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Smooth, creamy, and no churning required! This vanilla protein ice cream is a delicious way to indulge while still boosting your daily protein intake. Made with just five ingredients this protein ice cream can be eaten in a bowl or scooped into an ice cream cone to cool down on a hot day.

Sinfully indulgent but blissfully healthy, this homemade ice cream is a summertime staple!

Think amping up your protein intake is boring? Think again!

This vanilla protein ice cream is a great way to take in 12 grams of protein while still enjoying something classic.

Loaded with sprinkles, as a Certified Nutrition Coach, it definitely brings me back to being a kid.. only healthier!

Most no-churn ice creams use frozen bananas as the base to get their creamy texture. However, this protein ice cream is coconut milk-based which makes it even more indulgent.

Grab a bowl or your favorite gluten-free ice cream cone and enjoy it on a hot summer day!

· Allergy-friendly (dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo)

· Easy to make (no ice cream machine!)

· Super-rich

· Can be eaten in a cone not just a bowl

Ingredients You’ll Need

Coconut milk: for this protein ice cream recipe you’ll need a can of full-fat coconut milk. Make sure to pop it into the fridge overnight so that it gets extra hard and drain all the water from it before blending.

Collagen powder: is what gives this homemade ice cream a protein boost! The cleanest form of protein means that this protein ice cream is also great for kids.

Pasteurized egg yolks: Opt for the “creations” brand which comes in a carton and double-check its pasteurized. This means that no unhealthy bacteria can get in.

Vanilla stevia: made by Nunaturals this is an amazing way to get that classic vanilla flavor while adding a low-calorie sweetener.

Honey: raw honey is best and you don’t need a lot!

Sprinkles: make sure to grab allergy-friendly ones as needed.

How To Make Protein Ice Cream

  1. Drain the water from the coconut milk and add all the ingredients except the sprinkles to a blender.
  2. Process 30s-90s until just combined.
  3. Pour into an 8×4, lined (or silicone!) baking pan.
  4. Whisk in the sprinkles.
  5. Freeze 30-60 minutes until desired texture is achieved.
  6. Use an ice cream scoop to portion out the ice cream.

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Important Teaching Tips

The kind of coconut milk you choose matters. Make sure it’s full fat and that it gets solid in the fridge overnight. If your coconut milk is soft or runny- your ice cream will be too!

This means, make sure to drain all the water out of the can and only scrape out the white, coconut cream for the ice cream.

The pasteurized egg is what makes the ice cream creamy enough to scoop. If you omit it, your coconut milk will just freeze solid.

If you do not have vanilla stevia do not increase the honey. Instead, use ½ teaspoon regular vanilla extract + a few drops or ½ bag of powdered stevia.

Different coconut milks freeze differently. Pop the protein ice cream into the freezer for 30-60 minutes checking on it after 30. Some will be the perfect texture for scooping at 30 minutes and some will be too soft. What you don’t want is it getting too hard where it crystallizes.

This high-protein ice cream is not made with protein powder. Likewise, you cannot substitute protein powder for collagen powder. If you do want to make a protein powder ice cream, stay tuned! I have two more recipes coming out 😉

What To Do With Leftover Protein ice Cream

This ice cream is best eaten after that first freeze when it is creamy and scoopable.

After being in the fridge a while it gets really hard. You can of course let it thaw on the counter a bit and portion it into bowls but it’s truly not the same.

Instead, we use protein ice cream to make smoothies! Break off a piece and blend it up with some fruit and milk for the CREAMIEST smoothie you’ve ever had.

Products You NEED

The protein ice cream recipe is made with collagen powder (not protein powder!). The healthiest form of protein you’ll find.

Collagen is a beneficial part of bone broth and is wonderful for your hair, skin, and nails. Learn more about collagen and why you may want to boost your intake. However, unlike bone broth, it doesn’t taste like well, bone broth.

Similarly, collagen powder is odorless and flavorless. Plus, if ethically sourced is one of the purest forms of protein you can give to your kids!

I grab my collagen from Perfect Supplements because they source their collagen from pasture-raised (grass-fed) cows. So, I trust it.

Grab some collagen powder and use code mamabear10 to save some money.

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