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Homemade Banana Peanut Butter Swirl Dog Ice Cream is a great frozen treat for your furry friend. It’s wonderful for hot summer days or a dog birthday party.

So if you are looking for a doggy ice cream recipe, look no further! This is the one for you. Keep reading to see everything about this yummy ice cream for dogs.

bowl of homemade banana peanut butter swirl dog ice cream.

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Why This Is The Best Dog Ice Cream Recipe

This banana dog ice cream is made with simple ingredients you can get at a regular grocery store. It’s the best choice for your best friend because you don’t need an ice cream maker – just a bowl and a blender.

This is the perfect homemade ice cream for dogs that can’t digest dairy. When you are looking for doggie ice cream on a hot day, whip up a batch of this!

It checks all the health boxes. I could have called it any of these things because it really is sugar-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

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Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

I love using bananas to make cool treats for my dogs. Not only are they Milo and Luke’s favorite flavors, but bananas are one of the healthiest human foods for dogs.

They are full of potassium (for their heart and muscles). Bananas are also high in both vitamins A and C – which boosts their immune system.

Homemade Doggie Ice Cream

There are several popular store-bought dog ice creams available. Ben and Jerry’s Doggie Ice Cream, Dogsters Ice Cream, Frosty Paws Ice Cream, and Pooch Creamery Ice Cream are just a few.

But getting those can put a dent in the wallet. They also have stabilizers and other mystery ingredients.

The same goes for so-called dog ice cream at fast-food restaurants and ice cream shops. Most of them are just human ice cream with sugar and other ingredients that are not good for dogs. The Dairy Queen Pup Cup, McDonald’s dog ice cream, and Brusters dog ice cream are prime examples.

This is why DIY dog ice cream is so much better and healthier for our canine friends. It is safe ice cream for dogs with no dairy products.

Dog Ice Cream Ingredients

Here’s a handy ingredients list for what you need when making dog ice cream:

  • Ripe Bananas – Just make sure the bananas are ripe enough that you can smash them easily.
  • Lite Coconut Milk – This is what makes the recipe dairy-free.
  • Creamy Peanut Butter – natural without artificial sweeteners.
  • Coconut Oil – This makes the doggy ice cream extra creamy and full of healthy fats.
banana peanut butter swirl dog ice cream ingredients.

Ingredient Notes and Substitutions

Do not use peanut butter that contains xylitol, a sweetener toxic to dogs.

You can substitute unsweetened SunButter (sunflower seed butter) or almond butter for the peanut butter. Make sure it does not contain xylitol.

Equipment Needed

  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Blender
  • Baking Sheet
  • Loaf Pan
  • Parchment Paper
  • Ice Cream Scoop

How to Make Dog Ice Cream

  1. Slice bananas into ½-inch pieces and place the slices spread apart in a single layer on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet.
banana slices on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  1. Freeze the banana slices until frozen solid.
  2. Place chilled coconut milk and frozen banana slices in a blender. If you don’t have a blender, you can use a food processor.
coconut milk and banana slices in a blender.
  1. Blend until it has a smooth, thick consistency.
blended coconut milk and bananas.
  1. Place the coconut oil and peanut butter in a small bowl.
coconut oil and peanut butter in a bowl.
  1. Microwave it for a few seconds, just until the coconut oil has melted.
  2. Stir until the peanut butter sauce is smooth.
  3. Pour half of the ice cream mixture into a loaf pan.
banana dog ice cream mixture in a loaf pan.
  1. Drizzle half of the peanut butter sauce over it.
peanut butter sauce drizzled over banana dog ice cream mixture.
  1. Swirl the peanut butter sauce by carefully running a butter knife back and forth through it.
swirled peanut butter sauce in banana dog ice cream mixture.
  1. Pour the remaining half of the ice cream mixture over the top.
  2. Repeat drizzling and swirling the remaining peanut butter mixture over the top.
  3. Place the loaf pan in the freezer and freeze until the dog ice cream is frozen. This will take at least four hours.
homemade banana peanut butter dog ice cream and a scoop in a loaf pan.

Recipe Variations

There are a few different ways you can make this easy recipe next time. Check out some of my favorite variations of these delicious treats.

Dog Ice Cream Cups (Pup Cup)

Use the same method but pour the mixture into paper cups or a muffin pan lined with silicone cupcake liners.

  1. Fill the cups a third full with the banana mixture.
  2. Drizzle the peanut butter sauce over it.
  3. Fill two-thirds full with the banana mixture.
  4. Drizzle with peanut butter sauce on top.
  5. Freeze the cups.
  • If you use paper cups, make sure your dog does not eat the cup.
  • If you use a muffin pan and silicone cupcake liners, it’s easy to remove the ice cream from them before giving it to your dog.

Banana Peanut Butter Dog Popsicles

  1. Pour the banana mixture into ice cube trays.
  2. Drizzle the peanut butter sauce on top.
  3. Optional – Place a small dog biscuit in each cube for popsicle sticks.
  4. Freeze then remove the pupsicles from the trays.

Doggie Sundae

  1. Make an extra batch of the peanut butter sauce.
  2. Drizzle the sauce over the ice cream when serving.
  3. Sprinkle chopped dog safe fruit or dog safe nuts on top.

Serving Size

This dog ice cream recipe makes 8 servings. One serving is 190 kcal. How many scoops you give your dog should be based on your dog’s size and daily total caloric intake.

Always consider the total number of calories your dog should consume from both dog food and treats. It’s important to keep dogs at a healthy weight.

The best choice is to start out with a small amount. And like with humans, ice cream should be an occasional treat.

Can Humans Eat This Dog Ice Cream?

Yes, definitely! All of the ingredients are safe for human consumption. Actually, this doggie ice cream can also be considered human ice cream. Plus it’s a tasty frozen treat that’s dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan for folks with special dietary needs.

How To Store Dog Ice Cream

Wrap the loaf pan with plastic wrap then with aluminum foil. Or you can place it in a large zip-top freezer bag. Keep the ice cream in the freezer when you’re not serving it.

How Long Does Dog Ice Cream Last?

This homemade dog ice cream with last up to 4 months in the freezer.

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homemade banana peanut butter swirl ice cream in a loaf pan.

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Not in the mood for making homemade dog treats? Check out my favorite dog treats on my Amazon dog treats list.

For more fun, get an ice cream dog toy. Milo and Luke love playing with theirs. Nothing like seeing a dog with ice cream cone running in the yard.

Milo with ice cream dog toy.
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