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I really want to treat you to this creamiest homemade chocolate ice cream. This ice cream recipe requires a basic handful of ingredients and it is made without eggs or condensed milk. It is so light and chocolaty that you will make it again and again.

Chocolate ice cream served in a grey bowl with cone on the side

They say that the secret ingredient is always Chocolate!!! And they are right!! My love for chocolate isn’t hidden from you. It goes into my breakfast muffins as well as my coffee crumb cakes too. Growing up, chocolate and strawberry were the only flavors I liked in ice cream. On that note, if you would like to try the fresh strawberry ice cream made without an ice cream machine, I have a lovely recipe for you here on the blog.

Cuisinart chocolate ice cream in a bowl with strawberry on the top

Today I will share with you my favorite and by far the best homemade chocolate ice cream recipe that is ultra-creamy without adding any eggs. It is high on chocolate flavor by adding one secret ingredient. Further, I have topped it with a quick 1-minute homemade chocolate sauce. I have used my Cuisinart ice cream machine to make it.

Ice Cream Maker Makes A difference

All these years I thought I don’t need an ice cream maker in my life, but I guess I was wrong. My family loves ice cream. I have been making the no-churn version with condensed milk, heavy cream, and a flavoring for years now. This year we got a machine as a housewarming gift and I tried making ice creams right away. The results are amazing and since then I am making ice creams every week. Our new fruity favorite is this Homemade Fresh Apricot Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Machine VS No Churn


The biggest difference I felt was that the ice cream made in the machine was not as heavy on the palette as the no-churn one! The main reason for it is the ingredient list. No-churn ice cream is mostly made up of heavy cream, condensed milk, so it tends to be a little extra creamy and heavy. You do not require so much heavy cream while you make it in an ice cream maker. This makes it lighter.


I feel the ice cream maker is less work as it churns by itself and the process is done in under 20- 25 minutes without you monitoring it. It is almost an effortless process! Once the ice cream is churned it is ready to eat right away!!!! No, wait time at all.

Ice crystals – Such a turn-off!

The best part of the ice cream machine is that I haven’t seen any ice crystals in my ice cream. It is creamy from the very first bite to the last. Sometimes in a no-churn recipe ice tends to form especially if you are adding a fruit puree to it.

Scooping ice cream with a spoon

The secret ingredients

Ok so there is a chocolate ice cream and there is an amazing chocolate ice cream. And this recipe is the latter. What makes it special is the addition of Instant Coffee and some sea salt. It just takes the chocolate flavor to the next level. Next time add a bit of this combo to anything that involves chocolate in the recipe and thank me later!

Ingredients used and substitutes to make chocolate ice cream at home

Compared to the store-bought ice-creams, homemade ones have way fewer ingredients that are easily known and available.

  • Cold Heavy Cream – I have used an organic one. Make sure it is straight out of the fridge. Heavy whipping cream or double cream works too.
  • Organic Full-Fat Milk – Whole milk works the best, it will give you the creamiest ice cream. Saying that 2% milk works ok too. Use preferred one.
  • Packed Brown Sugar – It gives an amazing caramel-like flavor to the ice cream. If unavailable then use sugar in raw.
  • Organic White Sugar – Use regular granulated sugar.
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder – A good cocoa powder is a key to a rich chocolaty flavor. My pick is Hershey’s or Ghirardelli.
  • Pure Vanilla Extract – Do not use imitation. Always go for the real one.
  • Instant Coffee Powder – A secret to the best chocolate ice cream. I have used Nescafe.
  • Sea salt – Adding salt is adding taste, and this is my second secret ingredient to make amazing ice cream. You can use regular salt as well.

Homemade ice cream scoops in a bowl with chocolate sauce on the side

Important tips about making the best ice cream in a machine

  1. Do not over-measure the ingredients as the ice cream pot may overflow in the process of churning.
  2. The ingredients used should be chilled, not frozen but cold.
  3. For maximum results, you can chill the mixture for at least 1 hour before churning.
  4. Time up the process once the machine starts churning. Have a look after the ice cream thickens, say after 25 minutes. Add any nuts, chocolate chips just 5 minutes before the churning is done. If you add it at an early stage, you won’t get creamy airy ice cream.
  5. Always have your ice cream pot in the freezer and ready to go. (May differ with different brands)
  6. For easy clean-up, always use hot soapy tap water and not cold water to rinse the pot.

chocolate icecream in an icecream maker

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chocolate icecream in an icecream maker

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Important Takeaway

  • Honestly, ice cream makers aren’t very expensive and if you are an ice cream buff it is the best investment ever!! Think about the endless flavors you can make in it including frozen yogurts and sorbet.
  • You can control the ingredients that go in your ice cream and that is the best thing ever!
  • I have a Cuisinart 1.5 Qt ICE-21P1 White Ice Cream Maker and it is working great for me. Do you own an ice cream maker? Which one and how is your experience? Please write to me in the comments.

Let’s make the best chocolate ice cream at home

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