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Looking for the perfect keto homemade ice cream recipe? Well you’ve found it! This low carb sugar-free ice cream is rich and delicious, and it stays soft and scoopable in the freezer. It’s egg-free too. It’s the keto ice cream recipe you’ve been dreaming of and it’s so easy to make.

Homemade keto ice cream in a glass ice cream dish

Prepare to be AMAZED! This is no ordinary keto vanilla ice cream. Oh no, my friends, not at all.

This low carb vanilla ice cream has magical properties and should not be underestimated! Sure, it looks like regular vanilla ice cream and tastes like regular vanilla ice cream. It even behaves like regular vanilla ice cream.

And that, my dear readers, is exactly the point. This ice cream recipe has the truly astonishing property of staying soft and scoopable, even after several days in the freezer. And it’s entirely low carb, egg-free and has no added sugars, which makes it all the more astonishing.

If you’ve ever made your own ice cream at home, particularly keto ice cream, you’ll understand that this is no small feat. Because homemade ice cream never stays as soft and scoopable as store-bought. Until now.

Scooping keto vanilla ice cream into a glass ice cream dish with flowers in the background

Making Homemade Keto Ice Cream

I’ve had an ice cream maker for about 20 years now, so I’ve made my share of ice cream and this recipe is really a major achievement for me.

Homemade ice cream can be wonderful, but in my experience it almost always freezes rock solid after a few hours in the freezer and needs to be left to soften in the fridge for half an hour or so before it can be served. This was often the case even back in the day when I made my ice creams with sugar.

The first few helpings, served after an hour or so in the freezer, were perfect, but after that it was like trying to chip away at a glacier with a kitchen knife.

I also thought that to get the right consistency, ice cream had to be made with a significant amount of egg yolks, and I usually made my ice cream base with 4 to 6 yolks, leaving me with a lot of orphaned egg whites that needed to be used. Although I’ve made some delicious flavours of ice cream, I despaired of ever making one that could stay soft in the freezer.

Close up of keto vanilla ice cream in an ice cream scoop

Developing The Best Keto Vanilla Ice Cream

This magical stay-soft keto ice cream recipe came about through some serious experimentation.

It all started when I decided to make some Dulce De Leche ice cream, using my sugar-free condensed milk. Even as that one came out of the ice cream maker, I noted that the consistency was better than any I’d ever made. And then I was completely floored when it stayed soft enough to scoop right out of the freezer, even three days later.

And as this particular recipe was entirely egg-free, I knew I’d hit on something really interesting. I just had to figure out exactly what it was.

So I commenced on an unseasonal bout of ice-cream making, trying a little more of this and a little less of that. It took me a bit but I finally hit upon the right combination for the perfect keto vanilla ice cream.

A glass of homemade keto ice cream with pink fabric and flowers around it

Tips for Perfect Homemade Keto Ice Cream

The sweeteners: This is the most critical component of making homemade keto ice cream that stays soft and scoopable. It’s non-negotiable, folks. You need a mix of two sweeteners or it won’t work. The first should be powdered Swerve, and the second should be Bocha Sweet (allulose and xylitol should also work here).

If you’re wondering where this combo of sweeteners comes in, please refer to the condensed milk recipe.

  • Why it works: The sweeteners appear to have a symbiotic relationship, with each one making up for what the other lacks. If you’ve ever made ice cream with just erythritol, you know how rock hard it gets in the freezer. I’ve tried doing all Bocha Sweet but then it never firms up at all and stays like soft serve. Together, they are perfect.

Sugar free condensed milk: My homemade sweetened condensed milk is also an integral part of the recipe. It may seem like added work but if you are making keto vanilla ice cream without eggs, you need a thicker base. Straight cream works okay but this thicker base ends up similar to a custard and works even better.

The xanthan gum: Yes, this is pretty important too. Xanthan is often in commercial ice creams because it inhibits recrystallization. If you prefer, you can try glucomannan in the same amount. I have to admit, I haven’t tried that yet in ice cream.

The alcohol: This is less critical and could be skipped. The reason it is in my keto ice cream recipe is because alcohol raises the freezing point of liquids so it reduces iciness. It is not enough to affect even a child (yes, I do feed my kids this ice cream), as it amounts to about half a teaspoon per serving. That said, the choice to include it is up to you.

The ice cream maker: I highly recommend churning this in a proper ice cream maker like the one from Cuisinart. Works like a dream, but unless you have the big compressor model, you need to remember to freeze the canister for at least 12 hours before you churn.

However, you can actually make this homemade keto ice cream without an ice cream maker. See the notes in the recipe for instructions!

This is actually an older recipe that has been on my blog since 2013. But since then, I have discovered that the sweeteners make all the difference. Now aren’t you glad I updated it? It’s

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