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Crumbl cookies are all the rage right now. Crumbl bakeries have perfected the art of cookie making and have a whopping 200 flavors to choose from. There’s no need to trek over to a bakery because these soft, chewy cookies are easy to replicate at home. In fact, some of us don’t have a location close by anyway. We’ve listed 24 copycat Crumbl cookie recipes below; you’re almost guaranteed to find the right cookie for you.

Banana Cream Pie Cookies

These would be the perfect treat for a summer barbeque. They’re like mini cream pies. The buttery cookie is topped with an easy to make, chilled banana cream pie filling and Nilla wafers. Love banana? Try my Banana Poke Cake too.

Snickerdoodle Cupcake Cookies

Featuring a cream cheese frosting, these snickerdoodle cookies are fancy! Cinnamon and sugar is such a great combination. And a cookie that tastes like a cupcake? Count me in! The cookie is soft and chewy and they freeze really well.

Birthday Cake Cookie

Sprinkles scream birthday! These simple buttery cookies are topped with cream cheese icing and sprinkles. They would be perfect for an office birthday party. Crazy for my funfetti? Try my cake batter dip too.

Oreo Birthday Cake Cookie

These are a rich twist on the Vanilla Birthday Cake cookies, but for chocolate lovers. There are Oreos in the cookies batter giving these cookies a real Oreo flavor.

Reese’s Cookie

If you love peanuts, peanut butter or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, this is the cookie for you. It’s soft and chewy, as a peanut butter cookie should be. Pair with a glass of cold milk. Creamy peanut butter and sweet chocolate are a winning combination for a reason. Reese’s fanatic? Try my Reese’s Cake next.

Twix Cookies

This Twix copycat Crumbl cookies start with a boxed cake mix so you can’t go wrong when making them. The cookies have a warm caramel topping, then a warm chocolate topping, but wait there’s more. Each cookie gets a mini-Twix bar of its own. Wait for it to cool or just eat the whole thing warm

Carrot Cake Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good carrot cake? These cookies have a cream cheese frosting just like carrot cake. There are moist, fluffy and spicey. They could easily replace traditional carrot cake when carrying around a whole cake isn’t feasible.

Caramel Apple Cookies

If you love all things fall like, apple cider, spices, apples and caramel, you will love this cookie. The ingredients for this cookie are unbelievable, they include graham crackers, caramel, apples and apple cider mix! It’s the perfect fall cookie!

Peanut Butter Cookie

There are different types of Peanut Butter cookies. Some like it chewy, some like it thin and easy to eat, some like a mouthful of fluffy peanut. These copycat Crumbl Peanut Butter Cookies are delicate and melt in your mouth. It’s a light cookie for those who love peanut butter cookies but don’t want too much of it one bite.

Chocolate Mallow Cupcake Cookies

That’s right. There’s something marshmallow-y about this cookie. The marshmallow fluff filling really makes these taste like cupcakes in cookie form. This gives Hostress cupcake vibes.

Sugar Cookie

A simple cookie for simple tastes. This cookie is sweet, buttery, soft and crumbly. It has an almond flavored frosting. It’s a great cookie to have with a cup of tea or coffee.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is a classic Crumbl chocolate chip cookie, right down to the size. While it is available every week at the store, we think the homemade version tastes even better. Each cookie uses a whopping ½ cup of cookie dough but they only need 12 minutes in the oven. It’s also a great cookie dough to freeze raw so you can always whip up batch in a pinch.

Dirt Cake Cookie

If you aren’t familiar with dirt cakes, it a dessert of chocolate, on chocolate, on chocolate. These chocolate cookies have a chocolate frosting, topped with chocolate Oreo crumbs.

It’s a fun idea for a kid’s party or Halloween if you dress them up like a classic dirt cake, with gummy worms!

Red Velvet Cookie

Can you believe you only need 6 ingredients to make this cookie. The first being box cake mix. With almost half the work already done, just add a few more ingredients to elevate the cake mix and Viola! Of course, you can eat them anytime you want, but you have to admit they would make a fabulous Valentine’s Day or Christmas treat.

Cookie Dough Cookies

A cookie dough cookie? It’s a fully baked cookie but you can enjoy the flavor of cookie dough to your hearts content without worrying about eating raw ingredients and no refrigeration necessary, unless you want to. Not only does this taste like cookie dough, it also has a doughy texture as well. If you love cookie dough ice cream these are a must try.

Mint Chip Ice Cream Cookies

If you’re looking for a refreshing dessert for a hot summer day, this might be it. Not only is it cooling because of the mint flavor, it has a light mousse -like mint frosting that stays soft even when chilled.

Blueberry Muffin Cookies

If there were such a thing as breakfast cookie, this is it. The recipe uses a muffin mix, so the blueberry muffin flavor is authentic. This cookie is really soft but crunchy at the same time due to a generous topping of streusel.

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

This cookie combines all the things we love about cinnamon rolls into the size of a cookie yet these cookies are still large enough to be satisfying. Buttery cinnamon and cream cheese frosting make this one of the most mouthwatering on the list.

Buttermilk Pancake Cookies

Buttermilk Pancake Cookies, who comes up with these creative ideas! Sure, pancakes don’t have much of a taste so the flavor profile of these cookies might be hard to understand. The cookie itself has pancake mix in it. After baking it gets a buttermilk syrup glaze and a dollop of buttercream. Doesn’t it look just like a pancake? The result is a very light cookie with delicate pancake flavors.

Cosmic Brownie Cookies

Remember Little Debbie snacks after school? You can now enjoy the flavor of Little Debby brownies at home. With a chocolate batter and rich frosting these throwback treats would be great for an old school themed party or game night.

Muddy Buddy Cookies

Muddy Buddy snacks are sort of a seasonal treat but with these cookies you don’t have to wait. It’s a light peanut butter flavored cookie with chocolate glaze topping and a dusting of powdered sugar. Top with real muddy buddies for an authentic Crumbl treat. These cookies will elevate any Christmas gathering.

Kentucky Butter Cookies

Kentucky Butter cookies are a cross between a sugar cookie and a shortbread cookie. The buttery flavor comes mostly from the buttery glaze. It’s a simple concept but still so rich at the same time.

Cookie Monster Cookies

These cookies would be perfect for a children’s birthday, gender reveal or baby shower. It’s a crumbly chocolate chip cookie with a vanilla frosting. Its name is influenced by the iconic Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, but you can change the frosting into whatever color you like! Serve with cookie monster cupcakes or ice cream for a true party.

Cinnamon Fry Bread Cookies

Fry bread is the crispy fried dough treats popular at fairs and carnivals. The sweet fry dough flavored cookies get a drizzle of condensed milk before baking, and once baked are brushed with melted butter and topped with a honey cinnamon butter cream.

Cookie Tips

  1. Use the exact ingredients- Every ingredient serves a purpose and sometimes one ingredient has multiple purposes. For instance, white sugar sweetens cookies but they also help them spread as they bake. Reducing the sugar may help meet your goal of making your cookies less sweet, but may end up affecting its spread and texture. If you absolutely must change something, do a little research first about the best way to do so.
  2. Temperature is important – Bake cookies at the temperature suggested. Place cookies into the oven after it has been preheated to the right temperature; otherwise, your cookies will have a slow start and bake longer. When a recipe calls for room temperature ingredients, it’s so fats like butter and eggs can emulsify better than if they were cold.
  3. Size matters – This is for eggs in particular. Using large eggs in a recipe that calls for small eggs can result in a batter that is too loose from the extra liquid. Likewise, using small eggs instead of large eggs can result in a drier cookie from the lack of moisture.
  4. Baking times are only a suggestion –Ovens vary, some are more or less efficient. You should follow the suggested baking time but also go by the look of the cookie. Don’t just turn the oven off when the baking time is up. Take a peek at the cookies before the baking time is up just in case; they may have baked quicker, and go by the cookie color in case they need more time than suggested. Remember that cookies continue to bake even after being removed from the oven.
  5. Use the right trays – Did you know that something as simple as tray color can affect your cookies? Use a light-colored tray for baking cookies. Dark trays absorb more heat and cook the bottom of cookies too quickly. Additionally, using some parchment paper on your tray will help those cookies slide right off!
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