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Sun shine. Ice cream. Friends. Laughter. And special memories to be created. An ice Cream Party is a great way to celebrate summer.

With these cool ice cream bar ideas, ice cream party decorations, and activities for younger and older kids, you’ll host the most fantastic ice cream social ever!

I’m sure adults would enjoy this ice cream party too! It’s a perfect theme for a summer baby or bridal shower.

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1. Ice Cream Social Theme Ideas

I host an annual ice cream social for my girls and their friends. We usually have almost twenty ladies here playing games, making sundaes at the ice cream bar, and enjoying each other’s company.

I don’t usually have any specific theme for the party besides choosing colors. Still, you could, of course, have a princess, unicorn, mermaid, fairy, pirate, Harry Potter, or any other theme you can think of.

Color Themes Are Easy and Cute!

Pick your favorite ice cream and use that as the ice cream party color theme:

  1. Neapolitan: Pink, white, brown
  2. Mint Chocolate Chip: mint green and brown
  3. Cookies ‘n Cream: white and brown
  4. Blue Moon: blue
  5. Orange Cream: orange and cream
  6. Strawberry: pink and red

You never go wrong using pastel colors, and those seem to be the popular colors for ice cream parlors.

2. Ice Cream Party Invitations

Invite your friends and family to celebrate with you and enjoy ice cream sundaes.

1. Ice Cream Party Invitation Printable

Get the adorable, editable ice cream party invitation. Sweet pastel colors are perfect for an ice cream birthday party! Just edit, print, and send.

2. Ice Cream Truck Party Invitation

A fun ice cream truck party invitation makes sending invitations easy. They come customized and printed, so all you need to do is send them.

Your guests will be delighted to receive this cute set!

3. DIY Ice Cream Party Invitation Ideas

  • make an ice cream cone shaped invitation
  • glue ice cream cut-outs on card stock
  • make an ice cream truck cut-out card
  • glue “sprinkles” on a white card

What to write on the DIY ice cream party invitation:

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice scream. Join us to celebrate…
  • Join us for a sweet celebration
  • Here’s the scoop … is turning …
  • Let’s chill! It is time to celebrate…
  • This party is gonna be sweet!
  • Ice cream, sprinkles, caramel sauce. It is summer – take a pause and join us to celebrate…

3. Ice Cream Party Decorations

Cute ice cream party decorations make the party even more awesome!

Create an ice cream parlor that suits your taste: rustic, vintage, pastel, vibrant, modern…

1. Ice Cream Parlor Sign

Welcome the guests to the ice cream party with a sweet vintage ice cream parlor sign. This is a pretty big sign and put it on the door or above the ice cream bar.

3. Honeycomb Ice Cream Cones

Hang up 20″ honeycomb ice cream cones above the ice cream bar or the seating area. They make a great impression also at the entrance.

The cones come in various colors to create the look you want for your ice cream birthday party!

Add a few smaller honeycomb ice cream cones for variety. You can get an inexpensive set of three 8″ cones from Amazon.

You could also create a cute ice cream party centerpiece with the small cones. Place them in mason jars, and tie tulle and ribbon around the jar. Or use hot glue to attach the cones to a circle cardboard piece or a plate.

The big 20″ cones would also look quite fun as a centerpiece if I could only figure out how to stand them up. Maybe put them in glass cylinder vases.

4. Ice Cream Centerpieces

These ice cream centerpieces are adorable!

They will look delightful scattered on the ice cream buffet table or on various surfaces around the party area.

I’m thinking about getting these for our next ice cream party.

5. Mason Jar Ice Cream Party Decorations

Ice Cream Party Mason Jar Decorations in blue, pink and yellow. Perfect for any ice cream social. (peppercornprincess)
Ice Cream Mason Jars from Peppercorn Princess, Etsy

Mason jars are handy for any party, and an ice cream party is no exception. You can use these ice cream mason jars in various ways at the ice cream social.

They make awesome centerpieces filled with flowers. You could also use them at the ice cream bar for holding spoons, straws, or napkins, and I think that’s what I’ll do at our next ice cream party.

If you are into DIY projects, this would be a fun decoration you can make yourself. You can create perfect mason jar centerpieces with mason jars, chalky finish paint, and ribbon.

6. Flowers and Ice Cream Cones

Since you’ll host an ice cream party, you probably will buy ice cream waffle cones. They aren’t only great for ice cream scoops and for creating ice cream party decorations.

For example, buy silk flowers and put them in ice cream cones. Looks pretty cool, and make it even sweeter by inserting the whole thing in a glass cylinder vase. You can get those from DollarTree.

7. Waffle Bowls

You can get waffle bowls for next to nothing. Get a box of them and use them to make fun centerpieces.

Fill up waffle bowls with flowers or tissue paper ice cream scoops. A cute cheap ice cream party decoration.

8. Ice Cream Truck Photo Backdrop

You’ll take the most amazing photos with this ice cream truck backdrop!

Choose your preferred material and the size you want. The backdrop will be shipped to you; no need to print anything!

Your birthday star and guests will have a splendid time posing in front of the ice cream truck.

Since the truck is at the beach, place a couple beach towels or beach chairs on the floor for the kids to sit on. Toss in some beach toys like balls and buckets, and those pictures will look awesome!

9. Wooden Letters

Beautiful “ice cream” wooden letters to be displayed at ice cream birthday party. Use them as a photo prop when taking pictures of your little one. Order any letters to spell the age or name.

The wooden letters are predrilled in the back so you can hang them on the wall. A sweet keepsake for your child’s room.

I know some of you are just itching to make your own ice cream letters! Just grab some wooden letters and paint and go for it!

10. Banana Split Photo Booth

Though this photo booth is definitely not inexpensive, it could be worth the money if you host annual ice cream parties. It is handmade and painted to last year after year.

Take cute pictures with the fun banana split photo booth from Little Goobers Party.

This is also a fun DIY project you can make with a poster board or foam board.

11. Ice Cream Shower Curtain

Shower curtains make excellent backdrops! And they are inexpensive.

I found a couple of fun ice cream shower curtains. They only have a few of them in stock…

  • ice cream cones shower curtain (10 cones forming a circle)
  • scattered ice cream cones
  • vintage ice cream cones (this one looks like it is a retro ice cream parlor sign)

12. DIY Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are an inexpensive way to create an impressive backdrop.

You can get a complete balloon garland kit with everything you need to make a fantastic ice cream party decoration.

  • pastel balloon garland arch (Gorgeous!!)
  • ice cream party balloon garland (120 pieces, including ice cream cone-shaped balloons!)

13. Ice Cream Party Backdrop DIY

This inexpensive, beautiful rainbow organza fabric is perfect for an ice cream social. With 16 ft of gorgeous material, you will have the most beautiful backdrop!

Just choose the colors to match your theme and arrange the tablecloths or curtains any way you want.

You can make stunning creations with your ice cream theme colored fabric or tablecloths.

14. Ice Cream Party Centerpiece Sticks

Simple ice cream party centerpiece idea! Place a centerpiece stick on each table or group them together and display them at the ice cream bar.

They look fabulous in little buckets. You could also put them in sundae bowls, milk shake glasses, and plastic or glass bottles.

Looks like this could also be a cool ice cream party decoration DIY.

4. Ice Cream Bar Ideas

The best thing at the ice cream party? The ice cream bar!

Tips for running your ice cream bar smoothly:

  • pre-scoop ice cream and freeze on a cookie sheet or place the scoops in individual ice cream bowls, waffle bowls or cones
  • keep chocolate and other sauces warm in a crockpot
  • display the pre-scooped ice cream cones on a handy ice cream stand that keeps the cones upright
  • fill up tin buckets with ice and put the ice cream tubs in them
  • turn a cooler into an ice cream truck with a diy sign

1. Ice Cream Bar Sign

Place a cute ice cream bar sign on the counter to invite the guests to make their own sweet treats.

2. Ice Cream Cups and Spoons

Make the Sunday Bar delightful with pretty bowls, spoons and napkins.

There is nothing like eating ice cream with wooden spoons!

At least, that’s how I remember it. Have not done that since I was a kid. I think I’ll get wooden spoons for our next ice cream party and let you know if my opinion changes.

Disposable bowls are awesome! You can get them in various patterns like chevron and polka dots.

Glass ice cream bowls are super cool too. Adults and older kids appreciate ice cream served in fancy sundae bowls or wine glasses. A pretty way to serve ice cream at a baby shower or bridal shower.

Dollar Tree online has lovely inexpensive wine glasses in various styles, colors, and stem colors.

3. Ice Cream Bar Topping Ideas

This ice cream topping list has cool traditional and awesome unique topping ideas for your ice cream bar.

  1. Brownies
  2. Angle food cake
  3. Oreos
  4. Chocolate chip cookies
  5. Sugar wafers
  6. Sprinkles
  7. Whipped cream
  8. Coconut
  9. Cherries
  10. Peanut Butter
  11. KitKats
  12. Snickers
  13. Milky Way
  14. Twix
  15. M&M’s
  16. Andes
  17. Whoppers
  18. Sea Salt Caramel
  19. Marshmallows
  20. Strawberries
  21. Blueberries
  22. Bananas
  23. Kiwi
  24. Chocolate chips
  25. Chocolate syrup
  26. Butterscotch syrup
  27. Strawberry syrup
  28. Caramel syrup
  29. Maple syrup
  30. Strawberry preserves
  31. Peach preserves
  32. Pop Corn
  33. Pistachios
  34. Candied Walnuts
  35. Pecans
  36. Graham Crackers
  37. Crystalized Ginger
  38. Pineapple
  39. Chips
  40. Chocolate pearls
  41. Warmed Nutella
  42. Gummy bears
  43. Licorice
  44. Baked peaches
  45. Granola
  46. Cornflakes
  47. Lucky Charms

Have a few soda options, too, for making soda floats.

Serve the sundae toppings in mason jars, small bows, waffle bowls, etc.

4. Add Some Height to the Ice Cream Station

Add some height to the ice cream bar by wrapping empty cereal boxes with gift wrapping paper. Place topping bowls on the cereal boxes, crates or cake stands.

Easy, budget-friendly ways to add height.

5. Dipped and Decorated Waffle Cones DIY

Chocolate-dipped ice cream cones are easy to make. And they will look stunning at your ice cream bar.

  1. Melt white, milk, or dark chocolate.
  2. Brush a little bit of chocolate on the inside of the cone.
  3. Dip the cone in the chocolate (1 to 2 inches).
  4. Sprinkle with crushed m&m’s, pecans, pretzels, cookie crumbs, and sprinkles.
  5. Put in an ice cream stand or a glass to dry.

Your guests will devour the chocolate-dipped ice cream cones!

A simple ice cream stand works well for serving ice cream or holding the cones when making chocolate-dipped cones. And you can also fill the cones with berries for a healthier treat. Cute!

5. Ice Cream Party Games And Activities

Though making sundaes at the ice cream bar is awesome, your guests will be thrilled to play these fun ice cream party games.

Fun ice cream party games and activities. Your ice cream social will be a hit! An ice cream sundae in a mason jar mug with creative toppings such as a lollipop and sour candy.

1. Duck Duck Goose Ice Cream Social Version

Instead of saying duck, duck, goose, say cherry, cherry, tomato or mint, mint, chocolate.

2. Pin the Cherry on Top

This game is always something the little kids enjoy! This cute ice cream poster is just what you need for playing this easy ice cream party game: pin the cherry on top from the Happy Cat Studio.

3. Draw a Banana Split

Items you need: pens, paper plates

Ask the kids to keep the paper plate over their heads and draw according to the instructions.

Here is an example of what you could ask them to draw:

  1. A table in the lower half of the paper
  2. A plate on the table
  3. A banana cut in half (lengthwise) on the plate
  4. Ice cream cone decorations on the wall
  5. Three scoops of ice cream in the sliced banana
  6. Whipped cream on top of the ice cream
  7. A spoon next to the plate
  8. A cherry on top of the ice cream

4. Have an Ice Cream Creation Competition

5. Ice Cream Cone Relay

All you need is ice cream cones and small balls.

Play the game like you would an egg and spoon relay using an ice cream cone and a ball.

6. Ice Cream Sundae Scavenger Hunt

Hide ice cream related items (or pictures) around the party area:

  • spoons
  • scoops
  • ice cream
  • popsicle
  • ice cream truck
  • bowls
  • cherries
  • whipped cream
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate syrup
  • and other toppings.

Give each guest a list of items to look for.

7. Ice Cream Sundae Relay

  1. Form teams.
  2. Set up a table for the teams to work on their sundaes.
  3. On the other side of the party area, set up items needed for making sundaes: ice cream, scoop, bowls, spoon, and various toppings.
  4. The team members take turns running to the supply table.
  5. They bring the items one at a time to make a Sundae.
  6. The team which gets the Sundae done first is the winner.

8. Guess the Flavor

Blindfold the guests and have them try various ice cream flavors and toppings, and guess what they are. The one who can identify the most wins.

9. Photo Booth

Have a ton of fun taking cool and sweet pictures with ice cream party props and the awesome backgrounds I mentioned above in the decorations.

A fabulous collection of ice cream party photo props can be purchased from Abbey Gate Designs.

10. Story TimeyoutubeoL2L5HwpzS4

If your ice cream party is geared towards the younger kids, you’ll love the idea of a story time.

Read the story of Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy. A delightful book that the little guests will love!

11. Paint An Ice Cream Bowl

This is an activity that will appeal to everyone! It is the perfect craft the guests can bring home and use for years!

You need pretty bowls and acrylic markers. The marker set comes with a baking and cooling instructions.

12. Pretend Ice Cream Parlor

ice cream party games 1The kids will be excited to play with this ice cream parlor at the party and after. Imagine all the fun they can have with their very own ice cream stand!

13. Flower Pot Ice Cream Cone

For this easy craft, you’ll need

  • flower clay pots
  • markers or paint
  • styrofoam balls or tissue paper
  • flowers (optional)
  1. Give each kid a flower pot.
  2. Ask them to draw or paint “waffle lines” on it.
  3. Make ice cream scoops out of tissue paper or paint styrofoam balls (might require several coats of acrylic paint
  4. OR fill the “waffle cone” with flowers. (A styrofoam ball can come in handy for keeping the flowers in place.)

You could also make these before the party and use them as centerpieces!

6. Ice Cream Party Favors

When everyone has enjoyed their ice cream creations and played the fun ice cream party games, it is time for ice cream party favors.Many sweet options to choose from; I’ll present you few:

1. Ice Cream Bowls

A pretty ice cream bowl and spoon filled with candy.

2. Ice Cream Drawstring Bag

A cute, inexpensive ice cream drawstring bag makes a perfect party favor. Fill it with ice cream toppings, notebooks, pens, stickers, ice cream bowls, etc. These favor bags come in various sizes.

3. Ice Cream Hair Ties

A set of ice cream hair ties will delight the ice cream birthday party guests! Give each guest a set or put one in the drawstring bag.

4. Ice Cream Soap

These look too delicious to be soap! Maybe not the best favor for little kids who probably would try to have a bite, but older kids and adults would love these. You can choose from 4 scents and colors! A lovely ice cream party favor for baby or bridal shower too.

Buy ice cream soap favors today!

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And when we approach the end of summer, it’s fun to do some cool back-to-school activities.

P.S. Save for later! My Tuesday Therapy is here to help you to make Great Memories!

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