Cotton Candy Ice Cream – Spaceships and Laser Beams

Video Cotton Candy Ice Cream – Spaceships and Laser Beams
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  1. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Ingredients
  2. How To Make This No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream Recipe
  3. How To Serve
  4. Storage
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This easy cotton candy ice cream recipe is the perfect summer treat. With only a handful of simple ingredients, this creamy confection is a sure-fire winner with its bright colors and classic taste that is reminiscent of a summertime county fair.

No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream in a cup

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Ingredients

No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream raw ingredients that are labeled

How To Make This No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream Recipe

STEP ONE: Line a 9×5-inch loaf pan with parchment paper. If you are using a glass pan, you don’t need the parchment paper.

STEP TWO: In a large bowl, whip the whipping cream for 4 minutes until soft peaks form.

heavy cream whipped in a bowl

STEP THREE: Stir in the vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, and cotton candy extract, and then divide the mixture evenly into two separate bowls.

vanilla, condensed milk and cotton candy extract blended together in a bowl

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STEP FOUR: Using your food coloring, dye one bowl of the ice cream pink and the other bowl light blue.

STEP FIVE: Pour the pink ice cream into the loaf pan. Smooth down with a spoon or spatula.

STEP SIX: Drop spoonfuls of the blue ice cream randomly over the pink ice cream, and then use the spoon to swirl it in. Tap the pan gentley on the table a few times to get the cream to settle evenly.

dollops on top of cotton candy ice cream in a loaf pan

STEP SEVEN: Cover the loaf pan with plastic wrap, letting the wrap rest on the top of the ice cream, and then cover the pan with aluminum foil.

wrap placed on top of No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream in a loaf pan

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STEP EIGHT:Place the loaf pan in the freezer for 2 hours or overnight.

No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream after being frozen in a loaf pan

STEP NINE: Scoop, top with sprinkles, and serve!

How To Serve

Serve this tasty ice cream in a cone. I like to line my cones with chocolate and pop a mini marshmallow in the bottom so the ice cream doesn’t drip out while you’re eating.

You can also scoop your ice cream into a bowl and top it with whipped cream. Try out our chocolate chip cookie cups for a fun way to serve up this yummy ice cream.

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If you enjoy this (as I’m sure you will) be sure to try other varieties of our homemade ice cream favorites, like this red velvet no-churn ice cream or this birthday cake ice cream, both easy recipes that don’t require fancy ice cream makers.


IN THE FRIDGE: The fridge isn’t cold enough to store ice cream, you’ll need to freeze it. Don’t use the freezer section of your refrigerator as it won’t be as cold as a separate freezer.

IN THE FREEZER: Be sure to store the finished ice cream in the freezer wrapped with plastic or with an airtight lid on top. When ready to serve, take it out about 5 minutes before you plan to scoop it, to give it a bit of time to thaw. This will make it much easier to scoop out. Place back in the freezer immediately after serving. The texture may change if the ice cream is taken out and put back in the freezer too many times.

scoop of No-Churn Cotton Candy Ice Cream in a ice cream scooper

The unmistakable flavor of the popular carnival treat makes this homemade cotton candy ice cream a household favorite. Its bright colors lend well to a variety of celebrations, and it is easy to make with just a few ingredients. The cotton candy flavor makes this the perfect ice cream for a kids’ birthday party.

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