Is Ice Cream Beneficial for Fighting Fever?

When you’re feeling under the weather and battling a fever, it’s a positive sign that your body is actively fighting off the infection. However, one downside is that a high body temperature often diminishes your appetite. While reaching for popsicles and ice cream might seem like a tempting solution, it’s important to provide your body with the right nutrients to aid in the recovery process. Let’s explore the foods you should focus on and those you should avoid when you have a fever.

Nourishing Foods for Fever

It can be challenging to eat when you’re not in the mood, but consuming the right nutrient-rich foods will help strengthen your body. Here are some options that are beneficial for fighting fever:

Chicken Soup

There’s a reason why chicken soup is a staple when you’re feeling sick. The broth aids in hydration, helping to lower your body temperature and flush out toxins. Additionally, the sodium content replenishes electrolytes. Moreover, chicken soup is packed with vitamins, minerals, calories, and protein, making it an excellent choice for recovery.

Poultry & Fish

Protein plays a crucial role in supporting your body during a fever. Opt for healthy protein sources like poultry and fish, as they are easily digestible and won’t overexert your body. Oily fishes like salmon are particularly beneficial due to their abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, which strengthen your immune system.

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Fruits & Vegetables

When you’re sick, incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet becomes even more critical. Fruits are rich in essential vitamins, especially vitamin C, known for its immune-boosting properties. On the other hand, vegetables are packed with beneficial nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, and vitamin A.

Foods to Avoid

It’s best to steer clear of foods that won’t contribute to your recovery when you have a fever. Avoid the following:

Caffeinated & Alcoholic Drinks

Running a fever can cause dehydration as you lose fluids through sweating. To combat this, it’s essential to avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they further dehydrate your body. Instead, focus on staying hydrated by drinking water and electrolyte beverages.

Sugary Foods

While sugary comfort foods may be tempting, they won’t provide many beneficial nutrients during your recovery process. Foods like donuts, cakes, and other sweet treats offer little to no nutritional value. Consuming too much sugar can also inflame your stomach and put additional strain on your immune system.

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If your fever persists or seems to have an underlying cause, seeking medical care is essential. However, visiting a healthcare facility while running a fever can put others at risk. That’s where DispatchHealth comes in. Our dedicated team provides prompt, in-home healthcare for a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including fevers. With DispatchHealth, you can receive the necessary treatment without leaving the comfort of your home. Learn more about DispatchHealth here.

Please note that for any life-or-limb-threatening emergencies or time-sensitive injuries or illnesses, it is crucial to visit the emergency room immediately or call 911.

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Source of Information

At DispatchHealth, we prioritize the credibility of our information. We rely only on authoritative sources, including medical associations, research institutions, and peer-reviewed medical studies.

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