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My kids go crazy over Ice cream cone cupcakes. They are so fun and festive. We have the best tips and tricks to make this tasty recipe.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes:

I have a really fun dessert for you today. If you have never had ice cream cone cupcakes, you are missing out. These are a must try and sure to be a huge hit.

It is actually very simple to make cupcakes in ice cream cones. They look so cute but they are very simple to make.

The next time you want something different, make these amazing cupcakes for the kiddos. They are the perfect treat for birthday parties, pool parties and really any occasion.

What are ice cream cone cupcakes?

They are cupcakes baked inside an ice cream cone for a delicious dessert. You can pile high the icing to make it look like real “ice cream” in the cone.

Equipment Needed for this Recipe:

You will need a cupcake pan to hold the ice cream cones and a hand held mixture or stand up mixer to prepare the cake mix.

I also use a cookie scoop to put the cupcake batter into the ice cream cones.

What type of pan to bake these cupcakes in:

I have found that it’s best to make these cupcakes in muffin tin baking pans.

However, if you do not have a muffin tin, you can cover the top of a 9X13 pan with aluminum foil. Then poke smalls holes in the foil to hold the ice cream cones. Generally, I poke about 12 holes when using this process.


  • Funfetti Cake Mix (or your favorite type of cake mix) plus the ingredients to make the cake based on the package.
  • Ice Cream Cones (Make sure to get flat bottom ice cream cones.)
  • Frosting
  • Multi-Colored Sprinkles

How to make ice cream cone cupcakes:

First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Second, mix the cake mix according to the package. We used funfetti but you can use anything you prefer.

Next, place the ice cream cones in a muffin tin. This will help the cones from tipping over once in the oven.

Lastly, fill each cone with cake batter. I like to fill them about half way and they turn out perfectly.

I used a large cookie scoop to pour the batter. It saves time and helps to make everything uniform because it is easy to get the same amount of batter inside.

Now, go ahead and put the cupcakes in the oven and bake until they are golden on top.

Finally, let the cupcakes cool completely and frost each cone. You can use store bought icing but it is so easy to make homemade frosting.

What kind of cake can be baked in ice cream cones?

I used a funfetti cake mix to make this ice cream cone cupcakes but you can easily use your favorite flavor of cake mix.

Other yummy ideas include: chocolate, strawberry, red velvet and vanilla.

Generally, I use a cake for this recipe but you can use a homemade vanilla cake recipe to make vanilla cupcakes as well.

What kind of frosting to use?

Any type of frosting will work great in this recipe. I used pre-made frosting in this recipe and it worked great.

You can also use one of our favorite homemade frosting recipes as well.

  • Buttercream Icing with Powdered Sugar
  • Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Marshmallow Frosting

How to Decorate these cupcakes?

I love topping each cupcake with a large amount of frosting that has been swirled to look like a traditional ice cream cone.

Place the frosting of your choice into a Wilton piping bag. I love these throw away bags. It makes for a much easier cleanup.

Then cut out the tip and begin piping white frosting on top of each cupcake. I place a dot in the center and then start on the outside of the cupcake and swirl it around to the center.

Add sprinkles on top and enjoy!

You can also drizzle the frosting with chocolate syrup and top with a cherry on top to look like an ice cream sundae.

Can I use a waffle cone for this recipe?

I love waffle cones too but I have found that they do not work great in this cupcake cone recipe. The waffle cones do not hold the batter as well.

Plus it’s hard to get them to stay upright while the cones are baking.

Make sure to get the flat bottom cones when making this cupcakes.

How to Store these Cupcakes:

I find that these cupcakes are best to serve the same day that they are made. They can be stored in an air tight container but the cones will get soggy when they’re stored for an extended period of time.

How to transport Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes:

I find that it’s best to transport these cupcakes in the same pan that you baked them in either the cupcake pan or the baking pan lined with foil.

If you use a baking pan, you will want them sitting directly next to each other, so they do not fall over.

A travel cupcake bin with a lid would also work great for transporting these cupcakes.

How do you keep ice cream cone cupcakes from getting soggy?

This is very simple! Once the cupcakes come out of the oven, let them cool completely. Next, poke a few holes in the bottom of each cone.

Now any moisture or steam can be released and your cones can stay crispy when ready to serve.

Variation Ideas:

Usually I make these cupcakes for birthday parties but you can use your favorite type of cake mix, frosting and sprinkles to make these cupcake work for any special occasion.

  • Christmas – Decorate with Green Frosting and Red Sprinkles.
  • 4th of July – Top with White Frosting and Red, White and Blue sprinkles.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – Top each cupcake with Light Green Frosting and Dark Green sprinkles.

Save money and buy cake mixes on sale!

I like to buy several cake mixes when I spot a good sale at the grocery store. We tend to have lots of last minute baking needs and having this in the pantry means it’s not a problem!

It seems we always need to bring something to this event or that function. Since you don’t need many ingredients, they are so easy to mix up on the spur of the moment.

These are so delicious and you will love also saving money on the cake mix.

Print this ice cream cone cupcake recipe below:

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