How to Make Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches – The Pioneer Woman

Video How to Make Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches – The Pioneer Woman

I have a healthy, or shall we say, not so healthy obsession with chocolate chip cookies. And since it’s so blazin’ hot here in Florida, and most likely where you live too, how about we make some chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches?

These are super simple. You just need some supplies and a little patience while some things go back in the freezer a couple of times.

Trust me, it’s worth the wait! For this semi-recipe, I use my favorite recipe, this DoubleTree cookie recipe that I have made over and over again. In fact, I make it so often that I almost always have cookie dough in the freezer, ready to bake when the craving hits! Then, for the ice cream sandwiches, I use store bought vanilla ice cream. You can certainly use chocolate ice cream or any other flavor that’s your favorite!

First, line a quarter sheet baking sheet or pan with wax paper. (Actually, you’ll need two of these. Set the second one aside for later.)

Add the vanilla ice cream and just smooth it out with a spoon.

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It’ll look just like this! Freeze this pan for at least 1 1/2 hours. You can make your life easier and freeze it overnight, too.

Bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies. These are mine. You can also use Ree’s chocolate chunk cookies, these cookie dough stuffed chocolate chip cookies, or Bridget’s six degrees of separation chocolate chip cookies. Now, you have a nice list to choose from!

I used a medium-sized (about 1 1/2 tablespoons) cookie scoop to scoop the dough for the cookies before baking them. After the cookies have baked and cooled, pair together the ones that are generally about the same size. This makes it easier when you’re ready to make the sandwiches.

I have a set of biscuit cutters (you can use cookie cutters, too) that are perfect for this job. Set the cutter on top of a few of the cookies until you find one that matches the size of majority of the cookies.

To ensure a clean cut, rinse the cutter with cold water. Cut out the ice cream for one ice cream sandwich.

Put your free hand underneath the wax paper and push up from the bottom.

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Now you have the ice cream cut out and sitting inside the biscuit cutter.

Put the cutter on the bottom of one of the cookies.

Using a spoon, push the ice cream out of the cutter.

Since I’m a perfectionist, I smooth out the ice cream a little.

Stack the other cookie on top of the ice cream. Now you have an ice cream cookie sandwich! Remember that other baking pan that you prepped? Put this ice cream sandwich on that pan, and put it in the freezer so the ice cream will not start to melt.

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Repeat this process until you have run out of cookies or ice cream. And you can, of course, put any leftover ice cream back into the ice cream container and return it to the freezer. Don’t let that ice cream go to waste!

If you want, you can add sprinkles …

Or chocolate chips.

Remember, the sandwiches need to freeze for a little bit before you add extra toppings.

And that’s it. Easy, right? These are irresistible. So, so good!

If by some miracle you have leftover sandwiches, they will freeze just fine for a couple of weeks. Freeze them in a sealed plastic bag and don’t forget to put the date on it!

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