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It’s finally summer weather? Can you feel it where you are? And you know what that means…all the ice cream. And I am here with all the tried and tested homemade Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes you will ever need.

Whether you’ve had your Cuisinart ice cream maker for a while, or you are new to it, and new to making ice cream all together, there is something for everyone in this homemade ice cream recipe list.

All the homemade ice cream recipes here I have personally made in my Cuisinart ice cream maker and all of them have been huge hits with my family and any guests that drop by.

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How to make homemade ice cream

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There’s three ways to make homemade ice cream. Two of them require and ice cream maker, and one does not.

  • When learning how to make homemade ice cream, we should start off with the most popular kind…French style ice cream, which is custard-based with sugar, egg yolks, milk, and cream. This is a great base that I use for a lot of ice creams. And while this considered a french technique for making ice cream, this is largely what you will find included in all ice cream recipes.
  • There is also something called Philadelphia-style ice cream, and eggless ice cream recipe, that also uses an ice cream maker. A really delicious thing and so simple. I mean, basically you just heat up heavy cream (some recipes call for milk as well) with sugar until the sugar dissolves and then chill it before putting into the machine. After trying philadelphia style ice cream, I can honestly say I cannot tell the difference. Maybe the texture is slightly less creamy (if you make it plain)…maybe. But since I added vanilla bean and sour cherry puree I could not tell even a little bit.
  • Last would be no-churn, which is by far the simplest of all ice cream recipes, using sweetened condensed milk, folded with whipped heavy cream and best of all, no ice cream maker. This no-churn blueberry ice cream and no-churn peach ice cream ice cream couldn’t be easier and is delicious.

Favorite Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes

Homemade cherry ice cream recipe made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker

Homemade sour cherry ice cream

Outside of cherry pie, I can’t think of a better use for sour cherries, than this delicious Philadelphia-style, eggless sour cherry ice cream recipe. A quick cherry compote get churned into a sweet cream ice cream base.

Homemade toasted marshmallow ice cream in a brownie ice cream sandwich, made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Toasted marshmallow ice cream

I mean, I don’t even think I need to say anything other than Toasted Marshmallow ice cream recipe for you to go and make this right now. Toasted, gooey marshmallows blended into a French-style custard base ice cream recipe. This is probably my most requested homemade ice cream. I have yet to find a hater.

In a cone, in a cup, whipped up into a milk shake, or in the most delicious brownie ice cream sandwich, this ice cream is guaranteed to be hit with pretty much everyone you have ever met.

Creamy lemon curd ice cream recipe made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker

Creamy lemon curd ice cream

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I came up with this creamy homemade lemon curd ice cream recipe kind of by accident. I had a vanilla bean ice cream base, a jar of lemon curd, and I just thought, why the hell not? While the ice cream base was churning in the ice cream maker, i added the lemon curd and in blended right in perfectly.

And then as if it wasn’t delicious enough, I swirled in a little crushed blackberry syrup. Totally optional of course, but I highly recommend it.

Homemade buttermilk praline ice cream made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker

Buttermilk Praline ice cream

This homemade ice cream recipe comes from my friend Katie, at Katie Bird Bakes. This buttermilk praline ice cream is one of my favorite eggless ice cream recipes. The buttermilk creates a rich and decadent ice cream texture and the who doesn’t love praline?

Passion fruit white chocolate mint gelato recipe made in a Cuisinart ice cream maker

Passion fruit white chocolate mint gelato

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Not a full on French-style ice cream, but a gelato, this passion fruit white chocolate mint gelato is super creamy and absolutely delicious. This recipe comes from my dear friends Mark and Angela, over at Cooking with Wine – they are the experts on all things Italian, including gelato. Gelato is super similar to ice cream, but made with a higher ratio of milk than traditional ice cream. It typically churns up a bit softer, which is not a bad thing.

Speculoos cookie butter ice cream

Cookie butter is one of those food pantry items that you don’t necessarily know why you have it, but you always have it because it is f’ing delicious. And it is something that was destined to be turned into a creamy ice cream. My speculoos cookie butter ice cream recipe is a simple, eggless ice cream recipe that everyone will love.

Tips for homemade ice cream success

  • Make sure your ice cream base is completely cold before churning. I always make my base the night before and chill in the fridge overnight. You need a minimum of EIGHT HOURS chill time.
  • If making a French-style custard base ice cream or gelato, you can run the final mixture through a fine sieve to make sure it is totally smooth.
  • When making Philadelphia-style eggless ice creams be sure to blend all the ingredients thoroughly for a smooth ice cream.
  • Have fun with your flavors! Make ice cream pie or throw some of these into milk shakes. An ice cream cake for a birthday celebration is always a hit too!

And while I have tested all of these recipes in a Cuisinart ice cream maker, if you have a different ice cream maker, or want one the fits your budget better like this one, go for it! They all pretty much perform the same way.

Whatever the occasion, party or just a Monday, these Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes will be a huge hit!

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