Keto Coconut Popsicles 1g Net Carbs!

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These keto coconut popsicles are creamy coconut milk low-carb ice cream made with only five ingredients.

They are creamy, no-churn ice cream with a secret addition of MCT oil that prevents the ice cream from forming crystals!

Keep reading to learn how to make homemade keto ice cream in 15 minutes.

Coconut lovers, this recipe is for you! A creamy coconut frozen delight with only 1g of dairy-free net carb per serving.

Isn’t that a dream to have ice cream popsicles on a keto diet?

So, let me share with you my tips to make creamy no-churn ice cream with few carbs, no sugar, and no crystals!

What Are Keto Popsicles?

Keto popsicles are made with homemade low-carb ice cream frozen into a popsicle shape using a pops mold.

They are sugar-free, naturally sweetened with a sugar-free keto sweetener like erythritol, stevia, or allulose, and contain a high percentage of fat to help you reach your fat macro while enjoying a sweet snack.

How To Make Creamy Coconut Popsicles

Coconut popsicles are an easy 5-ingredient recipe ready in 10 minutes.

Well, minus the freezing part, of course, that will probably take 2-3 hours in a popsicle mold of 80 ml (1/3 cup), as seen in the picture below.


This said, the ingredients and the method to make your own keto coconut ice cream are pretty basic.

You need:

  • Canned coconut milk – do not use the coconut beverage kind that contains added thickener or water. I recommend canned coconut milk with no emulsifier, organic, and no GMO.
  • Canned coconut cream – it is very similar to the ingredient above, except it contains more fat but also more carbs! That’s why you need a higher ratio of canned coconut milk than coconut cream in this ice cream recipe to lower the carbs and achieve a 1g net carb keto popsicle!
  • Erythritol – or use a monk fruit erythritol blend or allulose.
  • MCT oil or coconut oil – you may have tried no-churn ice cream recipes before and noticed that they form crystals. MCT oil is the secret ingredient to stabilize homemade keto ice cream and prevent crystallization.
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut or coconut flakes – this adds some tiny pieces of coconut into the ice cream. It is simply delicious!

Blending The Mixture

You need to blend your ice cream ingredients. This is an essential process to ensure that all the ingredients come together and don’t separate in layers with oil on top and milk at the bottom.

Also, it will break the shredded coconut into pieces resulting in tiny coconut bites that are delicious in your popsicles.

Freezing Keto Popsicles

It is essential to use a popsicle stand sealed on the top. This prevents the top of the popsicles from forming crystals.

If the popsicle gets in contact with air, it forms tiny ice crystals that are not creamy.

Next, make sure that the popsicle stand you are using has individual molds. It means that you can release each popsicle one by one, and you don’t have to defrost all the popsicles from their stand when you crave ice cream.

Many popsicle stands attach all the popsicle molds, which is very annoying to release only one ice cream!

Decorating the popsicles

To decorate your coconut popsicles, as seen in my picture, dip the top of the popsicle into lukewarm water for 2 seconds, and then quickly dip it into toasted coconut.

Otherwise, if you want to make a chocolate shell around the popsicle, melt four squares of sugar-free chocolate with 1/2 teaspoon of MCT oil and dip the frozen popsicle into the melted chocolate.

Storage of your keto popsicles

Always release one ice cream at a time, just before serving.

It means that you store the ice cream popsicles in their mold, and you don’t release them from the mold all at once and store them in an airtight box.

You shouldn’t transfer them into an airtight box to prevent them from hardening, losing creaminess, and forming crystals on the outer layer.

So, always release one popsicle from its mold at a time.

To do so, place your mold under hot water, hold the mold in one hand and pinch the popsicle stick with your other hand (thumb and index) and pull out the popsicle from the mold to release your ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Prevent Crystals In No-Churn Ice Cream?

First, the trick to avoiding crystals in no-churn ice cream is to add a stabilizer. Usually, most stabilizers are sugar-loaded and not keto-approved like corn syrup, honey, or sugar.

So the trick to making keto ice cream with no crystal is to add MCT oil as a stabilizer.

Another option is coconut oil or even gelatin powder. Next, homemade ice creamremains softer when you store it in a small container that doesn’t require scooping.

That is why making popsicles is the best way to keep ice crystals from forming.

Can I Churn This Keto Popsicle Recipe?

Yes, you can use this keto coconut ice cream recipe to put it into an ice cream maker. It will form a creamy coconut ice cream in about 30 minutes, depending on your ice cream maker.

Add the batter into your ice cream maker bowl and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to churn the keto ice cream. Store in a shallow, sealed ice cream container to avoid crystal

Have you made these keto popsicles? What about trying my keto strawberry popsicles next!

And if you want to share your feedback, question, or a picture of your creation with me? Join me on my Instagram! I see you there.

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