Different Kinds Of Ice Cream

The Wonderful World of Ice Cream: Gelato, Ice Cream, Mochi Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt—What’s the Difference?

The world of ice cream is a vast and fascinating place. With so many different forms of ice cream to choose from, it’s easy to find yourself scratching your head and wondering, “What’s the difference?”

As summer is here in full swing, we often find ourselves standing in the frozen section of the grocery store, trying to decide which type of frozen treat will satisfy our ever-changing taste buds. There’s gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and good old-fashioned ice cream. But how do they all differ from each other? Allow me to explain!

Ice Cream

Ice cream is undoubtedly the most popular frozen treat out there. To be considered ice cream, the frozen mixture must contain no less than 10% milkfat, also known as butterfat. Additionally, it can’t have more than 100% overrun, which means that the base cannot increase in volume by over 100% during the churning process. If it does, the mixture will end up being over 50% air.

As you wander through the frozen section of your local grocery store, you’ll notice there are endless variations of ice cream to choose from. Each one has its own unique flavor and texture, making it a delightful adventure for your taste buds.

Mochi Ice Cream

Now, let me introduce you to our personal favorite: Mochi Ice Cream. We take premium ice cream and wrap it in delicious, authentic Mochi dough, allowing you to ditch the spoon and take your ice cream on the go. It’s a delightful and convenient treat that you’re sure to love!

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Gelato, the Italian cousin of ice cream, is made with whole milk instead of added cream. This results in a lower milkfat percentage compared to traditional ice cream. Additionally, gelato is often made without eggs and stabilizers. As it is churned, very little air is whipped into it, resulting in a dense and velvety texture that is simply divine.

Frozen Yogurt

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends, you’ve probably noticed that frozen yogurt, or Fro-Yo, has become incredibly popular. This delightful frozen treat is made using some of the same ingredients as ice cream, but with a significantly lower percentage of fat. It also contains yogurt, giving it a slightly tart taste that complements its creaminess perfectly.


Sorbet is a frozen treat that contains little to no dairy. It is made by combining frozen berries with sweetened water, resulting in a light and refreshing texture. While many people assume that all sorbets are vegan, this is not always the case. Some sorbets may include egg whites to enhance its texture.


Similar to sorbet, sherbet is a fruit-based frozen dessert. However, it does contain dairy. Sherbet is made with fruit juice, milk or cream, egg whites, and sometimes even gelatin. Sherbet ice cream is defined as a frozen dessert that contains no more than 1-3% milkfat. If the mixture contains more than 3% milkfat, it is considered ice cream. Conversely, if it contains less than 1% milkfat, it is considered water ice.

Choosing the Right Ice Cream Variation for You

Sherbet, sorbet, frozen yogurt, Mochi ice cream, and gelato are all equally delicious, yet each has its own unique characteristics. Despite their differences, these variations are often referred to as ice cream due to their similarity. Now that you have a better understanding of the distinctions between them, you can confidently explore and find the perfect ice cream to satisfy your taste buds.

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