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The best Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe! It’s creamy, easy, and calls for a no-cook egg custard! The eggs are whipped to a creamy consistency to give you the best vanilla ice cream experience with a fraction of the labor!

Vanilla ice cream scooped into a bowl

This vanilla ice cream recipe is the base of all the other delicious ice cream flavors! Which, is why we have a collection of different ice cream flavors like our favorite Cookies N’ Cream ice cream or homemade Chocolate ice cream! Once you get the base down you can make any flavored ice cream for those hot upcoming summer days!

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The Only Ice Cream Recipe You’ll Ever Need!

A classic custard is a base to any ice cream flavor! All you need is milk, cream, and eggs to make it happen and it’s so EASY! Not too heavy or light! And the custard doesn’t call for egg yolks, you use all the eggs but transform them in a creamy miraculous non-cooking way! I used an ice cream maker attachment to my Kitchen Aid Mixer but any electric ice cream maker like this Cuisinart one will work! The rule of thumb for creamy ice cream is the heavier you go with heavy cream the richer! The lighter the ice cream you want then use milk. It’s simple really, and you only need a few ingredients!

So, that brings me to some of the homemade ice creams that I’ve tried. Although a no-churn ice cream recipe sounds like a deal-breaker, I’ve found the texture to be completely off. It’s not going to deliver that ice cream flavor you get from a tub of store-bought ice cream. As of a result, an eggless version seamed to melt too fast and also lacked in the richness factor. And a custard-based recipe that you have to cook in the summer? Forget it, wasn’t one I was willing to work around. However, I still wanted the addition of eggs since I do believe it adds that oomph to the cream, so I was on the search to make the perfect ice cream.

churned vanilla ice cream in a bowl

Best Vanilla Ice Cream

My search is over for the best vanilla ice cream recipe! My favorite reason that I absolutely love this version of homemade Ice cream is that it was a special creation in taking a big shortcut for an egg custard! I wanted the addition of eggs in my ice cream for richness and my way of doing that was to whip the eggs but not cook them. It’s the BEST formula for an egg-based ice cream recipe without the cooked custard! Once you master your vanilla ice cream game the add-ins come in easily. The cream and milk churn to a soft-serve ice cream that you can enjoy immediately or freeze for later to replicate a tub of store ice cream. It’s simply divine and is likely to receive comments!

How to make Ice Cream:

vanilla ice cream scooped into a bowl with a spoon

Handy Ice cream equipment:

  • The BEST ice cream scoop
  • ice cream serving glasses
  • disposable ice cream cups

churned vanilla ice cream custard without cooking the eggs

Other ice cream recipes to try:

  • Cookies N Cream ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream

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