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When I first heard of the Ninja Creami – Ninja’s new at home frozen treat machine – I instantly thought of what kind of protein ice cream I could make. I saw coupons for Fairlife ice cream on Ibotta but could never find it in stores, so figured why not try to make my own?

In this post, I’ll share with you how I make my protein ice cream and some tips and tricks I’ve learned with the Ninja Creami.

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Table of Contents

  • Before Making Ice Cream
  • How to Make Protein Ice Cream
  • Best Protein Shakes to Use
  • Ninja Creami Tips and Tricks
  • Mix in Ideas
  • How to Store Leftovers
  • Protein Ice Cream Nutritional Information
  • Print
  • Final Thoughts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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Before Making Ice Cream

Before I get into how to make the ice cream, I want to note that even though this method works for me, it might take some tweaking around for you. I affectionately refer to my Ninja Creami as the Godilocks machine – everything has to be just right for it to come out well.

Depending on where you store the ice cream pints in the freezer, the temperature of the freezer, and even how level you store the pints will impact how the ice cream comes out. So while this method I share works for me, you might find you need to do a few more respins to get the texture how you want it. Heck – I even find I sometimes need to change it up myself, depending on the pint.

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How to Make Protein Ice Cream

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the fun part of making ice cream! To make ice cream, you’ll need a bottle of Fairlife protein shake. I’ve found the 11.5oz bottles (the kind that come in the case at Costco) is the best size for this – they end up slightly under the max fill line.

Fill the pint with the protein shake, put the lid back on and store in the freezer for 24 hours.

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After the pint has been frozen, let the pint sit on the counter for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, run the pint in the Creami under Sorbet option. Once done, run it again on respin and then check the texture.

protein ice cream after 1 process

Mine came out a little flakey still so I did 1 more respin and then a Lite Ice Cream mode.

protein ice cream after 3 respins

This time it came out a little closer to the texture I wanted! I decided to do 1 more respin and it came out perfect! Just like creamy ice cream!

protein ice cream after lite ice cream mode

Best Protein Shakes to Use

My favorite protein shake to use are chocolate Fairlife, but really any protein shake should work! The trick is making sure it has a little fat content in it so I’d recommend to look for a protein shake that has a little. The Fairlife shakes have 2.5g and that seems to work.

If you want to use a protein powder, make sure the base you mix it with is something other than water. There’s a ton of warnings in the instruction manual about not using ice or fruit that’s in water because the ice can be too hard on the motor. Try to use a milk or non dairy milk, and look for one that has a little fat in it.

Premier Protein is another popular protein shake that would work great in this recipe!

Ninja Creami Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned while making ice cream

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Don’t overfill the container – I’ve found the best ice cream I make is when I fill the Ninja Creami container a little under the max fill line. When the Creami runs it does expand the ice cream so the pint will fill up!

Make a Few Pints at Once – I like to keep a few frozen pints in my freezer so I don’t have to wait the 24 hours freeze time when I want ice cream. I ordered a few extra pints off Amazon so I’d always have some available.

Dont Be Afraid to Expirement – There really doesn’t seem to be one right way to make ice cream since there are so many factors at play, including your freezer temperature. Try making the ice cream on different modes or doing a few respins until you get the ice cream to be the perfect texture.

Mix in Ideas

My favorite thing to do once I’ve made my ice cream is to add in some mix-ins! Once you get the ice cream to the perfect texture, you can dig a little hole in the middle of the pint and fill with your favorite mix-ins.

Lately, my favorites to use have been Oreos (I smush them a little before putting into the pint) or Reese’s Pieces. I’ve found a little goes a long way! I use 3 regular size Oreos and it’s been the perfect amount. Once you use the mix-in feature on the Creami it’ll mix the add-in evenly throughout the pint.

finished chocolate ice cream with oreos mixed in

How to Store Leftovers

If you have some ice cream leftover, you can put the lid back on and store it back in the freezer. I’ve had my leftover ice cream last for 4 days but I’m sure it would be good longer.

When you’re ready to eat, I’ve found the best way to eat is to fill a bowl with cold water and let the frozen pint sit in it for about 10-15 minutes. This will melt the bottom of the ice cream a little and make it easier to eat.

I tried to just let the ice cream sit out but found it was still too hard to eat, even after 20 minutes. The water method has been my go-to!

Protein Ice Cream Nutritional Information

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The cool thing about the Ninja Creami is that since you’re not adding in any extra ingredients (unless you do some mix-ins), the nutritional information for the protein ice cream will be the same as the shake alone.

For my Fairlife Shake (without any mix-ins) the nutritional information is:

Serving Size: 1 pint

150 calories – 2.5g Fat – 5g Carbs – 30g Protein

Final Thoughts

Once I got the hang of it (and heck – I’m still doing that) I really love using my Ninja Creami to make protein ice cream. It’s nice to be able to control what goes into my ice cream, as well as it’s a fun kitchen gadget! I do wish it was a little easier to use and know exactly which mode to use, but I’m sure as I continue to use it I’ll figure it out. I’ll continue to update this post as I get more experience with the Creami!

Have you tried making Protein Ice Cream? What was your method?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Protein Powder?

Yes, you can use protein powder as long as the base you mix into it isn’t water – this will cause the frozen mixture to potentially break the machine. I haven’t tried it, but the warnings in the guide scared me enough to not even try anything frozen with water. Milk or a non dairy milk mixed with the protein powder would be a good bet.

Do I Need to Do All Those Respins?

I’m really not sure. I’ve just found that that process works for me to get it to my perfect texture. It’s possible that I could do fewer respins and more ice cream modes – I still need to play around with it more!

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