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Video Creamy Vanilla Ice Milk (Only 4 Ingredients) | Sift & Simmer

This easy recipe for Creamy Vanilla Ice Milk only contains 4 ingredients and is simple to whip up using an ice cream maker.

Bowl of ice milk on a plate with a spoon.

What is ice milk?

Ice milk is a low-fat frozen dessert, where the fat content is less than 10%, whereas ice cream can be anywhere from 20-50%.

It is also known as “low-fat ice cream” in some areas.

Is it the same as iced milk?

No, “iced milk” is milk that is poured into a glass with ice cubes.

Why you’ll love this recipe

This frozen dessert only requires 4 ingredients, and is simple to make if you use an ice cream maker or ice cream machine.

Churning lots of air into the ice milk base increases the volume (also known as “overrun”), lightens the mixture up and gives it a feathery, ethereal texture.

Using condensed milk yields a smooth and creamy texture that melts right on your tongue.

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There’s no cream or eggs in this dessert.

The flavor is not too sweet and tastes very similar to Dairy Queen’s version of ice milk, according to my kids.

It’s an almost guilt-free treat, with a lower fat content and fewer calories than vanilla ice cream!

Bowl of ice milk on a plate with a spoon.

Ingredients you’ll need

  • whole milk: at least 3.25% milkfat (MF) for the best creamy texture, cold
  • condensed milk: usually comes in a can and is a thick milk that is already sweetened
  • granulated sugar: adds sweetness
  • vanilla extract: use a pure alcohol-based vanilla extract for the creamiest texture

How to make it

Chill the ice cream maker bowl in the freezer for at least 12 hours or longer.

In a bowl, combine milk, condensed milk, sugar and vanilla.

Give everything a stir until the sugar is dissolved and chill the mixture in the fridge until ready to churn.

Churn the ice milk mixture according to your ice cream maker manufacturer’s instructions (mine was set on Sorbet/Sherbet mode for about 40 minutes), until increased in volume.

Enjoy the ice milk immediately as a soft serve, or freeze the ice milk in an airtight container for up to 1 month.

A scoop of ice milk in a small bowl, with a spoon on the side.

Expert tips

For best results, keep the milk mixture chilled until ready to churn.

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Ice milk takes a little longer than ice cream to aerate and the volume will only increase slightly.

To make a vegan/dairy-free version, try replacing the milk with coconut milk and the condensed milk with a sweetened condensed coconut milk.

You can use a fat-free milk such as skim milk, oat milk or almond milk, however it may not be as creamy as there is a higher water content which can form ice crystals when frozen.

This Vanilla Ice Milk recipe is a great way to use up any milk that is nearing its best before date.

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A half-eaten scoop of ice milk in a bowl with a silver spoon on the side.

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