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  1. Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream
  2. Why We Scream For Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream
  3. Ingredients / Shopping List
  4. How To Make Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream
  5. Variations / Options / Add-In’s
  6. Tips
  7. Frequently Asked Questions:
  8. Other Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes
  9. Cookie Monster Ice Cream Recipe

This easy and fun-to-make homemade Cookie Monster ice cream is loaded with chunks of Oreos and chocolate chip cookies and is the quintessential summer treat. Made in 10 quick minutes using only basic kitchen equipment, it’s the ultimate creamy, no-churn indulgent dessert-no ice cream machine required!

cookie monster ice cream

Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Just like my favorite lovable blue muppet from Sesame Street, I LOVE to eat cookies! I especially love to eat cookies when they are blended into vanilla ice cream.

But taking on the task of making Cookie Monster ice cream from scratch is daunting enough for me to surrender my services to the ice cream truck parked at the nearest street corner. And I don’t mean Sesame Street in this case!

Luckily, you can still get your licks at home because this recipe is so easy to make; no churning needed to get perfectly rich and creamy ice cream.

The ice cream base itself is a simple combination of heavy cream, condensed milk, and marshmallow fluff that blends together to create a fluffy consistency. We then add blue food coloring to generate the fun, bold hue of Cookie Monster himself.

And when the chunks of cookies are folded into the vanilla ice cream base, they add heavenly crunchy textures and tons of delicious chocolatey goodness to each and every sweet bite.

cookie monster ice cream in a cone

Did I mention there’s no ice cream machine required (LOL)? The ice cream mixture simply freezes in a loaf pan overnight, making this one of the easiest ice cream recipes to prepare, and definitely the most fun, right from the convenience of your very own freezer. Each scoop is a cool treat for the cookie monster lover in all of us.

Why We Scream For Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream

  • Quick and easy to make
  • Prepped in just 10 minutes
  • Homemade & no-churn -no ice cream machine necessary
  • Fun to make with kids
  • Tastes delicious on a hot summer day (or any day!)
  • Cool and creamy
  • Loaded with cookie crunch
  • You can add your favorite custom mix-ins
cookie monster ice cream on a spoon

Ingredients / Shopping List

  • Heavy cream: whipped until stiff peaks form, then folded into the condensed milk base to give the ice cream a lighter, fluffier texture.
  • Sweetened and condensed milk: a thick, creamy, and sweet base for the ice cream.
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Vanilla extract: provides the homemade ice cream with a sweet vanilla flavor.
  • Salt
  • Blue gel food coloring: gives the ice cream its signature vibrant blue color. Add as much or as little as you’d like! Not a fan of food coloring? Then you can leave it out completely!
  • Oreos: mixed into the ice cream to add chocolatey, crunchy textures and so much cookie flavor!
  • Chocolate chip cookies: adds extra cookie crunch. Feel free to use homemade cookies instead of a store-bought brand.


How To Make Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream

This homemade ice cream can be prepped in 10 quick minutes- no-churning necessary!

Beat the heavy cream in a cold metal bowl with a mixer for about 3 minutes until stiff peaks form. Gradually increase the speed from slow to fast.Pro Tip: Refrigerate your metal bowl for 10 minutes prior to use. A cold base will help it freeze faster, which will result in a better texture.

beat heavy cream in a bowl

Whisk in the sweetened and condensed milk, marshmallow fluff, vanilla extract, salt, and blue food coloring until well combined.Pro Tip: Feel free to add more food coloring to reach your desired color.

add food colouring to the heavy cream mixture

Fold in the chopped Oreos and chocolate chip cookies.

fold in oreos and chocolate chip cookies

Pour the ice cream mixture into a 9×5 loaf pan to chill in the freezer overnight (or a minimum of 4-5 hours). Decorate with additional crushed cookies.Pro-Tip: We love to store our homemade ice cream in this ice cream container! It is the perfect size and helps to prevent freezer burn!

pour ice cream mixture into a loaf pan

Scoop out with an ice cream scoop, serve, and enjoy.

Variations / Options / Add-In’s

This Cookie Monster ice cream recipe is perfect for customizing with your favorite mix-ins.

  • Chocolate Chips: Mix in semi-sweet, milk, dark, or white chocolate chips.
  • Raw Cookie Dough: You can use the store-bought frozen cookie dough or chunks of raw homemade edible chocolate chip cookie dough. (see our homemade version!)
  • Other Cookies. Nutter butters, graham crackers, Nilla Wafers, different Oreo flavors, Chips Ahoy, or any other cookie you fancy.
  • Toasted Nuts: Toasted walnuts or pecans make a delicious add-in and provide extra crunch.
  • Syrup: Swirl in chocolate syrup, peanut butter syrup, and/or caramel syrup.
  • Sprinkles: Add colorful sprinkles for a rainbow of bright colors.
  • Other Add-Ins: Marshmallows, peanut butter cups, or caramel bites are also fantastic!


  • Feel free to use the off-brand cookie sandwiches or add your favorite type of Oreos as well. You can be creative and choose the peanut butter ones, double stuf, birthday cake, or whichever you prefer.
  • You can make your own whipped cream by whipping up cold heavy cream.
  • A stand mixer is the quickest and easiest way to make the whipped cream, although you can also use a hand mixer.
  • You will know when you have formed your stiff peaks when you turn the whisk upside down and the peaks point straight up without collapsing.
  • You can add more or less food coloring to reach your desired color.
  • You can use a blender to crush up your cookies. Or you can place the cookies in a sealed sandwich bag and roll over them with a rolling pin.
cookie monster ice cream

Frequently Asked Questions:

3 scoop ice cream in a bowl

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