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Homemade ice cream with condensed milk made using sweet condensed milk requires only 3 main ingredients to make at home in an easy manner and does not require going to the ice cream parlour for a cup of ice cream as this ice cream has got the exact vanilla ie cream flavours which we get in ice cream shops.

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homemade ice cream with condensed milk is served in a bowl with chocolate chips as topping

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About the recipe

Summers are here and it can sometimes get hard to step out in the scorching heat as the rays of the sun are too harsh to step out and have a cup of ice cream. Having the desire for ice cream eating is quite common in Summers and sometimes it is better to make some ice creams homemade and have them when desired.

I am making this ice cream with just the basic ingredients that require to make ice cream. It is simple, easy and requires not much hard work and tastes the best. It has flavours of vanilla ice cream and if looking forward to making eggless ice cream then this one is the best choice.

It does not require any machine and no need to have an ice cream maker too. Simply making it without an ice cream maker and without a machine.

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Heavy whipping cream: Using whipping cream is one of the main ingredients to get the creamy and flavorful texture to the ice cream.

I am using heavy cream but if required one can also use a half and half cream but I personally prefer using heavy cream to make homemade ice cream with condensed milk of any flavour.

Sweet condensed milk: Using condensed milk and no sugar is what I highly prefer as this ice cream takes very few ingredients but the one which goes into the making are rich and creamy. Therefore, I suggest making ice cream by using condensed milk for a rich creamy texture than sugar.

Vanilla extract: The main fragrance in the ice cream comes from using vanilla extract and it gives delicious aroma and fragrance of the vanilla ice cream flavours and adding it is a mandatory step to have a parlour like ice cream flavour.


The ice cream can be stored in the freezer section of the refrigerator for a couple of days and can last up to a month if stored well. Always close the lid tightly to retain its freshness and never place it in the refrigerator section as it can melt quickly.

The ice cream requires to have a scoop so that it can be taken out easily to place in bowls. The ice cream once taken out from the freezer to room temperature tends to melt quickly and care should be taken to prevent it from melting.

After serving the ice cream in bowls placing it back immediately in the deep freezer is a good advice as the ice cream takes hours to freeze but melts quickly in Summer room temperatures.


I am using heavy ingredients like cream, condensed milk and not every household has a handy can of evaporated milk sweetener. In such case add sugar and milk and whip it well to make this ice cream mix and it tastes amazing too.

Step by step procedure

  • Take a mixing bowl and pour a cup of whipping cream into the bowl. I am using heavy whipping cream to whip it fully.
pouring a cup of whipping cream
  • Whip well until stiff peaks form. Keep whipping until you get to that stage.
Whipping well until stiff peaks form
  • It takes about 10 minutes for the stiff peaks to form. I am using an electric beater to get the required fluffy texture and using a hand beater is something not advisable as it takes longer to get to this stage.
stiff peaks formed
  • Add sweet condensed milk to the bowl. This is easily available in stores and can also be made at home.
Adding sweet condensed milk to the bowl
  • Add vanilla extract. This gives a pleasant flavor of vanilla while enjoying the ice cream.
Adding vanilla extract
  • Whisk the mix well with an electric beater.
    • Check for sweetness and if willing to add a little more condensed milk for sweetness then go ahead and add and mix well.
whisking the mixture
  • Do not over whip it. The ice cream mixture is ready.
  • Take an ice cream container. Use any bowl or any airtight container or glass bowl to freeze it.
Taking an ice cream container
  • Transfer the ice cream mix into the container completely.
Transfering the ice cream mix
  • Spread it evenly.
spreading it evenly
  • Tap it once or twice for the mix to settle down well.
Tapping it once or twice
  • Cover the container tightly with a cling film or aluminium foil. Deep freeze the ice cream for 6-7 hours or freeze it overnight.
Covering the container tightly with a cling film
  • Scoop it out when done and serve chilled immediately.
scooping out the homemade ice cream with condensed milk
  • Serve in ice cream bowls and check out the video procedure below.
serving homemade ice cream with condensed milk




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