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Dairy Queen is a United States fast-food franchise that serves products that range from fast food, salads, and soft drinks to ice cream, sundaes, hamburgers, and milkshakes. However, Dairy Queen is popularly known for its soft-serve ice-cream invented in 1938 by the franchise.

Is dairy queen ice cream real?

Is Dairy Queen Ice Cream Real?

According to the Federal Drug Administration, the frozen desserts served at the dairy queen cannot be classified as ice cream. But rather is placed in the category of “ice milk”.

Then What Exactly Does The Dairy Queen Serve As Ice Cream?

Dairy queen’s frozen dessert is not considered to be ice cream because in order to be classified as ice cream the product must contain a minimum of ten percent butterfat or milk content and dairy queen frozen dessert “soft serve” does not contain such quantity properties.

The United States Federal Drug Administration categorized Dairy Queen’s frozen treat as “reduced-fat” ice cream and to some can be considered a healthier option.

What you should know about Dairy Queen’s Soft serve?

Soft serve has been served since the 1930s and Dairy Queen is believed to be one of the first founders of the frozen treat. Soft serve is a creamy, cold, frozen dessert categorized as “ice milk” by the United States Federal Drug Administration. It could also be referred to as soft ice. Due to the production process as well as the inclusion of more air, it possesses a fluffy texture.

How Is Dairy Queen’s Soft Serve Made?

Soft serve is usually made with a premix, which could be a fresh liquid that lasts about 7 days before being spoiled by bacteria as well as a powdered mix, this can be stored for a longer time.

Most brands such as dairy queen usually have an ice cream mix or formulae that is what they work with, soft serve mix is turned into a self-contained machine that stores the mix, and whips this process is where the air is introduced right before it freezes and is turned into ice cream.

How does Dairy queen serve its ice cream on the menu?

The famous blizzard is one of dairy queen’s most popular ice cream “soft serve’ classics coming in a variety of flavors including different toppings such as cookie blizzard cup, peanut butter cup, butterfling, Milk chocolate candy, heath, chocolate chip, cotton candy, oreo and so on.

Comparison Between Dairy Queen’s soft serve and regular ice cream

Soft serve vs Ice Cream

It is also to be stated that in all dairy queen dessert menus, soft serve is the option being used in treats such as blizzards and not ice cream. Dairy Queen is famous for its soft-serve and has used this soft serve for the past 75 years.

Is Dairy Queen’s soft serve a healthier option in comparison with ice cream?

Ice cream is a go-to dessert and has time and time again chosen to be always there from a bad breakup to treating yourself after a good day, but it begs the question is soft-serve a healthier option we should alternate to considering it is a close to ice cream as close can get.

If you want to start by comparing calories, maybe that would be the wrong choice because in the world today different types of ice cream could be proven to be a healthier option from vegan choices to keto. Thus depending on your taste, however, soft serve might seem like a lighter treat because it is due to the added air.

However, soft-serve wins in this category as it is not as fattening due to its reduced milk fat as compared to the milk fat in ice cream.


Conclusively, although dairy queen’s soft serve cannot be placed in the category of real ice cream as it does not meet the criteria according to the United States Federal Drug and Administration (FDA), it is a good substitute and the two can be consumed interchangeably without missing the other. Soft serve just like ice cream would always be a good idea for the long hot summers. Also, let us not forget that ice cream would never be able to perform the party trick that dairy queen’s soft serve blizzard does by staying upside down.

Other frequently asked question
  1. What flavors does soft serve come in?

Just like ice cream soft serve comes in a wide variety of flavors from the basic vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry to watermelon, it just depends now on the branch of the dairy queen you are visiting and the flavors they produce.

  1. I am allergic to ice cream, would I be able to take dairy queen’s soft serve?

Unfortunately, this is a question that I cannot answer, as both ice cream and soft serve have similar ingredients, but it is possible to be allergic to ice cream and not soft serve, depending on what exact ingredients triggers this allergy. However, it is strongly advised that you consult your doctor before the consumption of any dairy product.

  1. Does Dairy Queen sell soft serve in tubs?

This is a definite Yes, Dairy Queen sells a 1-liter soft serve that you can take home to enjoy its creamy goodness.

  1. Is there a sugar-free soft serve?

Dairy Queen currently does not have sugar-free soft serve or reduced sugar soft serve but has other products that you can try with reduced sugar.

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