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Video Cold Stone Ice Cream Jelly Beans | Ice Cream Candy – Jelly Belly

Ever crave the smooth taste of ice cream, but didn’t feel like dashing to the ice cream shop? Satiate that craving from the comfort of your home with the Jelly Belly Cold Stone Creamery® flavor collection.

This amazing lineup of Jelly Belly ice cream jelly beans is inspired by Cold Stone’s Signature Creation™ ice cream flavors. Best of all, they taste just as creamy and delicious as your favorite Cold Stone sweet treats. Each flavor tastes like it was just scooped into a waffle cone—but with no dripping and no melting! Talk about a great way to enjoy ice cream at a fraction of the sugar and calories.

Stone Cold Creamery Jelly Bean Flavors

We started with a handful of irresistible Cold Stone Jelly Belly flavors, and every single one of them has the power to make you swoon. You’ll find Apple Pie a La Cold Stone®, Strawberry Blonde™, Birthday Cake Remix™, Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip®, and Chocolate Devotion™, just to name a few. These classic favorite ice cream flavors taste just as flavorful in a room-temperature jelly bean as they do cold on a waffle cone.

Can’t decide which fun Jelly Belly ice cream flavor to try? Solve that dilemma by going for the Jelly Belly Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix, which contains a sampling of all these flavors. Our Jelly Belly ice cream parlor mix is a great treat for those of all ages who scream for ice cream more often than not. This way you’ll get a unique mix in every handful. If you find there’s a flavor that keeps giving you just a bit more pleasure than the others, you can buy it individually in a resealable bag as a special treat. This allows you to enjoy your favorite Jelly Belly Cold Stone ice cream jelly beans all year long without fear of them tasting any different than when you first bought them. Buy in bulk to share these unique jelly bean candies at parties and special events too.

Why Cold Stone Creamery?

One of the reasons we’ve been so successful in our 140 years of making candy at Jelly Belly is by listening to what our customers want. When they asked us for a new line of ice cream jelly beans, we didn’t skip a beat; we looked to partner with one of the best ice cream shops around and Cold Stone happily obliged. So, we quickly went to work harnessing the out-of-this-world flavors of your favorite creamery to produce an incredible line of ice cream flavored candy. The same authentic, true-to-life flavors we boast from our original line are experienced with this fun Jelly Belly ice cream line.

The next time you or your friends are craving a sweet dollop of ice cream, you can certainly head to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery Shop. However, shopping right here at Jelly Belly for your favorite ice cream flavored jelly beans is just as good of a choice. We’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you coming back for more, all year long.

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