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This Butter Pecan Keto Ice Cream is made in a mason jar and requires no churning and no ice cream machine to make it! And, honestly, this is the best homemade low carb ice cream you’ll ever make. It’s insanely creamy, loaded with vanilla flavor, and filled with perfectly sweetened crunchy buttery pecan pieces! Honestly, it’s so good, you won’t believe that each scoop has LESS THAN 2 NET CARBS.


As you guys know, I’ve done a few mason jar keto ice cream recipes already. I’ve done this strawberry-flavored one, this vanilla one, this mint chip one, this almond one, and this chocolate one.

But, this keto butter pecan ice cream recipe just might be my best one yet! And it’s so easy to make too.

As I already mentioned, there’s no churning, no ice cream machine, & no ice cream maker needed to make it – all you need to make this keto butter pecan ice cream in a mason jar!

And let me tell ya, not only are the combination of flavors in this ice cream to die for, but the texture is so legit too. This low carb ice cream is ridiculously smooth, oh-so-creamy creamy, and loaded with vanilla bean flavor and bits of sweetened buttery pecan bits.

Yeah, this homemade keto ice cream is on another level of deliciousness. It tastes like classic vanilla ice cream from the store – actually it tastes better!


So, you only need a few ingredients for this keto vanilla ice cream with a buttery pecan flavor, and I bet you have most of them at home already.

Here is what you’ll need to make this creamy keto ice cream recipe:

  • ¼ cup raw pecans
  • 3 tablespoons salted butter
  • 3 tablespoons Confectioners Swerve
  • 7 oz (207mL) heavy cream
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Seeds from ¼ of a vanilla bean
  • 4 tablespoons allulose

If you need to run to the store, I actually use many of the same ingredients to make these keto pecan pralines, so pick up a few extra.

Oh, and if you’re looking for something to drizzle on this low carb ice cream, try adding some of this 0 carb keto caramel sauce. It mixes super well with the butter pecan flavor and creamy keto vanilla ice cream.

Sugar Free Sweeteners To Use

When it comes to making the best low carb ice cream, it all comes down to the ingredients.

And to make this keto vanilla ice cream super soft and creamy without adding sugar to it, we will be using allulose.

I like using allulose because it has zero calories and zero sugars but with the same sweetness as sugar. And it freezes really well so you can keep your leftover keto friendly ice cream in the freezer, and it will stay as creamy as can be.

Having said that, to sweeten the butter pecan mixture, I used Confectioners Swerve – which is another sweetener with zero calories and zero sugars. But, if you don’t have Swerve, you could also use Lakanto’s Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener.

With these two ingredients, you’ll have a low carb ice cream that everyone will fall in love with this yummy ice cream – even the non keto crew.


By now, I know you’re dying for this keto vanilla ice cream, so let’s get to it.

Before we start, you will want to have at least a 16-ounce mason jar – anything smaller and all the ingredients won’t fit.

With that said, if you have a 24-ounce mason jar, I suggest using it. The extra room will help you shake up the ice cream.

Also, if you have a food scale, definitely use it. You’ll get the most accurate measurements that way, and your ice cream will be on point.

But no worries, if you don’t have one, your ice cream should still turn out great.

Now let’s make some homemade keto ice cream!


First things first, we’re going to do a little prep work.

So, in a small bowl, add your raw pecans and then transfer them to a small Ziploc bag.

Then, after you’ve done that, you’re going to use a rolling pin to roughly crush up your pecans in the bag.

Now, when your pecans are crushed, you’re going to set them aside, cut up your butter, and add it to a small bowl.

Then, the last thing you’ll want to do is add your confectioners swerve to a separate small bowl.


Ok, so the prep work is done, now let’s make this dreamy butter pecan mixture.

First, you will set a pan over medium-low heat and add your butter to it.

Then, work the butter around the pan to help it start to melt, and then when it does, add your crushed pecans to it, along with the swerve that you prepped earlier as well.

Next, use a spatula to continuously mix and combine the ingredients so the butter and swerve start to caramelize.

Also, during this caramelization process, I like to add a little sprinkle of salt to the butter pecan mixture. It just enhances the flavors of the buttered pecans and the ice cream when everything is said and done.

Anyway, you’ll want to continue to cook the butter pecan mixture down until it’s a dark amber color.

Then, once it is a dark amber color, you can set the pan aside and let your butter pecan mixture cool until it’s set – about 15 to 20 minutes.


Now, after the mixture solidifies, you can start making your mason jar keto vanilla ice cream.

To start the process, add your heavy cream and vanilla extract to the mason jar.

Then, add the seeds from ¼ of a vanilla bean for a little extra tastiness. And I highly recommend not leaving these out as they’ll add A TON OF FLAVOR to your ice cream. Yes, they are a bit expensive, but they are totally worth it.

Anyway, after you’ve added that to the jar, break up your butter pecan mixture into crumbly pieces and add them in.

Then, once you’ve added all of the pieces, you will add the allulose to keep your ice cream extra creamy.


Now that all of your keto vanilla ice cream ingredients are in the mason jar, you can screw the lid on tight and shake everything up just until the cream doubles in size.

And this should only take a minute or two to happen, so make sure you don’t over shake it – if you do, the consistency will be off when it’s done freezing.

And speaking of freezing, when the cream has thickened up in the jar, you’ll want to freeze it for at least 5 hours.

Then, after that amount of time has passed, you can unscrew the lid of your mason jar, get your ice cream scoop out, and dig in!

How To Store Keto ice Cream

So, this keto vanilla ice cream recipe will make 3 generous scoops of butter pecan ice cream. And although it’s impossible not to finish it off in one sitting, it stores really well if you have leftovers.

Since it stores so well, I highly recommend making two or three servings of this low carb ice cream all at once!

Then you can store the leftover low carb ice cream in the freezer for up to 2 weeks that is of course if you sweeten it with allulose. Now you’ll always have some keto ice cream ready to eat whenever you want it!


You won’t find a keto ice cream recipe more low carb than this – each scoop has less than 2 NET CARBS!

And the rest of the macros for 1 scoop are pretty great for keto too.

Here’s how they break down:

  • 450 calories
  • 41g fat
  • 2.75g carbs
  • 1g fiber
  • 1.75 g NET CARBS
  • 1g protein

Seriously, if this isn’t the best butter pecan keto ice cream recipe, then I don’t know what is.

And with the weather heating up, are there any keto desserts better than ice cream?

I don’t think so, and after you try this recipe, I think you’ll agree.

Anyways, I hope you like this keto vanilla ice cream with a butter pecan flavor as much as I do.

Make sure to leave a comment below if you make it, I’d love to hear what you think.


If you liked this low carb ice cream, I have a ton of other keto recipes on the blog that are just as delicious!

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By the way, for even more delicious recipes check out my YouTube channel. I post new recipes on it every week!


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