Easy Chocolate Sauce – made with cream or milk and cocoa powder


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This easy chocolate sauce recipe is so simple and quick to make. In this case, Cocoa powder, sugar, cream or milk, and vanilla extract is all you need.

pouring our easy chocolate sauce into a white pouring jug served with a stack of English pancakes in the background

Can be served either hot or cold. Poured on puddings, drizzled over ice creams, pancakes and cakes or why not dip fruit into it.

This homemade runny chocolate syrup will stays liquid when warm or cool. It doesn’t set and or go hard so can be made ahead if needed.

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Ingredients for Chocolate Sauce

You do not need to have chocolate in the house to make a chocolate sauce.

This quick easy recipe uses cocoa powder, sugar, cream (or milk) and vanilla extract. Making an amazing sauce ready to serve immediately.

  • Pouring single cream into a silver saucepan
  • Pouring vanilla extract into a silver teaspoon to pour into the cream in a silver saucepan
  • Pouring caster sugar into the cream mixture in a silver saucepan
  • Sieving cocoa powder into the cream mixture in a silver saucepan


The pictures you see in this post, uses single cream. As can be seen, this makes a nice thick glossy chocolate sauce.

Chocolate sauce cooking and starting to boil while stirring with a black whisk

If you wanted a runny less fudgy sauce use milk instead.

Of course, if you wanted it thicker, substitute the single cream for double cream.

Check out, the double cream chocolate sauce used on our chocolate chip brownies! The extra fat content makes for a delicious chocolate fudge sauce.

Chunky Chocolate Chip Brownies on a grey plate drizzled with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream on top

Vanilla extract is optional, you can use no flavour, or other flavourings instead?

Orange flavouring is one of our favourite’s, just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

Serving Suggestions?

There are so many options for what to serve this chocolate sauce with!

Why not use it as a dip for marshmallows, strawberries, bananas or churros.

Easy Chocolate Sauce drizzled all over vanilla ice cream served in a with bowl on a wooden chopping board with a white jug of the sauce in the background

Serve hot poured over ice cream or cold as part of an icecream sundae.

Perfect sauce for pouring over profiteroles

Drizzling easy chocolate sauce over English pancakes served with chopped strawberries on a black plate with icing sugar sprinkled over the top

Or why not have a breakfast treat serving up with strawberries on our Easy English Pancakes, equally good with waffles.

Drizzling chocolate sauce over edible cookie dough served on a small pink plate

Drizzle chocolate syrup over any desserts like our Edible Cookie Dough.

Or a slice of banana cake, recipe linked from June at Simple Tasty Good.

How to store?

This homemade chocolate fudge sauce can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Check the date of the cream or milk used for how long it can be stored for. It will be the same date.

Is chocolate sauce freezeable?

You can freeze it for up to a month, as most cream products do it will change the texture of the sauce.

Once defrosted, make sure to give the sauce a really good whisk up to get the fat incorporated back into the liquid.

📖 Step by Step Recipe

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