Easy Watermelon Ice Cream (Paleo, Vegan)

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This creamy, easy watermelon ice cream can be whipped up in a matter of minutes from frozen watermelon chunks. It’s a refreshing, no-guilt treat that is paleo, dairy-free, and vegan.

A couple of years ago, I showed you my favorite method for making an easy watermelon sorbet without an ice cream maker using a food processor.

One day, I had decided to freeze some excess watermelon chunks that I didn’t think I’d eat before they soured. Rather than eat them as-is, I decided to try something different and process them into a sorbet. Made with only watermelon and a touch of lime juice, it was surprisingly delicious!

I loved the outcome so much, that I made it over and over again. One day, though, I decided to experiment. Rather than use lime juice as the liquid to help process the fruit, I added coconut milk instead! The result was a smooth, creamy watermelon ice cream.

I wasn’t sure whether to call it ice cream or sherbet, but no matter what you call it, it’s the perfect sweet treat for these hot summer days!


This recipe is another simple one and uses only watermelon and coconut milk.

This is a great place to use your homemade coconut milk, but you can also use store-bought. For an even creamier dessert, you could use coconut cream instead.

If you don’t like coconut milk, you can use another dairy-free milk like almond milk. Or, if you aren’t avoiding dairy, feel free to choose whole milk or cream.

Overhead view of a watermelon and coconut milk


Just like my other easy frozen treats, this can be whipped up in less than 5 minutes once you have your frozen watermelon chunks.

First, prepare the watermelon by curing it into small chunks. Remove the outer rind and any large, black seeds.

Once you have the watermelon chunks ready, place them in the freezer for several hours. It’s best to spread them out so that they don’t all freeze together into one big block. To obtain the perfect consistency of ice cream, the watermelon chunks should be frozen solid.

Add the watermelon chunks to a food processor with half of the coconut milk. Process the mixture until smooth, adding in the rest of the coconut milk, as needed, to help the process go more smoothly, and to make a creamier watermelon ice cream.

Scoop the watermelon ice cream into bowls for serving immediately. If your ice cream is on the soft side, and you want to solidify it more, place the finished ice cream in the freezer until you are happy with the consistency. (Stir occasionally to keep ice crystals from forming and to help it freeze uniformly.

  • Overhead view of cubed watermelon in a bowl on a kitchen scale. It measures 614g.
  • Blending the frozen watermelon in a food processor


Ideally, this is best made right before serving. As long as you use a powerful food processor and process the watermelon cubes immediately upon taking them out of the freezer, the watermelon ice cream should be solid enough to scoop and hold its shape immediately.

If you want the ice cream to have a more solid consistency, place it in the freezer for a little while to solidify it more.

Because this is natural ice cream, without any gums or other agents to keep it soft and scoopable, freezing it too long will turn the ice cream into a solid block of ice. That’s why it’s best to serve right after making it. (Luckily, you can make it quickly last-minute.)

If you have some ice cream leftover and want to save it for another day, consider freezing it in ice cube trays and re-processing the ice cream before serving.

Another option is to take it out of the freezer for a while before serving it. I find that moving the ice cream from the freezer to the fridge for a few hours results in the perfect texture. If you’re in a hurry, though, you can leave it out on the counter for a little while before serving it. Just make sure to stir it occasionally so it doesn’t melt on the outside while staying frozen in the center.

Similar frozen treats

Since then, I have made many types of quick and easy, fruity icy treats. Some have a creamier texture like ice cream, and others are icier like sorbets, and I’ve loved pretty much all of them so far.

Another creamy, easy treat for pineapple lovers is my 5-minute pineapple ice cream. The recipe is surprisingly creamy and refreshing and will transport you to a tropical paradise.

If you’re on a low-carb or keto diet, you can also try my easy mojito sorbet. Since it’s made without any added sugar, not even fruit like these other recipes, you could even eat it while on the candida or keto diet.


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