Making Ice Cream with Dry Ice: A Deliciously Quick and Fun Recipe

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Who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s the perfect treat to cool down on a hot summer day. But did you know that you can make ice cream using dry ice? Not only is it the fastest way to make ice cream, but it also has a unique fizz that resembles soda pop. In this article, we will guide you through a simple and exciting recipe to make your own ice cream with dry ice.

Why Dry Ice?

Dry ice is even colder than regular ice made from water. Handling it requires caution, but it adds an extra element of fun to this activity, especially for kids. Whether you’re interested in making ice cream because of its deliciousness or because of the fast and enjoyable process, this recipe is perfect for you.

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Choosing the Flavors

While you can use any ice cream recipe you like, we recommend trying fruit flavors like strawberry. The combination of the fruity taste with the fizzy effect of dry ice is simply delightful. However, if you’re more into chocolatey flavors, don’t hesitate to give them a try as well. You can even use recipes that call for cooked ice cream, minimizing the cooling time. Experiment and discover your favorite flavor!

The Recipe: Ice Cream with Dry Ice

To start, you’ll need to purchase dry ice on the same day you plan to make the ice cream. Dry ice can’t be easily stored at home, but you can find it at most grocery stores or even some liquor stores. Just make a few calls to local shops if you encounter any difficulties finding it. Remember to handle dry ice with care, as it can cause burns. Once you have it, store it in the freezer, wrapped in a couple of plastic bags until you’re ready to use it.

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Next, mix milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla bean paste together in a bowl. You can use an electric mixer or a Kitchen-Aid Mixer at a lower speed to combine the ingredients. For this recipe, fresh fruit works best. Take about four large de-stemmed strawberries, place them in a plastic bag, and crush them until they turn into pulp. Add the strawberries to the bowl and mix until they are evenly distributed with the milk base.

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Now comes the fun part! Grab your tenderizer and start smashing the dry ice, which you’ve placed flat on a cutting board. Remember to hold the bag while smashing. The dry ice should be crushed into small bits and fine particles, resembling sand. Avoid adding large chunks of dry ice to the mix. Start by adding small amounts of dry ice until the ice cream reaches the desired temperature and texture. Adding too much dry ice can make the ice cream too hard to scoop or eat. We used around 3/4 of a cup, but feel free to adjust according to your preference.

As you add and mix the dry ice, get ready for a magical moment! A puff of smoke, reminiscent of a witch’s brew, will appear. It’s a fascinating sight that adds to the overall fun experience. Voila! Your ice cream should be ready in just a few minutes. Can you believe it? This is truly the fastest way to make ice cream!

Enjoy your homemade ice cream with dry ice, and let your taste buds rejoice in this unique and delightful treat.

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