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Table of Contents

  1. Easy-To-Make Mimosa Float
  2. Why We Love This Mimosa Float Recipe
  3. Ingredients
  4. Substitutions and Additions
  5. Recommended Tools
  6. How to Make the Mimosa Ice Cream Floats
  7. Tips
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Other Easy Cocktail Recipes
  10. Mimosa Float Recipe

It’s always fun to celebrate with a fruity, fizzy Ice Cream Mimosa Float! This bubbly beverage is so quick and easy to make with just 3 simple ingredients (plus garnish)-the perfect sweet adult treat for a bridal or baby shower, New Year’s party, holiday morning cocktail, or boozy brunch.

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Easy-To-Make Mimosa Float

Raise your glass to toast this Mimosa Ice Cream Float if you are tired of the same dull drink! I’ve created a fun champagne recipe that mimics my favorite morning cocktail combined with a spin on a classic ice cream float.

Making this delicious drink is as easy as pouring champagne over orange juice concentrate, adding scoops of sorbet, and serving it immediately with a spoon or waiting a minute for the sorbet to melt and then sipping a spiked sparkling slushie. So easy it’s almost embarrassing!

I may have revised the traditional Root Beer Float by replacing the soda with champagne and using sorbet instead of ice cream, but I think these Mimosa Floats feel adult-like and fancy, even if it is meant to be a casual cocktail!

I especially love how the orange flavor mixes with the champagne to create a sweet combination of fruity and bubbly; it’s the best form of fizzy fun that tastes festively refreshing and is a delicious way to add a twist to the traditional mimosa.

Why We Love This Mimosa Float Recipe

  • Quick and easy to make in only 2 minutes.
  • Only uses 3 simple ingredients plus a garnish for your glass.
  • Fun to sip on a sweet, fruity, fizzy float.
  • Make this cocktail a mocktail if your kids want to enjoy a delicious drink or if you choose not to imbibe.
  • Perfect bubbly beverage for a bridal or baby shower, New Year’s entertaining, a holiday morning cocktail, or brunch.
mimosa float in a glass


  • Brut Champagne (I used Korbel brand)
  • Orange juice concentrate
  • Orange sorbet
  • Wedge of navel orange for garnish

Substitutions and Additions

  • Make It A Mocktail: To make a non-alcoholic Mimosa Float, simply replace the champagne with sparkling cider, alcohol-free champagne, or sparkling juice for a fun mocktail version that the kids will enjoy.
  • Customize Your Cocktail: While mimosas are classically citrus-based, you can use any of your favorite flavors of sorbet and sparkling beverages to create your own signature sip. Try pink champagne and raspberry or strawberry sorbet for Valentine’s Day, or lemon sorbet with clear champagne for a little pucker.
mimosa float ingredients

Recommended Tools

  • 2 inch ice cream scoop
  • Measuring tools
  • Stemless wine glasses or champagne flutes


How to Make the Mimosa Ice Cream Floats

A bottle of bubbly, sorbet, and orange juice concentrate is all you need to create this easy-to-make fruity cocktail. This super simple recipe is perfect for any holiday party or special occasion because it’s always fun to bring on the bubbles!

  1. Add orange juice concentrate to the bottom of each glass.Add orange juice concentrate into the glass
  2. Pour Champagne over the top of the orange juice concentrate.pour champagne into the glassPro-Tip: You may need to stir it to combine. Allow the champagne bubbles to settle.
  3. Carefully add orange sorbet scoops.Pro Tip: Make sure that you only fill the glass ½-¾ full with the champagne before adding the orange sorbet. It is important that you allow the bubbles to settle before adding the sorbet so that you do not overflow your glass. If it bubbles up after the first scoop, let the bubbles calm down before placing the second scoop in the glass.add sorbet in a scoop
  4. Garnish with the orange wedge, serve, and sip. Enjoy!mimosa float in the glass garnish with a slice of orange


  • These Mimosa floats should be served immediately after being assembled.
  • You can get at least 6 mimosa floats from a standard 750ml bottle of Brut Champagne and a pint of orange sorbet. Just remember that different sized glasses will yield different quantities.
  • If you use a traditional champagne flute you may need to use a smaller sized (1 inch) ice cream scoop to fit the glass. This cocktail can be tailored to your personal glass preference.
glasses with mimosa float and slice of orange

Frequently Asked Questions

top view of mimosa float

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