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Some of Savannah’s most unique sites to see are its coffee shops. Each and every one of them lets you in on a little secret about Savannah—about the people, the food, the energy. So here, we’ve made it easier for you to navigate the best of the best. Or maybe these are just our favorites. Is there a difference?

Savannah Coffee Roasters

Savannah Coffee Roasters’ menu remain an art form. Coffee-wise, they roast such a variety of flavors and blends that there’s bound to be a couple that you’ll love. If you’re ordering in, get the Mexican mocha and sip it from one of the armchairs nestled in the large but cozy coffee shop. Choose from one of the many baked goods on display, from buttery croissants to assorted Danish pastries. And, if you feel like just a coffee and pastry won’t do, Savannah Coffee Roasters has a brunch, café and bistro menu. They’ll prepare anything from the most decadent chicken de Provence to the lightest lox and bagel. Mimosas are a given, happy hour’s from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays, and if you stop by for a sandwich you can get a free drink with this coupon.

Gallery Espresso

Gallery Espresso boasts some of the most varied customers: students and faculty, visitors and locals, business professionals and families out and about. Of course, if you’ve been to Gallery Espresso you’d know that it’s so popular because there are bits and pieces for everyone. The open-plan café is a literal gallery, coffee shop and bakery. Seating is eclectic, with antique armchairs surrounding low coffee tables and cozy nooks for the lonely reader. The loose-leaf tea is served on a press, their cheesecake is probably the best in town, and they usually brew blends from all over—our favorite hails from Honduras. On a busy day, you’ll be buzzing with the energy of the place, but Gallery Espresso is best on the slow afternoons, when you can sit back across the street from Chippewa Square, munch on a stuffed croissant and watch people walk by.

The Blue Door

This is a cool little coffee shop on Bull, south of Forsyth Park. A plus, though, is that The Blue Door serves waffles with any sort of topping you could think of. Fresh fruit, whipped cream, Nutella are just a few of the treats you can put on top. If you lack a sweet tooth, then get a waffle with pulled chicken and mustard or a classic ham and Swiss. The Blue Door’s got it all figured out for you, just order and wait to be impressed.

The Sentient Bean

The Sentient Bean is Savannah’s only vegetarian restaurant, a conscious eatery that serves only organic and fair trade coffee. The warm colors and open space make up the inviting sitting area where you can come and enjoy a hot cup of Nicaraguan coffee and a still-warm scone. The Bean prepares fresh salads, hearty soups and a surprising array of tacos and sandwiches, always vegetarian, always delicious. There’s a variety of gluten free and completely vegan options—take the vegan breakfast tacos, for example, which are also gluten free. Spoken word performances, screenings of indie movies and cult films, music shows and poetry readings are hosted continuously after nightfall, just check the schedule online. Or, better yet stop by, order a salad du jour and freshly squeezed limeade and ask the barista what’s in store for the night. The Sentient Bean, right across the street from Forsyth Park, does not disappoint.

Collins Quarter Café Bar

Collins Quarter is nestled into one of the most-walked through intersections in the Historic District—Oglethorpe and Bull. The café and eatery is modeled after Melbourne’s historic Collins Street, a relaxed environment for a meeting with friends or a quick bite out. Collins Quarter is more than just a coffee shop. Their menu offers local, fresh ingredients from brunch to dinnertime. Their friendly staff recommends which champagne, wine, or craft brew is perfect to go with your dish.

Don’t feel like going in? There’s a walk-thru window on Bull Street, from which you can order an espresso or a house made chair latte on the go.

Maté Factor Café

Also on Habersham, Maté Factor is the newest addition to the ever-growing list of cafés in Savannah. The indoor seating area is cozy and woody in just the right way. It’s a Zen retreat, the Shire and a medieval abode all blended into the Savannah atmosphere. Maté Factor is a peaceful haven in the noisy side of Habersham. The drinks range from the basics to the vanilla hazelnut yerba mate, a treat you’ve probably never had before. “Maté,” in fact, is a South American tea-like caffeine drink made from dried maté leaves. Try it out, trust us. It’s almost better than coffee and it goes perfectly with the sweet rolls available.

Paris Market & Brocante

Okay, this is technically a store—brocante literally means flea market. But we couldn’t help list this place because, firstly, it’s gorgeous in its Parisian excess and secondly, they serve macarons. Located on the corner of Broughton and Whitaker, the Paris Market attracts the eyes of locals and visitors alike. It’s quaintly French, and their stock is an array of varied little treasures. You’ll find furniture, books, some of the best iced coffee in Savannah.Try the lavender cookies and cupcakes made at Back in the Day Bakery. Best of all, you will probably run into the Paris Market & Brocante in your walks around Savannah. It’s easy to spot: blue trim, an exquisitely decorated window and the smell of almond flour in the air.

Foxy Loxy Café & The Coffee Fox

A prime location south of Forsyth Park, Foxy Loxy is one of Savannah’s most beloved coffee joints. The eclectic house-turned-café is divided into distinct areas. The main room and upstairs offers a balcony and some incredibly comfortable rocking chairs. There’s also the enclosed patio outside. You can sit ‘round a picnic table or on wrought iron chairs and enjoy the Savannah weather. Foxy’s drinks include at least two blends of black coffee. Try a refreshing cold brew for that summer heat and, our favorite, the horchata latte, iced or hot.

Pop in for a beer or a glass of wine, tacos, quiche, and the only kolaches sold in the area. Foxy hosts live music played by local and regional musicians every Tuesday night. Artist receptions take place the first Friday of the month. Fire pits light up the courtyard every Saturday—ingredients for s’mores will be provided.

Foxy has a sister coffee shop in the heart of downtown, on Broughton Street. The Coffee Fox is a more condensed Foxy. They serve up those delicious kolaches—a yeast roll with sweet or savory toppings—and that Foxy cold brew. Accessible in two distinct areas of town, the Foxy cafés are a treat; do yourself a favor and stop by this coffee shop.

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