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This easy, no-churn AIP and vegan Peach Ice Cream is a summer delight. It’s added sugar free and comes together in less than 5 minutes using only your food processor and three ingredients! Too easy and delicious not to make.

a glass coupe with small scoops of peach ice cream against a grey background with a stainless steel spoon to the left of the coupe

We have fresh summer peaches galore in our home right now. What a wonderful problem to have. I typically reserve a stash for eating fresh and the other for baking, cooking, smoothie-making and freezing.

As I’ve said before, while all peaches are delightful, frozen peaches are a different kind of magical. They’re slushy and creamy at the same time which is amazing for this super duper easy homemade treat. This ice cream recipe also has no added sweetener of any kind because of the natural sweetness of the ripe peaches. If you’d like it sweeter, you could always add 1-2 TBSP of maple syrup.

Here’s what you’ll need for this No-churn Peach Ice Cream:

  • Frozen very ripe peaches – I like to keep a couple sliced frozen peaches on hand all the time during peach season for recipes like this. This recipe has no added sugar so you’ll want to ensure that you’re using really ripe peaches for the sweetness. If you don’t find it sweet enough, you could always add a TBSP or two of maple syrup
  • Coconut milk – full fat coconut milk is what’s required here for a creamy texture (additive free). I don’t recommend using anything else for the optimal texture.
  • Vanilla extract – 100% pure vanilla extract really complements the flavor of the peach here.
  • A high powered food processor

How to make this 3-ingredient Ice Cream:

  1. Chop and freeze very ripe peaches.
  2. Add the frozen peaches, coconut milk and vanilla extract to a food processor and pulse until combined. Scrape down the sides of the food processor as necessary to continuously reincorporate the bits of frozen peaches.
  3. Spread into a loaf pan or glass container and freeze to desired consistency or eat as is for a soft-serve texture.
  4. Serve with fresh peach slices.
overhead shot of a stainless steel loaf pan with peach ice cream. There is an ice cream scoop filled with a scoop of the ice cream in the bottom left third of the image and there are peach slices laid on top the ice cream


How do you store this ice cream?

You can store in a sealed container in the freezer but the consistency of this ice cream really changes when frozen due to the coconut milk and it is best eaten within 2-3 days after freezing. I’d suggest defrosting it on the counter until it’s your desired consistency but it won’t be as creamy as fresh!

Can I use fresh peaches?

No, this recipe requires frozen peaches for the texture. You can, however, likely used canned frozen peaches though I haven’t tried myself. You’ll want to ensure that they are preserved only in peach juices without any added sugar or other non-AIP compliant ingredients.

Can I add other fruits to this ice cream?

Frozen bananas are delicious in here, but you’ll need to add a bit more of the full fat coconut milk. Looking for other no-churn AIP ice cream recipes? Check out this AIP Strawberry Basil Ice Cream recipe and my Matcha Ice Cream.

two glass coupes with small scoops of peach ice cream each garnished with a slice of a peach. the glasses are placed diagonally against a grey background with a stainless steel spoon to the left of one coupe

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