Ice Cream in Refreshing Fruit Shells

These delectable treats will transport you to a tropical paradise with just one bite! You won’t be able to resist the Costco Island Way Sorbet, and trust me, one won’t be enough.

These sorbets have gained a cult-like following, with people flocking to Costco just to get their hands on these irresistible treats. It’s hard to believe that I had never heard of them until now. Even the friendly Costco employee at the door couldn’t hide her love for these sorbets as she checked my receipt!

island way sorbet costco

Unveiling the Details

  • Costco Item number: 502616
  • Price: $14.59 USD for a box of 12 sorbets
  • Location: Freezer section, alongside other tempting desserts
  • Presented in authentic fruit shells
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Seasonal delight (available in Spring & Summer)

Reasons to Love Them

What truly sets the Island Way sorbets apart is the fact that they come nestled in real fruit shells. Imagine holding a halved fruit shell filled with luscious sorbet, ready to be savored with a spoon. Their tagline, “The Taste of a Never-Ending Summer,” directly captures the essence of these sorbets.

island way sorbet

These fruit shells truly remind me of those tropical coconut drinks enjoyed right on the beach, sipping directly from the coconut itself.

Pro Tip: Allow the sorbet to thaw slightly, achieving a soft, creamy texture. This makes it easier to indulge and keeps your hands from getting too cold while holding the fruit shell.

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Everything You Need in One Package

Each fruit shell is individually wrapped in plastic, labeled with its distinct flavor. This convenient packaging allows you to grab and go with ease.

costco island way sorbet

The Island Way Sorbet box contains a delightful assortment of 12 fruity shells, each with its own distinct flavor. Let’s explore the flavors included:

  • 3 Coconut (in coconut shells)
  • 3 Ruby Berry (in ruby grapefruit shells)
  • 3 Passionate Mango (in orange shells)
  • 3 Pomegranate-Lemon (in lemon shells)

Exploring the Taste

Initially, I was uncertain about these sorbets as some can be too tart and lackluster in flavor. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional taste of each flavor. None were overly bitter or sour.

In fact, these sorbets rank among the best I have ever tried. My personal favorites were the Passionate Mango and Ruby Berry flavors.

sorbet flavors

Compared to other sorbets, these have a creamier consistency, owing to a touch of cream in their composition. This delightful addition contributes to their unparalleled taste.

Passionate Mango

The Passionate Mango sorbet carries an authentic tropical and fruity essence. It boasts a blend of mango juice, orange juice, and passionfruit. The mango and passionfruit flavors shine through, making this smaller, frozen orange shell a true delight.

passion mango


Another standout flavor is the Pomegranate-Lemon sorbet. Its harmonious blend consists of apple, pomegranate, lemon, aronia, and raspberry. Encased in a lemon shell and slightly smaller in size, this sorbet allows the pomegranate and raspberry flavors to take center stage, with a pleasant hint of lemon.

pomegranate lemon

Ruby Berry

The Ruby Berry sorbet is not only my personal favorite but also a hit among my kids. Although it comes in a larger portion, nestled within a ruby grapefruit shell, the sorbet doesn’t possess a strong grapefruit taste.

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ruby berry

This delightful sorbet combines apple, raspberry, strawberry, passionfruit, beet, and grapefruit flavors. While each individual flavor is not distinguishable, they blend harmoniously to create a berry sensation, enhanced by tropical notes from the passionfruit. It is genuinely irresistible! If I had to choose, I would gladly devour an entire box of this flavor alone.

spoonful of berry sorbet


As a fervent coconut lover, I was particularly excited to savor the Coconut flavor. Countless fans have acclaimed it as their favorite. I absolutely adored the fact that it comes in a genuine coconut shell.

coconut flavor

Crafted with coconut milk, this sorbet boasts a creamy texture distinct from the others. It is also larger in size. The coconut flavor is prominent and incredibly sweet.

While it leans more towards the creaminess of ice cream rather than the traditional sorbet consistency, it wasn’t my personal top choice. However, if you adore coconut and ice cream, this flavor is a definite winner.

coconut sorbet

Nutrition Information

Each Island Way Sorbet dessert presents unique nutrition facts. The suggested serving size is one shell. Here’s the detailed nutritional information found on the back of the box.

nutritional information
island way sorbets from costco

My Final Thoughts

I wholeheartedly adore the Island Way Sorbet desserts. After sampling each one, I now understand their immense popularity. I only wish I could purchase individual boxes of my favorite flavors, Mango and Pomegranate, at Costco. Nevertheless, I will undoubtedly be restocking these delightful treats soon.

My family is so enamored with these sorbets that we have nearly finished an entire box in less than a week. They are the perfect summer indulgence, and I highly recommend experiencing the joy of these half fruit sorbets.

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On my recent visit to Costco to buy more, I was disappointed to find them sold out. If you spot them in stock, be sure to grab a few boxes, as they tend to disappear quickly.

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