Costco Food Court Ice Cream: Is It a Welcome Addition?

Oh, Costco. You never fail to tempt me with your bulk bargains and leave my wallet feeling much too light. But there’s always one stop I make at the end of my shopping trip to put a salve on my conscience – the food court. Whether it’s a slice of pizza, a hot dog, or even one of those strange chicken bakes, it somehow makes me feel better about my spending spree at the wholesale giant.

However, Costco has been making some changes to its food court menu lately, and I find myself surprisingly conflicted about them. Let me tell you why.

Costco’s New Food Court Items: The Good and the Bad

Let’s start with the positive change – the return of raw onions on their hot dogs! After disappearing during COVID, they are back, now served in convenient plastic cups. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s nice to have them back. Unfortunately, not all the additions have been as successful.

Take the mango smoothie, for example. While it’s vegan and has no added sugar, it has been receiving some negative feedback on social media, with some comparing its taste to “baby food.” Reports of inconsistent color and unappetizing appearances have raised concerns, with some customers even returning their smoothies for a refund. It’s clear that this addition missed the mark.

Then there’s the new roast beef sandwich, priced at a hefty $9.99. It contains a combination of roast beef, red onions, lettuce, roasted cherry tomatoes, onion relish, and a mustard-mayo blend, all sandwiched between a ciabatta bun. Unfortunately, it falls short in terms of taste. Not only is it bland, but its high price compared to other beloved Costco favorites, like the $1.50 hot dog and soft drink combo, leaves customers scratching their heads.

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Now, Costco has quietly introduced yet another item – strawberry-flavored soft serve. While strawberry ice cream is generally a crowd-pleaser, one can’t help but wonder why Costco felt the need to add it to their famously straightforward food court menu. After all, the demand for it doesn’t seem extraordinary, with customers expressing more interest in bringing back old favorites like the combo pizza slice or the turkey pesto sandwich.

The Importance of Consistency

So why does it bother me so much that Costco is adding new items? Shouldn’t they have the freedom to experiment with their offerings, just like fast food chains do? Well, here’s what I think.

Costco’s quiet consistency is what sets it apart and keeps customers coming back. While fast food chains are all about innovation, grocery stores like Costco provide stability, acting as our rock. The food court at Costco is a haven of comfort food – affordable, streamlined, and consistently good. When Costco disrupts this comforting experience by introducing seemingly random items, it sends a message that their relationship with our wallets is somehow lacking.

Sure, strawberry ice cream is fine, but if they start letting us customize our own sundaes or stray too far from their bare-bones food court concept, it would be a departure from the beloved consistency that we know and love.

In the end, it’s the unwavering reliability of Costco’s food court that keeps us coming back. Let’s hope they remember that as they continue to explore new menu items. After all, sometimes it’s best to stick with what works – just like a classic hot dog and soda combo.

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Costco Food Court

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