Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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This brownie ice cream cake is just heavenly. Two fudgy brownie layers assembled as a sandwich cake with a thick layer of ice cream and homemade chocolate fudge sauce. And the best? It’s super easy to make and you need just a few ingredients! By the way, have you tried my edible bronwie batter?

pieces of ice cream cake on table

Why this recipe works:

  • It has a rich, decadent, and luscious intense chocolate flavor.
  • Everyone raves about how delicious it is.
  • You only need 12 ingredients.
  • It’s perfect for all occasions and parties.

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Photo tutorial

kbatter in a glass bowl with whist

Sift in cocoa, flour, and salt and stir just until combined.

brownie batter in a bowl

Divide into the two prepared pans equally and bake for 25-30 minutes until the brownie layers don’t jiggle anymore and are just set to touch. A toothpick should come out dirty.

Tip: If you love peanut butter, you could also bake two layers of peanut butter brownies for this ice cream cake.

Remove from the oven and let cool for 10 minutes. They will keep baking in the pan. Then remove from pan and transfer with the baking paper to a wire rack and let cool completely.

brownie batter in a pan

Fill with 3-4 pints of ice cream of your choice and spread evenly.

scoops of ice cream in pie pan

Drizzle with more chocolate fudge sauce if desired. Place the second brownie layer on top. Freeze at least 12 hours or until firm. Cut into thin slices before serving and drizzle with remaining chocolate fudge sauce.

Store leftover cake in the freezer up to 1 week. Store leftover fudge sauce in the fridge up to 1 week and warm up in the microwave a few seconds before serving if too firm.

whipping up ice cream cake in pie pan

Top tips

  • Mix ingredients with a whisk by hand and just until combined. Overmixing or using an electric mixer, incorporates too much air into the batter and makes the layers cakey instead of fudgy.
  • For the batter, you can use either natural cocoa powder or dutch-processed. The dutch-processed cocoa powder is darker in color and is the one I used.
  • After baking let the layers cool to room temperature before you fill them with ice cream.
  • It’s easiest if you have lightly softened but firm ice cream to work with. It makes your life so much easier to be able to spoon it out without it getting runny. A good recommendation is to place it on the counter up to 5 minutes before you are ready to use it. Then it should easily come out of the container.

Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cake-2Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe


Feel free to add different flavors. Consider trying the following ideas:

  • Instead of using 1 cup of dark chocolate, replace half the chocolate with peanut butter chips.
  • Add ½ cup (62.5g) of your favorite nut as a garnish on top of the ice cream cake or mix it in with the ice cream layer.
  • Top with fresh strawberries right before serving.
  • Drizzle the top with caramel for a fun flavor.
  • Sprinkle with a few crushed Oreos on top of this easy ice cream cake.

brownie ice cream cake slices on black counter


Store this ice cream cake in the freezer for up to 1 month. It should be tightly covered to prevent any ice crystals from forming. It should never set out for more than a few minutes because you don’t want it to become too melted. It’s easier to slice the cake when it’s frozen too; otherwise, you would have a giant mess.

You can also store the fudge topping for 1 week as well. It should go in the fridge in an airtight container. If you want to melt the topping a little bit, just toss it in the microwave for a few seconds.

easy ice cream cake slice on counter

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