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This Grinch Punch Recipe with ice cream is perfect for serving at a themed grinch party or enjoy while you’re watching the Grinch movie.

Either way, it’s a fun holiday drink everyone can enjoy, including the kids. 4 ingredients is all it takes to make this festive holiday punch.

Grinch Punch Recipe With Ice Cream

Grinch Punch Recipe With Ice Cream | Kid-Friendly Recipe

A few years ago, I created a How The Grinch Stole Christmas theme for Christmas. I decorated the table with a fun Whoville kinda themed, with a colorful tree. It was quite fun! The Grinch is one of our favorite holiday movies we have to watch it every single season.

Including the newest rendition of this movie, The Grinch.

There are so many fun-themed recipes you can incorporate into the Grinch theme. From kabobs to this Grinch punch, you can get creative with green food ideas.

For this recipe, we’re using a few ingredients to create a kid-friendly Grinch Punch that the whole family can enjoy.

When To Serve Up This Party Punch

  • Holiday Party with friends
  • After school treat
  • Christmas Eve celebration with family
  • School Parties
  • Etc

Grinch Punch Recipe With Ice Cream

Can I Make This Alcoholic

Look at how colorful and fun this drink is. Suppose you want to make this an alcoholic drink for adults. Just add in some rum or even Vodka. I would do a single shot per glass.

Or, if you want, you can add it to the whole bowl if you want for an adult holiday cocktail.

Could I Use Ginger Ale Instead of Lemon Lime

Go right ahead and reach for a ginger ale instead of a lemon-lime soda if you would like.

It will add some flavor to your drink but not overpower the other flavors of your party punch!

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Can You Make This Grinch Punch In Advance

You can partially make this drink in advance. You can take the time to rim glasses and then set them out.

Then you can mix the soda and Hawaiian punch together. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Then right before serving, assemble drinks with ice cream.

If you try to do the whole drink in advance, you will find it melts the ice cream and kind of takes away the effect of the festive punch.

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Variations To Punch

  • For even more green fun, reach for a lime sherbert instead of vanilla ice cream.
  • Add on a single red heart sprinkle for the Grinch theme.
  • Line the glass in red sugar instead of green.
  • If you want different flavors and want to stray from a green punch, go ahead and do red punch, etc., for a different flavor of the drink.

Ingredients for our kid-friendly Grinch Punch!

Ingredients for our kid-friendly Grinch Punch!

  • Hawaiian Punch Lemon Lime Splash (or you can use another green variety of Hawaiian punch)
  • Lemon Lime Soda (e.g., 7UP)
  • A half scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Green Sparkling Sugar for rim

how to make grinch punch


  1. Pour sparkling sugar on a small plate.
  2. Wet the rim of glass and place in the sugar, and rotate to create the rim.
  3. Fill a glass with three parts Hawaiian punch and 1 part soda.
  4. Add a half scoop of ice cream and stir with a straw.

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