Is Rebel Ice Cream Worth the Hype?

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By special request from Melissa in Alabama, I’m here to give you my honest review of Rebel Ice Cream. Now, remember, taste is subjective, so my opinion may differ from yours. Let’s dig in and find out if it lives up to the hype!

What is Rebel Ice Cream?

According to Rebel Creamery’s website, Rebel Ice Cream is the first low-carb, high-fat, no sugar added ice cream on the market. It’s specially formulated with keto-friendly ingredients and passes the kid test. With 14 flavors to choose from, it’s bound to catch your attention. However, I could only find four flavors at my local store: Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Butter Pecan. For this review, I picked the classic Cookie Dough flavor.

A Steep Price for a Creamy Delight?

As I stood at the cashier, I couldn’t help but think about the $5.99 price tag per pint. It seemed a bit steep compared to other brands like Halo Top or Enlightened, which are available at a lower price point. But let’s not judge a book by its cover. The question remains: Is Rebel Ice Cream worth the price?

The Creaminess Conundrum

To achieve its creaminess, the ice cream requires a 15-minute sit before indulging. As I sat in my truck with the windows down, making a few phone calls, I eagerly waited for the creamy goodness. However, my expectations fell short. The ice cream crumbled as I delicately stuck my spoon into it. That’s right, it crumbled! In my humble opinion, ice cream should never crumble under any circumstance. Despite sitting in my 80-degree pickup for almost half an hour, it lacked the creaminess I anticipated. The addition of carob and guar gums as stabilizers might be the culprit behind the strange texture.

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Flavorful, But Not Flawless

While the texture disappointed, the flavor of Rebel Ice Cream was not too bad. It’s not overly sweet, thanks to erythritol and monk fruit as natural sweeteners instead of sugar. These sweeteners have a low glycemic index and zero calories. The vanilla component had a pleasant enough flavor, as did the cookie dough. But again, taste is subjective. If you’re a fan of cookie dough ice cream, there’s plenty to satisfy your cravings.

What’s Inside?

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients of Rebel Ice Cream:

  • Cream
  • Water
  • Cookie Dough (almond flour, erythritol, butter, water, natural flavor, baking soda, salt, sunflower lecithin)
  • Erythritol
  • Chocolate (coconut oil, cocoa, erythritol, sunflower lecithin, salt, dutch cocoa, natural vanilla flavor, monk fruit)
  • Chickory Root Fiber
  • Egg Yolks
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Milk Protein Isolate
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor
  • Salt
  • Peruvian Carob Gum
  • Guar Gum
  • Monk Fruit

The Nutritional Details

Here’s the nutritional breakdown per serving (1/2 cup) of Rebel Ice Cream:

  • Calories: 160
  • Calories from Fat: 140
  • Total Fat: 15g
  • Saturated Fat: 9g
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 60mg
  • Sodium: 80mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 14g
  • Dietary Fiber: 3g
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Erythritol: 10g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Vitamin A: 7%
  • Vitamin C: 0%
  • Calcium: 4%
  • Iron: 4%

A Word of Caution

Melissa, I have to be honest with you. This ice cream didn’t quite hit the mark for me. In fact, it ranks as my third least favorite ice cream of all time. The worst was a strange soft serve concoction from my Navy ship that tasted metallic with a hint of jet fuel. The second worst was Halo Top Lemon Cake, followed closely by Rebel Ice Cream. The texture wasn’t creamy enough, and the taste didn’t wow me enough to overlook the crumbly texture. Moreover, if you consume the entire pint, it amounts to 640 calories! Unfortunately, the nutritional value is lacking. Even if you were to share it with friends, the empty calorie count remains high.

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Proceed with Caution

In closing, I did eat the whole pint to test if it would cause any gastrointestinal distress. While I have an iron gut, it did leave me with some discomfort. Others may genuinely enjoy Rebel Ice Cream, but based on this experience, I don’t think I’ll be trying any more of their flavors. Remember, moderation is key, and consuming excess calories will still lead to weight gain, even if there are no significant carbohydrates in the mix. Keep that in mind when making your ice cream choices.

So, is Rebel Ice Cream worth the hype? That’s for you to decide. I hope this review helps you make an informed decision. Remember, everything in moderation. Enjoy your ice cream!

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