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This homemade Raspberry Ice Cream recipe made with raspberry puree, is egg free and tastes like Summer! Enjoy the flavors of Summer all year with fresh or frozen raspberries in this creamy smooth treat!

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This Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe is easy and egg-free! It’s guaranteed to be creamy, smooth, and packed with flavor (as any raspberry ice cream should be) — all with just five ingredients.

If I had to choose my absolute favorite dessert of all time, this homemade raspberry ice cream would definitely be it. I have a serious weakness for anything raspberry-flavored, and for that, I blame my mother.

Growing up, I remember my mother having the greenest thumb of anyone I knew. Our large garden was always full of succulent fruit trees and berries, with strawberries and raspberries being a particular favorite of mine.

I’m so lucky my mother still tends to her garden and brings me fruit in the summertime whenever she can visit. Of course, the first thing I always create with these lovely home-grown raspberries is this fresh raspberry ice cream.


Getting the Right Berries

With that said, weather is weather, and sometimes my mother can’t bring me fresh berries each year. I’m unable to grow raspberries since my yard is shaded, so, in these cases, I always take my kids berry-picking. There’s no doubt about it: berries taste amazing right off the vine, and that makes for the best raspberry ice cream recipe!

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a fruit-loving, gardening mother like me, I highly recommend going to a U-Pick Farm (if you have one close by) and gathering up some fresh raspberries yourself.

But, if you simply don’t have the time, patience, or tolerance for bees to go pick them yourself, then store-bought ones will taste just as nice! Raspberries can be found all year round in many stores across the country.

If you are looking for an easy raspberry ice cream recipe that is unbelievably delicious. You have to make this raspberry ice cream today! It is hands down the best ice cream ever.


Is Homemade Ice Cream Healthier?

After all, you’re using natural flavorings, so wouldn’t homemade ice cream give you an added boost of vitamins?

Yes – but that’s not what makes this at-home treat so much better.

Many famous ice cream brands put ingredients in their ice cream that I can’t even pronounce. This can be easily avoided when you make your own!

You have far more control over the ingredients, flavor and your body, which makes this ice cream healthier than store bought!


What Makes Ice Cream Creamy?

If you want to make this raspberry ice cream especially creamy and smooth, use milk with high fat content. The amount of milk fat in your ice cream ranges between 10 percent and 16 percent maximum, although most premium brands use 14 percent milk fat.

The higher the amount of milk fat, the richer and creamier it’ll be! You could also use egg yolks to add fat to your ice cream (and give it unique coloring), but my raspberry ice cream recipe has no eggs in it.


Don’t Forget the Air

Air makes up to 1/3 of the volume found in ice cream. It’s the secret ingredient to all ice cream – homemade or store bought.

Big companies ensure their ice cream is always smooth and creamy by mixing it in huge machines that create tiny air bubbles, hidden inside each batch. Without these air bubbles, your ice cream would have more of a hard, popsicle-like consistency instead of the fluffy, creamy texture you know and love.

While the ice cream machine you have at home may not be as powerful as these bigger machines, that’s OK! Your machine at home will add air into your ice cream naturally as it mixes! All ice cream makers do this so you don’t need to buy a specific brand.


How Do Ice Cream Makers Work?

Ice cream machines double as both ice cream makers and ice cream freezers. Once you’ve assembled the ingredients in your ice cream maker, the machine simply churns them all up until they thicken and become a delicious, cool treat.

Sure, you can accomplish this by hand – but it takes a great deal of time and more effort than your wrists will likely appreciate.

Ice cream needs to be constantly churned while it freezes, so that it turns out nice and smooth. If you simply leave your mix to sit in the freezer, large ice crystals will form and the end result will taste pretty bad.

This is why ice cream makers are so great! It takes that burden off of having to get up and stir the mix in your freezer every few minutes.


There are two main types of home ice cream makers.

  1. Old Fashioned Rock Salt Ice Cream Makers – These ice cream makers typically have three main parts: an external drum, a canister, and a churn.
    1. You first place your ingredients inside the canister
    2. Then put that canister inside the machine’s drum. Usually, the churn is fixed in the center of the canister, so that it can mix all the ingredients together when you turn the machine on.
    3. Once your canister is in position, layer ice and rock salt all along the outside of the canister all the way to the top.
    4. Turn your ice cream maker on and watch the magic happen! This type can usually make up to 4 quarts of ice cream per batch with the ability to make back to back batches of ice cream.
  2. Double Insulated Freezer Bowl – This kind of ice cream maker does not require ice or rock salt. Instead you freeze the bowl for 24 hours before making your ice cream. These bowls are smaller and can make up to 1 1/2 quarts of ice cream per 24 hours. They are less messy and more compact.

You can easily make this fantastic rasperry ice cream recipe using any ice cream maker, and it will turn out amazing! Personally, I think it actually tastes best right out of the machine.

Just keep in mind that ice cream right out of the machine will be soft serve and melt quickly. For more traditional hard ice cream, allow your ice cream to freeze for several hours before scooping.

I have made this recipe in each of these machines. If making this recipe using a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, you’ll have to do two half batches as it’s too much for a single batch of ice cream.

If using a ice and rock salt ice cream maker like my Bosch Mixer Attachment, (LOVE THIS MACHINE!) then you only need to make 1 batch of ice cream.


Can I Add Chocolate to This Recipe?

Of course! You can easily add a dash of chocolate syrup or fudge sauce to transform this recipe into a chocolate raspberry ice cream recipe, or just sprinkle in a handful of chocolate chips in to make raspberry chocolate chip ice cream.

You can even leave the raspberry seeds in for extra texture, though my family prefers the seedless version.

No matter what toppings you add, there is no doubt: this will be the best raspberry icecream you’ll ever have! That fresh pop of berry flavor can’t be argued with.


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Originally Posted: February 8, 2014

Photos & Text Updated: October 9, 2019

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