into a freezer-safe container.

Step 8: Add a Burst of Flavor

To enhance the blueberry taste, mix in the blueberry pulp from the cooked berries. Stir well to distribute the flavor throughout the ice cream.

An ice cream maker with churned ice cream.
The cooked blueberries on the blueberry ice cream in the container.

Step 9: Freeze and Enjoy

Place the container of ice cream in the freezer and allow it to firm up for a couple of hours. Once frozen, your homemade blueberry ice cream is ready to be served and enjoyed!

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