How to Say Ice Cream in Different Languages

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Wherever your travels take you, you can experience the joy of ice cream in any language! In 2019, you can find regular chocolate ice cream almost anywhere in the world. However, if you want to delve deeper into the cultural flavors of ice cream, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll discover how to say ice cream in seven different languages and learn about the unique variations of this frozen treat in each country. Get ready for an international ice cream tasting tour!

How to Say Ice Cream in Mexico

In Mexico, they call ice cream “paletas.” These Mexican popsicles are not only delicious but also a sight to behold. Made with fresh, blended fruits and herbs, paletas come in a variety of flavors ranging from strawberry and lime to tamarind and cinnamon. If you’re looking for a traditional ice cream experience, head to a paleteria, or popsicle shop, and indulge in these delightful treats.

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How to Say Ice Cream in Spanish

  • Helado – ice cream
  • Cucurucho de helado – ice cream cone
  • Paleta – popsicle
  • Sorbete – sorbet

How to Say Ice Cream in Italy

Italy is famous for its gelato, a creamy and silky ice cream made with a custard base that includes lots of eggs. Unlike American ice cream, gelato has less air and more sugar, giving it a denser and smoother texture. With hundreds of flavors to choose from, a visit to a gelateria in Italy is a must. Indulge in classic Italian flavors like pistacchio, mandorla (almond), nocciola (hazelnut), fior de latte (cream), or stracciatella (cream with chocolate chunks).

How to Say Ice Cream in Italian

  • Gelato – ice cream
  • Cono gelato – ice cream cone
  • Gelateria – ice cream shop
  • Più gelato, per favore – more ice cream, please

How to Say Ice Cream in Japan

In Japan, they have “mochi,” ice cream balls covered in a non-sweet rice paste. The unique texture of mochi creates a chewy coating around the ice cream, making it a delightful treat to bite into. With flavors like green tea, mango, black sesame, strawberry, and vanilla, you’ll discover a whole new world of ice cream in Japan. Don’t miss the opportunity to try unusual Japanese flavors like wasabi, miso, soy sauce, or tofu skin ice cream.


How to Say Ice Cream in Japanese

  • アイスクリームAisukurīmu – ice cream
  • Mochi – ice cream ball covered in frozen rice paste

How to Say Ice Cream in France

In France, they enjoy “glace,” a delightful combination of American ice cream and Italian gelato. French ice cream is made with a custard base similar to Italian gelato but incorporates more cream, resulting in a lighter and fluffier texture. Treat yourself to a glace au chocolat (chocolate ice cream) and decide which style of ice cream you prefer.

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How to Say Ice Cream in French

  • Glace – ice cream
  • Glace au chocolat – chocolate ice cream
  • Deux boules de glace – two scoops of ice cream

How to Say Ice Cream in Germany

In Germany, they call ice cream “Eis,” but they are particularly famous for their unique creation called “spaghettieis.” This German dessert resembles spaghetti, with vanilla ice cream pressed through a pasta maker to create noodle-like strands. Topped with a red fruit sauce and chocolate shavings to resemble cheese, spaghettieis is both a visual and tasty treat.


How to Say Ice Cream in German

  • Eis – ice cream
  • Speiseeis – ice cream
  • Eistüte – ice cream cone
  • Spaghettieis – vanilla ice cream made to resemble spaghetti

How to Say Ice Cream in South Korea

In South Korea, they enjoy “patbingsu,” a shaved ice dessert topped with sweet ingredients. Typically, the base of patbingsu consists of shaved ice and red bean paste, with additional toppings such as condensed milk, rice cakes, fresh fruit, or fruit syrup. This refreshing treat comes in a variety of flavors, including green tea and coffee. If you prefer patbingsu without red bean, it is called “bingsu.”

How to Say Ice Cream in Korean

  • Patbingsu – shaved ice with red bean and sweet toppings
  • Bingsu – shaved ice of any flavor
  • 아이스크림Aiseukeulim – ice cream

How to Say Ice Cream in India

In India, they indulge in “kulfi,” a frozen dessert similar to ice cream. While both are frozen dairy treats, kulfi has a denser and creamier texture due to the absence of whipping or churning. This makes kulfi perfect for hot countries like India. Traditional flavors include rose, pistachio, saffron, mango, cardamom, and cream.

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How to Say Ice Cream in Hindi

  • Kulfi – frozen cream dessert
  • आइसक्रीम Aaisakreem – ice cream

How to Say Ice Cream in Turkey

In Turkey, they have “dondurma,” an elastic and chewy ice cream that has a unique texture. Turkish ice cream is thickened with salep and mastic, which gives it a chewy quality. The use of mastic also adds a slight savory flavor. With its higher melting point, dondurma remains solid even in hot climates. Street vendors in Turkey are famous for their entertaining tricks while serving this delicious treat.

How to Say Ice Cream in Turkish

  • Dondurma – ice cream
  • Dondurmamı ver! – give me my ice cream!

Now that we’ve learned how to say “ice cream” in different languages, it’s time to embark on a global ice cream adventure. Don’t forget to check out our other Joy blog posts to expand your ice cream knowledge. And remember to tag #BringJoyHome for a chance to be featured on our social pages. Enjoy!

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