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This Ice Cream Cone Recipe for Chia Waffle Cones are mildly sweet and will hold as much ice cream as you want. With only 5 ingredients these sturdy yet tender cones are perfect for your dessert snacks. Make them any size you like too.

Two cones are full of ice cream sitting in a stainless ice cream cone holder.

Oh boy, here we go again! Something I thought I would never be able to make.

Homemade waffle cones always sounded like a lot of work to me, It seemed like a complicated kitchen process but guess what? It’s not!

All you need is an ice cream cone recipe, an ice cream cone maker and a little instruction on how to make waffle cones.

And there is nothing better than the smell of fresh cones that smell like cookies. It’s like you are in your very own ice cream shop.

What’s even more exciting is that these goodies are vegan. And they’re only slightly sweetened with organic granulated sugar!

You have to make these vegan ice cream cones. There is no egg or dairy and you’d never know it. You are going to have everyone smiling with pure pleasure.

Overhead photo of 7 waffle cones stacked and scattered on a picnic table.

Waffle Cone Maker

Okay, you’ll need a waffle cone maker. But you can find some good ones easily online and in stores. I’ve had Chef’sChoice waffle cone maker for a few years and it still works great but you can find a cheap one on online.

It is so worth the small investment because once you make homemade waffle cones you won’t want to go back to store-bought.

The machine comes with a waffle roller and you can adjust the size to make cones the size of a traditional sugar cone or make the very large waffle cone that will hold two or three big scoops of ice cream. I stick to the smaller size.

You can also make triangles to garnish bowls of ice cream. Cut the flat round into pizza type slices before the cone hardens.

And you can place the cooked round into a bowl and press it down so that you have a wavy-edged bowl for ice cream.

Ice cream cones Holding a huge scoop each of dairy free ice cream.

Any of these manipulations have to be done fast because they cool very quickly and then there’s no shape changing allowed.

Because the cones are so easy to make you will want to use this recipe over and over again especially for birthday parties or other special events.

Be prepared for some praise when you tell everyone that you made these cones!

How to Make Waffle Cones

These Chia Waffle Cones are super easy to make. The batter only contains five ingredients and once combined everything goes super fast.

I also love that these cookie cones are not overly sweet — just enough sweetness with that perfect crunch. And they are sturdy too!

When I first tested this recipe, I didn’t have any ice cream ready. So I enjoyed the cones like a cookie. They tasted delicious. So if a waffle cone is good on its own, imagine it with your favorite ice cream.

To make the batter, I used chia egg flour and dairy-free butter to make the recipe vegan-friendly. In the notes below, I leave some suggestions on how I grind and store chia seeds to make a chia egg.

You will also use less water with the chia seed flour versus just the seed so you won’t get as many cones with just a chia seed egg.

The consistency of the batter is little thicker than pancake batter. See the photos below. And as I said before you can make smaller or larger cones by changing the amount you put in the waffle cone maker.

Two photos - one shows the ingredients and the other shows the thickness of the batter. Two tablespoons are good to me and four tablespoons (or ¼ cup) are big waffle cones. That may even go over the edge. You can also see in the photo below how far just two tablespoons spread out in the waffle cone maker.

I like to set my heat on 3 for my cones because I like them when they are just starting to turn color. It only takes about 1 to 1 ½ minutes for each cone.

Two photos - one shows an overhead view of the finshed flat batter in the maker and the other shows the disk with the mold.

Rolling Up the Ice Cream Cones

So now you lay the cooked batter disc on a folded cloth. Then you lay the cone mold on the cooked batter round. Leave some edge at the end because as you roll up you need to pinch the end closed. That’s so ice cream won’t leak out as it melts.

The reason you lay the disc on the folded towel is because you need to manipulate the cone disc around the cone mold and it is very hot.

You can see in the photo below how you would start to roll the dough over the mold with the towel to protect your hands. Pretty quick you can pull the cloth back and use your hands to roll it snug against the mold.

Don’t forget to try yo pinch that end before it cools. Slide off the cone and there you have it.

Two photos - one shows the mold in a cloth to be rolled and the other shows the disk holding the formed dessert.Don’t fear. If the ends aren’t closed enough when the cone starts to cool there’s a great trick. Melt some chocolate and put a little of it in the inside of the cone to close-up the hole.

Then fill it up with ice cream. The cooled chocolate won’t let any ice cream through and you get a little treat at the very end.

I have to say my husband was quite impressed with how delicious these ice cream cones turned out.

His son was here too and of course I need all the taste testers I can find to help me out. They had no idea I knew how to make waffle cones. They both gave me and the cones two thumbs up.

Overhead view of chia waffle cones spread on a picnic table with the cone mold.

Now you know how to make them too and all that’s left to do is fill up these beautiful cones with some incredibly creamy ice cream.

Here are some of my favorite vegan and dairy free ice cream recipes:

You have to try my Maple Peanut Butter Ice Cream. That is the starring ice cream in these photos for the homemade waffle cones.

Biscoff Cookie Butter Ice Cream is like nothing you’ve ever had and really really good.

You can’t beat chocolate ice cream and this Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream one is made with full-fat coconut milk/cream from a can.

Who doesn’t like cookie dough and when you add it to ice cream it’s a real treat. Check out this Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream recipe.

Chia Waffle Cones are stacked in a stainless holder and are filled with ice cream.

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