Ice Cream After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Are you about to get your wisdom teeth removed? If so, it’s important to know what to eat after the surgery to aid in a smooth recovery. Here are some delicious and tasty treats that can help ease the healing process.

Apple Sauce

The smooth texture of apple sauce makes it an excellent choice after wisdom tooth extraction. Packed with Vitamin C and dietary fiber, it’s an essential part of a healthy and nutritious diet. This rich snack requires minimal jaw movement, reducing discomfort and promoting healing. You can easily prepare apple sauce at home using fresh ingredients and minimal sugar.

Ice Cream

Indulging in your favorite ice cream flavor is a good way to treat yourself after wisdom teeth extraction. Opt for soft-serve ice cream for the first few days post-surgery, as it requires less effort to eat. Not only does this cooling confection soothe inflamed tissue, but it also aids in a speedy recovery.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a fiber-rich option to consider after wisdom teeth removal. Whip them to achieve a smooth consistency and prepare a mouth-watering dish. Creamy mashed potatoes are easy to eat and can be topped with butter, sour cream, or gravy for added variety in your post-operative diet. Choose the right foods for your wisdom teeth recovery to alleviate any discomfort caused during the extraction.


Yogurt’s light consistency makes it an excellent choice for patients recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. Opt for plain yogurt without any additional ingredients or granola that requires chewing. Choose a creamy, light flavor like strawberry or lemon to enjoy some nutrients and help ease any pain or discomfort.

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Milkshakes or smoothies are packed with nutrients and proteins, making them a delicious snack for post-operative patients. To enhance the nutritional benefits, consider adding protein powder or a meal replacement packet to your shakes and smoothies. You can also incorporate fresh fruits like bananas to make the smoothie even more nutritious and healthy. Blend together ice cream, milk, and any additional supplements or protein powder to create a satisfying milkshake.

At Dulwich Dental Office, you can book a private dentist in East Dulwich to get advice on the best food choices after wisdom teeth extraction. By doing so, you can prevent pain and discomfort after the surgery.

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Ice Cream
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