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Ice cream lovers in Brooklyn, brace yourselves! Ice Cream House, a popular kosher ice cream chain, has voluntarily recalled all its ice cream and pareve frozen desserts. This decision comes after a recent listeria outbreak that has been linked to another kosher ice cream manufacturer.

The announcement was made by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday, leaving ice cream enthusiasts in shock. More than 90 frozen treats sold at Ice Cream House are now subject to the recall. Perhaps you’ve come across this chain on the hit Netflix reality show “Jewish Matchmaking.” Known for its delectable ice cream, Ice Cream House also offers a variety of items on its menu, including salads, sandwiches, pizza, and of course, frozen desserts.

To ensure customer safety, Ice Cream House has temporarily closed its Borough Park location for maintenance until further notice. However, their other two locations in Williamsburg and Flatbush, which cater to the large Orthodox communities, remain open. While Ice Cream House has not responded to requests for comments, they are taking this situation seriously, putting customer well-being first.

The recall extends beyond just their own eateries and includes Ice Cream House frozen products sold in grocery stores as well. Therefore, it is crucial for consumers to be aware and check their freezers for any affected items.

The FDA has identified a connection between the Ice Cream House recall and a listeria outbreak associated with a line of ice cream cups called Soft Serve on the Go, produced by Klein’s Real Kosher. This separate recall earlier this month affected products that were distributed in various states. Two individuals in New York and Pennsylvania were even hospitalized due to listeria-related illnesses.

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While the exact relationship between Ice Cream House and Klein’s remains unclear, there are indications of a connection. For instance, one of the options on Klein’s phone menu directs callers to Ice Cream House’s headquarters. Both companies are cooperating with the FDA and working to resolve the situation promptly.

Listeria can lead to severe infections, and in some cases, even be fatal. Symptoms may include high fever, severe headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Pregnant individuals should exercise particular caution, as listeria infections can result in miscarriages and stillbirths.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, a class action lawsuit has been filed by customers who purchased affected ice creams. The lawsuit claims that Real Kosher Ice Cream (also known as Klein’s) improperly labeled and marketed its products, potentially increasing the risk of invasive infections.

Ice Cream House and Klein’s are taking all necessary measures to address the issue, including the temporary suspension of production at Klein’s facility. The FDA is conducting an ongoing investigation to uncover more details about the outbreak and its origins.

As ice cream enthusiasts, it’s important to stay informed and prioritize our health. If you’ve bought any frozen treats from Ice Cream House recently, please check their official channels for the latest updates. Remember, safety comes first, and you can still satisfy your sweet tooth with other delicious options available to you. Stay safe and enjoy your frozen treats responsibly!

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