Dietary guidelines for gestational diabetes & healthy eating

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All patients should be aware of the principles of good nutrition during pregnancy and should avoid excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates in their diet. An average weight gain of 12 kilograms is acceptable during pregnancy and suggestions for appropriate dietary intake is made below.

The diabetic diet should be a healthy diet which will help you achieve control of your diabetes and your weight. Your aim should be to maintain near normal blood sugar levels. Persistently elevated blood sugar levels can affect the growth of the baby in utero and cause problems during labour and delivery.

Glucose (sugar)

Glycaemic Index Factor describes the rate of release of glucose (sugar) from various foods. During digestion some carbohydrates are broken down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream. These foods are called Low Glycaemic Index foods. Some carbohydrates break down quickly during digestion and their blood sugar response is fast and they are associated with higher insulin levels. These foods are called High Glycaemic Index foods.

High G.I. food + Low G.I. food = Intermediate G.I. meal. Remember to include a low G.I. food in every meal.

Sweets and foods containing sugar can be eaten occasionally and only in small amounts.

Glycaemic Index Foods: Read food labels (look for Low G.I. symbol)

Low G.I. Intermediate G.I. High G.I.


Apple juice* Orange juice* Pineapple juice* Grapefruit juice Cranberry juice* So-Good soy Milo Sustagen Coca-cola Fanta Orange cordial


New potatoes (canned) Carrots Sweet potato Sweet corn Beetroot (canned) Parsnip Pumpkin Potato Broadbeans

Diary Foods

Skim milk Full cream milk** Low fat ice cream Low fat yoghurt Custard Vitari Yakult Full fat ice cream** Condensed milk

* Indicates product without added sugar. ** Indicates foods high in fat.

Low G.I. Intermediate G.I. High G.I.


Burgen oatbran & honey loaf + barley Burgen mixed grain Burgen fruit loaf Burgen soya & linseed Multigrain 9 grain Ploughman wholegr Pumpernickel Holsoms wholemeal with wheatgerm Sour dough – rye Sour dough – wheat Hamburger bun Light rye Pita bread Rye bread Crumpet Croissants* Bagel white Wonder white Dark rye black bread Gluten free bread Lebanese white

Breakfast cereals

All bran Komplete oven baked Guardian Natural muesli Porridge Special K Semolina Mini wheats Oatbran Muesli – toasted* Muesli – natural Fruit loops Just right Nutrigrain Shredded wheat Sustain Vitabrits Weetbix Bran buds Healthwise for bowel health Coco pops Corn flakes Mini wheats – black Currant Puffed wheat Rice bubbles Rice krispies Sultana bran Cheerios Golden wheats

Crackers & Biscuits

Oatmeal biscuits Jatz biscuits Rich tea biscuits Rye vita Milk arrowroot Shortbread* Shredded wheatmeal Kavli Rice cake Water crackers Sao crackers Soda crackers Morning coffee Vanilla wafer

* Indicates foods high in fat.

Low G.I. Intermediate G.I. High G.I.

Pasta & Rice

Fettucini Macaroni Noodles (low fat) Ravioli Spaghetti Tortellini Pasta Doongara rice Basmati rice Arborio rice Cous cous Polenta Taco shells Jasmine rice Sunbrown quick Brown rice Calrose rice


Baked beans Butter beans Haricot beans Lima beans Dried peas Lentils


Apples Apricots – fresh (3) Banana Cherries (20) Grape fruit Grapes Kiwi fruit Mango – small Oranges Peaches Pears Plums (3 – 4) Dried apricots Pineapple Rock melon Paw paw Raisins Sultana Dried figs Water melon Lychees Dried dates


A diet high in fat increases your risk of obesity, coronary heart disease and diabetic complications. Attempt always to decrease fat intake to a minimum.

There is a very wide range of low fat products available. Choose these products rather than regular products. Low fat dairy products include:

  • Skim milk – e.g. Skinny milk, Physical Slim, skim milk powder
  • Low fat milk – e.g. Rev, Physical, Light Start
  • Low fat cheese – e.g. Devondale cheese (7 % fat), Cottage cheese (4 % fat)
  • Low fat yoghurt – e.g. Jalna
  • Low fat ice cream – e.g. Blue Ribbon Light
  • Use skim yoghurt in place of sour cream

Other ways to reduce fat intake:

  • Use lemon juice, vinegar, light or no oil dressing for salads
  • Spread margarine thinly on bread or toast
  • Trim off all visible fat from meat and chicken before cooking. Remove skin from chicken.
  • Decrease serving size of meats (120 gm per person). Use lean roast meat or chicken for sandwiches rather than processed meats such as salami, ham, strasburg, processed chicken.
  • Avoid frying meats and vegetables and avoid all deep fried foods.
  • Choose low fat cooking methods. Use a non-stick pan which requires only a light brush of oil. (Grill, steam, microwave, dry bake, boil, poach or dry roast).
  • Allow home made soups, stews and casseroles to cool, then remove fat before reheating.
  • Some take-away foods are high in fat. Eat them occasionally. e.g. pizza, meat pies, fish and chips.


The following protein foods do not contain carbohydrates and do not affect the control of your diabetes. Use low fat lean varieties for weight control. Do not fry.

  • Lean meats
  • Seafoods
  • Poultry
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Nuts

Free Foods

All vegetables except those listed under high glycaemic index column.

Beverages: Water, tea, coffee, cocoa, Clear soup, soda water, low kilojoule/diet drinksCondiments: Herbs, pepper, tomato sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, salad dressing, spices and essences

Attention to dietary intake should always be combined with an appropriate exercise program especially when attempting to lose weight or maintain good blood glucose control in the management of gestational diabetes.

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