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When it comes to ice cream, Halo Top is a brand that has gained a lot of popularity. I remember when it first came on the scene, offering a unique selling point – it was the very first protein ice cream I had ever heard of. At that time, I was solely focused on consuming as much protein as possible. However, looking back, I realized that the ice cream was not very enjoyable. It was extremely hard straight out of the freezer, and I either had to wait for it to thaw or warm it up in the microwave to make it edible.

But things have changed. Halo Top claims to have reformulated its light ice cream, promising a creamier version. As someone who remembers the rock-hard texture of the old Halo Top, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see if this new formulation truly lives up to its claims.

Nutrition and Ingredients

Before diving into the flavors, let’s talk about the nutritional aspects of Halo Top ice cream. In terms of calories and protein content, Halo Top is quite impressive for a dessert. A pint will give you around 300 calories and 20 grams of protein, which is commendable. However, where Halo Top falls slightly short is in the sugar/sugar alcohol department. Each pint contains over 20 grams of sugar, which may not sit well with some people who prefer lower sugar intake. Additionally, if you’re sensitive to sugar alcohols like erythritol, you might want to exercise caution.

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Halo Top Flavors Tried

For the purpose of this review, I decided to try three flavors: Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Mocha Chip. These flavors gave me a good range to evaluate Halo Top as a whole. I also added Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to this review after trying it separately.

Halo Top Vanilla Bean Review

When I first saw freezer burn on the Vanilla Bean ice cream, I was a bit concerned. However, my worries vanished when my spoon effortlessly glided through the ice cream, revealing a truly smooth and creamy texture. If you didn’t know it was a high-protein ice cream, you wouldn’t be able to tell. While the flavor doesn’t quite match the richness of traditional vanilla ice cream, it is still unmistakably vanilla bean. Although Nick’s Ice Cream edges out Halo Top in terms of flavor, Halo Top’s Vanilla Bean is still quite good. There is a slight taste of sugar alcohol, but it isn’t overpowering.

Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup Review

The Peanut Butter Cup flavor of Halo Top is an interesting one. While I did enjoy it, I had a few minor issues. Firstly, the texture of this flavor is slightly different from the Vanilla Bean. It feels lighter and almost fluffy, rather than creamy. Secondly, I wouldn’t consider it a true representation of peanut butter cups. The light ice cream is technically chocolate, but it lacks the rich chocolate taste. The peanut butter swirl is the highlight of this flavor, though it doesn’t contain any actual peanut butter cups or chocolate chips. Adding some crushed Reese’s to the pint enhanced the experience, but it did alter the macros significantly. If you’re a fan of peanut butter, you’ll still enjoy this flavor, but don’t expect an exact replica of peanut butter cups.

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Halo Top Chocolate Mocha Chip Review

The name “Chocolate Mocha Chip” may lead you to expect a strong mocha flavor, but this flavor is primarily chocolate. The chocolate ice cream is indeed delicious, with a soft and creamy texture, and a rich chocolate taste. However, the “mocha” aspect feels like an afterthought. While you can detect a hint of coffee, it’s overshadowed by the chocolate flavor, making it about 90% chocolate and 10% coffee. Instead of chocolate chips, this flavor includes small pieces of almond throughout the pint, adding an extra layer of texture. As a lover of coffee, I was hoping for a stronger mocha taste, but it’s still a delightful chocolate ice cream.

Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Review

I spontaneously decided to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor, and it did not disappoint. This pint was incredibly fluffy and soft right out of the freezer, eliminating the need to wait for it to thaw. It was packed with delicious and authentic cookie dough chunks, along with small chocolate specks that complemented the cookie dough perfectly. However, there is a noticeable artificial taste, although it didn’t deter me from enjoying the entire pint. While it’s not my go-to flavor due to the artificial taste, it’s still a solid choice for those craving cookie dough.

Overall Thoughts

The new and creamier formula of Halo Top is a significant improvement over the original version. Although I have only tried a few flavors, I plan to explore more in the future to get a better understanding of the brand as a whole. Based on my experience with these flavors, I believe Halo Top is a solid option for a light ice cream. If you’re expecting rich and indulgent ice cream, it may not be your favorite. However, if you adjust your expectations and view it as a “diet-friendly” ice cream, it certainly delivers. Personally, I still prefer Nick’s Ice Cream for its taste and texture, but Halo Top is a close contender.

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So if you’re looking for a lighter ice cream option that doesn’t compromise on flavor too much, give Halo Top a try. Visit Ice Cream to explore more flavors and find where to buy them.

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