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Celtic Creamery TI: Bringing Irish Flavors to Surf City

July is known as ice cream month, but Celtic Creamery TI offers such luscious flavors that will make you crave ice cream all year round.

Celtic Creamery TI expanded its presence to Surf City in August, joining its original shop in Carolina Beach. The Hogan family, including Jeff Hogan, the founder, and his sister, opened additional shops in Hendersonville and Smithfield.

In Surf City, Sean and Kristy Simpson, along with their children, Giada, Kash, and Kane, own and operate the shop. Sean Simpson and Jeff Hogan, college buddies turned both accountants and ice cream makers, decided to embark on this venture together. Though Americans consume nearly twice as much ice cream as people worldwide, Hogan, a resident of Carolina Beach, discovered his dream ice cream during a visit to Ireland.

“I stumbled upon the creamiest ice cream in Ireland several years ago,” Hogan shares. “I was determined to bring this experience to the U.S., and after multiple requests, Joanna finally agreed to share her secret recipes.”

Joanna McCarthy, co-owner of the Celtic Creamery franchises and the original creator of these Irish ice cream delights, has been making award-winning ice cream in Ireland since 2005. Her shop, Sundaes, located in Ballybunion, Ireland, near the Atlantic shores, has gained recognition and accolades for its ice cream flavors. Hogan’s taste buds were captivated by these masterpieces, igniting his passion to introduce these flavors to the United States.

Topsail island NC Celtic Creamery

The ice cream’s unique flavors are enhanced by imported ingredients from Europe, while the milk is sourced locally from cows in North and South Carolina. Hogan believes that the key to creating these extraordinary ice creams lies in the butterfat content and the commitment to making fresh batches daily.

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TI NC Celtic Creamery

“We offer an array of ice cream flavors that truly embody the wonderful tastes of Ireland,” Hogan proudly states. “From Irish Butter Pecan and Living the Dream Irish Cream to From the Sea and the Bee and Celtic Coffee.”

In Surf City, the Simpson family begins their day early, churning freshly made ice cream that often takes over four hours to prepare. They always have nine classic flavors available, like Voluptuous Vanilla, Mint to Be, Scrumbumptious Strawberry, Irish Butter Pecan, Chocolicious Chocolate, From the Sea and the Bee (sea salt caramel honey), “Oh No” Cookie Dough, and Heavenly Heath. On a recent visit, Captivating Coconut, Carolina Beach Peach, Blackberry Bramble, Birthday Cake, Yum Ballybunion Bubblegum, and Celtic Coffee were also on offer.

Celtic Creamery boasts an impressive selection of 58 handmade flavors, accompanied by a range of toppings, including nuts, chocolates, fresh fruits, waffle cone crumbles, and cookie crumbles. Simpson happily shares that there is never any leftover ice cream, showcasing the positive response from the community since their opening. They are excited about what the future holds.


To add an extra treat to their menu, Celtic Creamery TI serves hot, made-to-order doughnuts that are often featured in their sundaes. One noteworthy creation is the Tummy Trembler, which consists of six scoops of ice cream arranged over a split banana, surrounded by eight hot mini donuts. Toppings include fresh cream, cookie pieces, Oreos, marshmallows, chocolate shavings, and hot chocolate sauce — all served with a flaming firework! Additionally, Celtic Creamery offers coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade milkshakes and floats.

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Celtic Creamery TI operates year-round, with varying seasonal hours. Make sure to check their Facebook page for their current operating hours. For now, the Simpson family invites everyone to indulge in ice cream inspired by Ireland, made right here on Topsail Island.

Want to go? Visit Ice Cream at Celtic Creamery TI, located at 204 New River Drive, Surf City, or call (910) 541-0221.

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