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This dairy free ice cream cake will change birthday’s forever.

Okay. Maybe that’s a little dramatic.

But when you catch a glimpse of the ingredients you will be encouraging your wee ones indulge guilt-free (mum-guilt included).

There is nothing worse than attending a party, celebration or get-together and realising you or your wee ones (or you) can’t eat a certain food because it contains dairy. And most party cakes are likely to have dairy in them.

Not to worry though, I have you covered with this dairy free ice cream cake. And doesn’t it look Divine!

My son and I are lucky in that neither of us are intolerant to dairy (see more about my diet here), but for a whole range of other reasons I tend to limit it in our house.


Dairy, while tolerated by some, is acidic and mucus forming (sounds glamorous right). And there is actually some pretty convincing evidence that suggests the rates of osteoporosis are actually HIGHER in Countries that consume high amounts of dairy (check out this article for a comprehensive overview). Go figure.

Add to the mix refined white sugar (or whatever name the ice cream makers decide to call it) and you have yourself a delicious, mucus-forming concoction that is sending your digestive system and health into overdrive.

I haven’t even had a chance to mention yet that this dairy free ice cream cake is made from whole foods and is REFINED SUGAR FREE. I know!

Refined sugar free doesn’t mean this baby is totally free from sugar. But the sugar is naturally occurring and inclusive of fibre (which is important when it comes to digestion and gut health).

Oh, and while it looks pretty and colourful, this dairy free ice cream cake is also free from chemicals, preservatives and icky artificial flavours and colours.

My son absolutely adored this. It’s a shame his mum ate most of it…

Dairy free ice cream cake

Serves: 8-10

Prep time: 15 minutes

Freeze time: 4-6 hours

**Tools: Blender/stick blender, freezer-safe bowl with 500ml capacity, cling wrap/baking paper.

This recipe contains peanut butter, however, you can substitute this for coconut yogurt or tahini if nut-sensitive.

Once removed from the mould, this dairy free ice cream cake slices really easily. If you are having trouble I would recommend allowing it to sit for a few minutes and then running a sharp knife under hot water before trying to slice. Once sliced, store in an air-tight container in the freezer (if it lasts long enough to store).

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