Healthy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream (No Machine!) – Step by Step

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2-ingredient ice cream (aka nice cream) made with delicious strawberries and bananas. No ice cream machine needed and ready in no time. So easy and healthy! The perfect spring and summer treat.

Strawberry banana ice cream in a bowl, with a spoon, fresh strawberries, a napkin and the ice cream container is the background.

You know the feeling when you want to eat “something good”, a little treat BUT you don’t feel like actually cooking or baking, are too lazy to go out and buy something AND, in addition to all these criteria, you also want this treat to be guilt free?

I’ve been there – so.many.times! And my little finger tells me I’m not the only one 馃槈

Luckily, I’m humbly presenting you with a solution to our struggle today. In the form of ice cream. Guilt-free, easy, 2-ingredient ice cream. Sounds nice, huh?

Okay, let’s see how it’s done!

How to make strawberry banana ice-cream – Step by step

First, slice some ripe bananas (so they’re sweet and full of flavor) and strawberries (step 1).

Arrange them in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and pop them in the freezer for about 2 hours (step 2).

Two Step by step photos showing a banana and banana slices on a cutting board, and banana and strawberry slices arranged on a baking sheet.

Once they’re frozen, place the fruits in your food processor (step 3) If the fruits are stuck on the sheet, let it sit on the counter for a couple of minutes before lifting the baking paper.

Start the food processor and process until it’s nice and smooth. The mixture will go through different stages: “crumbly” (step 4), part crumbly part smooth (step 5) and finally, smooth (step 6).

Two Step by step photos showing frozen strawberry and banana in the bowl of the food processor, and then being processed.

Two Step by step photos showing the different steps to make strawberry banana ice cream in the food processor.

At the end, it should have a smooth, soft-serve consistency (step 7). It takes a while to reach the perfect texture – don’t worry, it’s normal. Keep pulsing until you create ice cream magic!

You can eat it straight away as a soft-serve, but if you want a firmer, more ice-cream like texture, transfer the mixture to a metal container – I used a loaf pan – and freeze for about 3 to 4 hours or until firm (step 8).

It will be hard straight out of the freezer so let it sit on the counter for 5 to 10 minutes before scooping and enjoying!

Two Step by step photos showing just made strawberry and banana ice cream in the food processor and in a metal tin.

Can you make banana ice cream aka nice cream in a blender?

Well, yes and no. You can make banana ice cream in a high speed blender like a Vitamix or a Blendtec but if you just have a basic blender, the frozen fruits will be too hard to process.

I have this KitchenAid blender, which is pretty strong, and I still need to add a little bit of milk or another liquid to get it going. It’s not smooth and easy as using a food processor.

Unless you have a high speed blender, I would recommend using a powerful food processor instead. I have this Magimix one and I LOVE it.

Strawberry banana ice cream in a metal tin being scooped with an ice cream scoop, with a spoon and fresh strawberries in the background.

Banana Ice Cream / Nice Cream variations

I love the strawberry/banana combo, but know that you can make hundreds of different flavor combo with the same frozen banana base! Here are a few idea for you to play around:

  • Very Berry: bananas + a mix of frozen berries
  • Peach: bananas + peach + a pinch a ginger
  • Pina Colada: bananas + coconut milk + pineapple
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter: bananas + peanut butter + cocoa powder

A few last tips!

  • Make sure to use ripe bananas. Not ripe bananas won’t be sweet enough and taste funky.
  • Next time you have a bunch of ripe bananas sitting on your counter, peel them, cut them and freeze them for a banana ice cream later!
  • This recipe is perfect to use strawberries that are past their prime and that you no longer want to eat “as is”.
  • As mentioned above, make sure to use a powerful food processor that can handle frozen fruits (they are very hard).

Several scoops of strawberry banana ice cream in a white and pink small bowl, being spooned with a metal spoon.

If you tried this strawberry banana ice cream, don鈥檛 forget to rate the recipe and let me know how it went in the comments below – I love hearing from you! You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for more deliciousness and behind-the-scenes!

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