The Ultimate Guide to Champaign-Urbana’s Ice Cream Delights

Are you ready to embark on a delicious journey through Champaign-Urbana and beyond? Whether it’s National Ice Cream Day or any other day of the year, ice cream is always a great treat. Central Illinois locals can’t resist the allure of this frozen delight, and today, we’ll be uncovering some of the best ice cream joints in the area.

Treats Galore in Champaign-Urbana

Forget about national chains; we’re all about supporting local businesses that serve up a mouthwatering array of frozen treats. So get ready, because we’re about to take you on the Champaign-Urbana Area Ice Cream Trail. How many stops can you check off your bucket list? Just remember, indulging in all of them in one sitting might be a bit ambitious, but we won’t tell anyone if you do!

Here are our top picks in alphabetical order:

Baldarotta’s Gelateria

Located in the Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana, Baldarotta’s Gelateria is a must-visit. Their gelato flights are perfect for those who can’t decide on just one flavor. From blood orange sorbet to sea salt caramel and apple bourbon crisp, their unique flavors will tantalize your taste buds.


As the first self-serve froyo joint in Champaign, Cocomero holds a special place in our hearts. Not only can you enjoy a wide variety of flavors and toppings, but you’ll also have a fantastic view of the Alma Mater. It’s the perfect spot to start a summer stroll.

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Collective Pour

Calling all adults! Collective Pour is an ice cream haven exclusively for grownups. Indulge in their boozy ice cream concoctions and discover a whole new level of frozen delight. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to stay updated on their flavor of the day.

Dewey’s Drive-In

Dewey’s Drive-In in Farmer City has been a beloved tradition since 1956. While their cheeseburgers, fries, and old-fashioned shakes are popular, the lemon ice cream steals the show. Plus, the 1950s drive-in vibe adds an extra layer of nostalgia.

El Oasis

Discover the hidden treasure of El Oasis in Urbana. What sets them apart is the use of fresh fruit and ingredients in their ice cream and popsicles. Don’t miss their fresh coconut ice cream, known as the best in town. With over 40 flavors of Mexican ice cream and ice cream bars, there’s something for everyone.

Flesor’s Candy Kitchen

For a trip down memory lane, head to Flesor’s Candy Kitchen in Tuscola. This old-fashioned soda fountain serves up homemade ice cream that changes seasonally. From malts to phosphates to banana splits, indulge in a taste of nostalgia.

FroYo Factory and Cafe

Similar to Cocomero, FroYo Factory and Cafe in Monticello offer a wide variety of flavors in rotation. In addition to froyo, they also serve gelato and have recently added coffee to their menu. While you’re there, don’t miss their popular frappes.

Ice Daddy’s Food Truck

Ice Daddy’s Food Truck in Mahomet will transport your taste buds to Spain. Indulge in their ice cream delights that are reminiscent of a Mediterranean getaway. Keep an eye on their social media to find out where their truck will be next.

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Jarling’s Custard Cup

The lines at Jarling’s Custard Cup in Champaign speak for themselves. Choose from a wide variety of snowstorms, sleets, and their famous cold fudge sundae. Their weekly flavor specials are always a hit, and the cappuccino flavor is a must-try.

Kurly Q

Kurly Q in Paris is a soft-serve ice cream lover’s dream. With over 50 flavors to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Don’t forget to try their fantastic banana split and explore their menu of sundaes, avalanches, malts, milkshakes, and more.

The Main Scoop

Located in downtown Mahomet, The Main Scoop is a classic ice cream shop serving Capannari Ice Cream from the Chicago area. Treat yourself to flavors like Bordeaux Cherry, Peaches and Cream, and Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel. Oh, and don’t forget to indulge in a waffle cone—the aroma alone will make your mouth water.

La Michoacana Express

Owned and operated by a Champaign family, La Michoacana Express offers homemade ice cream and traditional Mexican ice cream pops known as paletas. Treat yourself to flavors like cookies and cream and mint oreo, made with the freshest ingredients.

Obie’s Arctic Chill

Obie’s Arctic Chill in Oakwood is an ice cream haven with an extensive menu to satisfy all your frozen treat cravings. From ICEEs to hand-dipped ice cream and soft serve, there’s something for everyone. And the friendly service and reasonable prices will keep you coming back for more.

Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery

Located on N. Lincoln Ave. in Champaign, Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery brings a unique twist to ice cream. They use their own goat milk to create milk-based flavors and use local fruits for their dairy-free sorbets. With flavors like salted caramel swirl and honey-lavender, prepare for a creamy and smooth texture like no other.

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Red Bicycle Ice Cream

Although Red Bicycle Ice Cream in Urbana has closed its shop, you can still enjoy their handcrafted small batches at various locations. Sample their dark chocolate ice cream, available at Common Ground, Fresh International Market, Harvest Market, and Salt & Light. If you’re in the mood for an extra treat, try their frozen doughnut ice cream sandwiches at Ye Olde Donut Shoppe in Champaign.

Sidney Dairy Barn

Sidney Dairy Barn proudly claims to have the “World’s Best Ice Cream,” and it’s hard to argue with them. Their homemade ice cream brings back memories of your parents’ homemade treats. Join in the community celebration when they open in mid-April. You can also find their ice cream in other Champaign-Urbana locations through their Moo-Mobile.

More Food Trails to Explore

If you’re craving more culinary adventures, Champaign-Urbana has plenty to offer. Check out some of our other food trails, from the best chocolate desserts to the ultimate barbecue spots. And if we’ve missed any exceptional ice cream places, let us know! Email us with your favorite ice cream spots and what makes them so delicious.

Get ready to treat yourself to a summer filled with sweet delights as you explore the Champaign-Urbana Area Ice Cream Trail. Don’t forget to bring your appetite and a craving for unforgettable frozen treats. Cheers to a summer of ice cream indulgence!

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