Is Keto Ice Cream Really a Healthy Choice?

Video is keto ice cream healthy

When faced with a pint of keto ice cream next to regular ice cream, it’s only natural to assume that the former is the better choice. I remember the first time I saw Enlightened Keto Ice Cream and thought, “Wow, a new line of healthy ice cream!” But is it really as healthy as it seems?

The Association Between Keto and Health

Many people associate the keto diet with being healthy, especially since it’s often touted as an effective way to lose weight. So, it’s easy to see why a keto ice cream might appear to be the better option if you have weight loss goals in mind. However, let’s compare it to Edy’s Slow Churned, which is technically a light ice cream but not marketed as a “healthy” ice cream.

If we look at a similar serving size, there’s a substantial difference in calories and fat content. While the keto ice cream may have only 1g net carb and almost no sugar (thanks to sugar substitutes), Edy’s is generally more favorable across the board.

Understanding Net Carbs

You might be wondering about the keto ice cream’s claim of having 10g carbs but only 1g net carbs. It’s not as confusing as it sounds. Essentially, your body doesn’t fully digest fiber or sugar substitutes, resulting in minimal caloric impact. For those who choose to calculate net carbs, they exclude fiber and sugar alcohol from their carb count. It becomes subjective, as some prefer to count total carbs instead.

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Weight Loss and Ice Cream

Assuming you don’t view sugar as the enemy (and I certainly don’t), there wouldn’t be a reason to choose keto ice cream for weight loss if you’re not following a keto diet. However, if you’re anti-sugar, the keto ice cream may be more appealing to you.

Ultimately, if you’ve tried keto ice cream and love it, that’s great! But for the average person who assumes it’s a healthier option, that might not be the case. It’s crucial to not blindly make decisions based on labels or what sounds healthier.

The Power of Marketing

Take the example of “Skinny Cow” ice cream bars. The name alone makes you think it’s lower in calories, but when you examine the nutrition label, you’ll see that it contains 10g of fat, which is far from low fat. This highlights the importance of reading nutrition labels and making choices based on your own preferences, rather than relying solely on marketing claims.

Do Your Homework

To make informed decisions, do your homework and compare the nutrition labels of different “healthy” options with regular ones. You might be surprised by what you discover. Remember, it’s essential to prioritize your own health goals and preferences over marketing tactics.

So, the next time you come across keto ice cream or any other “healthy” product, take a closer look and make an informed choice. Your health and well-being deserve it.

Is keto ice cream healthy

Understanding net carbs and how to calculate them

Ice cream bar comparison

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