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Anything homemade is not only incredible tasting but also fills you with a sense of self reliance and just a little bit of swagger. But ice cream – homemade ice cream is an experience like no other. The slow and steady making of custard, scraping of vanilla pods and then the constant taste testing as the churner beats into a thick, fluffy and imminent delight, those are the gifts of homemade ice cream. All you need is this handy Krups Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker. Start imagining all your favourite flavours at your finger tips.

How it works: Krups Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

This is a frozen core style ice cream maker, so you store the bowl in your freezer ready for the day you make your chilly treat. Then, fill it with your ice cream mixture and let the churner do its job. Here are some tips for perfect ice cream in the Krups every time.


How it works:

1. Before filling your frozen ice cream machine, make sure the liquid is cold. If you try to churn hot custard, it will take much, much longer and have a sloppier consistency. If the liquid is cold, it will freeze more readily, and ice crystals will be reduced. Also remember to switch on the machine before pouring the mixture in, so that it does not freeze and stick to the bowl before it starts churning.

2. Allow the machine to churn for between 30-40 minutes. The time it takes to freeze will vary, depending on ambient temperature (it may take slightly longer on hot summers days) and the consistency of the recipe used. Recipes with a high cream content (up to about 50%) will make a fudgier ice cream, while a higher percentage of fruit or sugar will result in a mousse-like texture. Use Greek or another strained yoghurt for frozen yoghurt, as plain or unstrained yoghurt will result in a watery texture.

3. When your ice cream is thick, the churn will stop automatically. The consistency will be similar to a thick soft serve, rather than a hard scoop-able consistency. Want to make sorbets? Keep an eye on the texture, as if you wait for it to stop automatically, the texture might be too hard and powdery. Rather stop it when it’s at the texture you prefer. With either type, you can pour in melted chocolate in a fine stream for chocolate shards, or other sprinkles and mix-ins.

4. For a firm, scoop-able consistency, decant the ice cream into a freezer container and freeze overnight. This will harden the mixture further (but shouldn’t cause ice crystals) and you’ll be able to scoop and serve.

See? Making your own frosty treats at home is as easy as can be.

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