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custard ice cream recipe | custard popsicle recipe | custard candy with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a creamy custard flavoured milk popsicle or custard candy recipe with tutti frutti toppings. this could be your kids new favourite popsicle as these popsicle are ultra creamy because of full cream milk, whipped cream and obviously the custard powder.custard ice cream recipe

custard ice cream recipe | custard popsicle recipe | custard candy with step by step photo and video recipe. typically the popsicle are made from the fruit extract or fruit juice which makes them hard after freezing. moreover it is fruit juice, mixed with fruit slices which makes them extra attractive and tasty. however these can be easily termed as custard ice cream rather than just custard popsicle due to its preparation and creaminess.

i have already shared the mixed fruit popsicle recipe which was certainly summer season delight. however i wanted share some custard based recipe as i was having some left over custard powder from my previous fruit custard recipe. i was planning to prepare a basic eggless custard flavoured ice cream very similar to the store bought one. but i wasn’t sure about the consistency and texture. meanwhile my husband gave me the idea of custard candy or popsicle recipe. further, it was even his idea of adding tutti fruiti to make it more attractive and i guess kids would be really interested with it.

furthermore, some critical tips and recommendations for creamy and rich custard ice cream recipe. firstly, make sure to mix custard powder without forming any lumps, else they might curdle while mixing with milk. also cook the custard milk on low flame to avoid from burning. lastly, i have used vanilla flavoured custard powder, however, you use any flavour of your choice.

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custard ice cream or custard popsicle video recipe:

recipe card for custard ice cream or custard popsicle:

how to make custard ice cream with step by step photo:

  1. firstly, in a large kadai boil 2 cups of milk stirring occasionally.custard ice cream recipe
  2. add in ¼ cup sugar and stir well. add more sugar if required.
  3. further in a small bowl dissolve 2 tbsp custard powder in ¼ cup milk.custard ice cream recipe
  4. stir well to get lump free custard milk.
  5. keeping the flame on low, add in prepared custard milk.custard ice cream recipe
  6. stir continuously, else milk curdles.
  7. keep stirring till the milk thickens well. keep aside to cool completely.custard popsicles recipe
  8. in another bowl take in ¼ cup thickened cream / amul cream.
  9. beat well with a whisk or hand blender till stiff peaks appear.custard popsicles recipe
  10. further, add in prepared custard milk once it is cooled completely.
  11. mix well making sure the milk and whipped cream is well combined.custard popsicles recipe
  12. beat well with a whisk or hand blender for a minute. this helps custard ice cream to form more creamy.
  13. add in handful of tutti frutti / any dry fruits and mix well.custard candy
  14. transfer the prepared mixture into popsicle moulds.
  15. cover with the lid and freeze for 8 hours or till it sets completely.custard candy
  16. now dip the popsicle in hot water for 10 seconds, to easily remove.
  17. finally, serve custard popsicle or custard ice cream to kids and enjoy the summer.


  • firstly, pouring into popsicle moulds is optional, you can also scoop out and serve icecream.
  • further add dry fruits of your choice to make it more rich.
  • also, add more cream to make it more rich and creamy.
  • finally, custard popsicle / custard ice cream stays good for a month and can be served as required.

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